Financial Independence: 2 Possible Paths

Financial Freedom

Everyone dreams of a life free from worries, with freedom for good choices. Who does not have the desire to accumulate enough wealth to enjoy as soon as possible with pleasurable and relaxing idleness? It is this perspective that motivates individuals to pursue financial independence.

The logic for this goal is relatively simple. You need to follow a model of regular saving, no unwanted spends, good investment, and perseverance over the years to achieve financial independence.

But in spite of that, unfortunately, most people fail in that process. And the lack of planning and day-to-day care not only hinders financial independence, but usually generates dramatic results for those who fit into that reality.

For example, how many people do you know, have spent their whole lives working and have had to get rid of their accumulated assets to ensure a minimally comfortable life? It’s more a rule than an exception.

But how to change that?

How to prevent your efforts going in vain and guarantee building up a rich future, without giving up the present quality of life?

The Path to Financial Independence

If you want to achieve financial independence, there are two ways to go:

  1. Make right investments
  2. Keep working, but for your own business

Making Right Investments

The first is most logical. Start organizing and studying to save money and invest regularly in profit making instruments. Understand different markets, follow them closely and always seek to optimize your investment portfolio. This is the best alternative to reach robust goals faster and ensure a more peaceful financial future.

But if this is not possible, you have a second option: keep working. But not as an employee, as the owner of your own business.

Business Owner: Entrepreneurship

Those who work for another person dedicate all their sweat, intelligence and networking to enrich the boss. This is the essence of capitalism.

Most people are dependent on their salary to pay their bills, spend more than they earn, do not save and retire with a standard of living far below than the current situation. For this reason, salary is considered to be a compensation to the worker for the time dedicated to make employer rich.

Let’s say you earn a monthly income of $5,000 for your retirement. With $1 million accumulated over years of planning, you will probably get this money by earning profit from some fixed income investments.

Now, if this planning is not done, you can, for example, get this money from the profits of a successful franchise, which can be acquired for less than $100,000. Of course, there will be no magic in this process. You will need to work hard strategically, research, study the market and many other things. But, no doubt, it is an option to ensure a more comfortable future for you and your family.

Financial independence is within everyone’s reach. So don’t get afraid of difficulties. Never give up on building a generous future. Taking charge of your life depends only on you and your choices.

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