7 Expensive Things Worth Spending Money On

Experts in financial advice point out that some expensive goods and services are actually an investment so that your time can be spent on other valuable things.

Let’s say that you walk through a shopping mall and go through a window that has a jacket just as you have been imagining it. Just think you’ll look good wearing it at any time, while out to dinner with the couple you have at the time, with your boss for a business appointment with a client or just for an informal occasion. But when you look a little closer, the price frightens you and you want to run away.

Or maybe you’re passing through a renowned leather goods store and that dreamy briefcase is right in front of you. You see yourself reflected in it and even do the pose and stretch your jaw to see yourself with that glamour. But again the price makes you think that – Well, when I get the premium I’ll buy it and you move ahead being upset.

Probably in 90% of situations you are right and should not spend impulsively. Moreover, it is estimated that impulse purchasesĀ jeopardize your finances and also, because they are made by some hidden feeling, if there is sadness you buy something to get gratification. If there is anxiety, calm down with something you buy. Many times they are tiny objects, but other times they are real luxuries that you regret.

However, there is another 10% where you should pay without discomfort even if the price is high.

Valuable things to spend money on

So take a notebook and write it down the most expensive things to spend money on, as listed below:

#1. Education

According to estimates, about 70% of students get admitted in the university with an educational loan. And there are many debates about when education is so expensive, is it worth the effort. But according to various financial experts investing in education is absolutely worth it. By increasing knowledge, you ultimately improve your human capital, which is well received by employers. In addition, learning new materials maintains interest in life and is exciting.

#2. Travel

Traveling is good for your body and improves your well-being. Spending money on travel brings a lot of satisfaction and happiness. As scientists have said, travel releases serotonin, a hormone that controls states of pleasure and sadness, but when an individual takes a vacation, it maintains a positive mood.

#3. A good mattress

Spending money on a mattress, isn’t this a crazy thing? Sleeping is an essential activity for healthy body and mind. So, it makes perfect sense for you to make an investment in a good mattress that will help you have maximum comfort, even when it is difficult to sleep 7 to 9 hours in a row recommended by doctors.

We spend 5 to 8 hours at night in our bed, depending on our sleep behavior. Spending a good night’s rest has effects on other parts of our lives.

#4. Costumes to look good

If your clothes aren’t right, you won’t look good and you won’t be comfortable. Even image experts have pointed out that a wardrobe helps to improve positions within a company. And could be one of the reason that you are not offered a dream job. However this is debatable because ultimately knowledge matters. But on the other hand in certain industries (e.g. banking or customer facing) costume matters a lot.

If the clothing is not the right size, you will not look good, so use famous designer brands. I think it’s much more important to have well carved clothes than the label the designer puts on. No matter what price you paid for your clothes, make sure it’s the right size.

#5. Time-saving services

If you have a full-time job, hire people who can dedicate time for tasks that are operational such as cleaning the house, cooking food or ironing clothes. And use that time for other things such as reading, playing sports or going to the movies.

#6. Health Care

The most important expense you can make is to take care of your own health. So don’t be afraid to pay for classes to practice your favorite sport or buy a bike, do yoga or buy exercise machines. But use them, don’t be one to give your free money at a gym you never go to. Do your homework and you’ll see that in a couple of weeks, being constant and careful with food, your body will begin to notice the changes and thank you for it.

#7. Books

Reading is one of the habits most practiced by millionaire people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates or Richard Branson. They spend their time learning from works of literature, biographies or how much reading crosses their noses. So if it’s important to them, you can start resembling these successful characters by acquiring their habits.

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