101 Credit Cards for Single Mother – Easy to Get

Credit Card for Single Mother

Financial calamities can strike anyone at anytime. And the impact is severe when the single breadwinner of the family (men in this case) is no more with the family having children. In such cases, the burden of fulfilling the family is on single mother.

Single mothers may find it more difficult to fulfill their responsibility because they have to bear all the costs of raising a child on their own. No doubt, a single mom, can turn to your family and friends for financial or emotional support. But everyone has their own financial needs and getting the required support, everytime may not be possible.

So how can a widow run day to day expenses? The best solution is credit card. There are three ways to get credit cards for single mother:

  1. Against securities i.e. fixed deposit – 17 cards
  2. Add-on card – 10 cards
  3. Traditional card – 74 cards with minimum income requirement

Credit Card against Fixed Deposit for Single Mother

This is probably the easiest way for a single mom to get a credit card. Here are some of the cards against fixed deposit in India.

Fixed-term deposit is one of the favorite and safest investment alternatives, mainly because it is very simple to operate, does not have many requirements, does not need maintenance and generates reasonably good profit. So, if you have an amount of money saved and would like to increase your capital then fixed deposit is a good option.

However there is one great advantage of fixed deposit account. That is, you can get credit card against fixed deposit.

Here is the table showing 17 credit cards against FD in India:

Card Issuing BankCredit Card NameMinimum Fixed Deposit Amount Required
Andhra BankSignature CardRs. 10,000
Development Credit Bank (DCB Bank)PaylessRs. 15,000
Central BankAspireRs. 16,000
ICICI BankCoral Credit CardRs. 20,000
ICICI BankInstant PlatinumRs. 20,000
Axis BankInsta Easy Credit CardRs. 20,000
Kotak Mahindra Bank (ING Vysya Bank)Solaris Credit CardRs. 25,000
State Bank of IndiaUnnatiRs. 25,000
State Bank of IndiaAdvantage Plus CardRs. 25,000
Bank of BarodaAssureRs. 25,000
Union Bank of IndiaUsecureRs. 25,000
Kotak Mahindra Bank (ING Vysya)Aqua GoldRs. 25,000
Kotak Mahindra Bank (ING Vysya Bank)Galaxia Credit CardRs. 1,00,000
YES BankProsperity Reward PlusRs. 25,000
IDBI BankAspire PlatinumRs. 25,000
IDBI BankRoyale SignatureRs. 25,000
IDBI BankImperium PlatinumRs. 25,000

The eligibility criteria of minimum income required for credit card is not applicable in case of card against FD. Widow mother needs to have some minimum amount in the FD account and apply for the card.

By having a credit card, single mother can easily carry out day to day expenses. And she also gets sufficient time to repay the money to the bank. But remember that, your money in FD gets locked until you repay.

Add-on Credit Card for Single Mom

This is another easy option to get a card for single mummy. Also called as supplementary card, if family member of the single mother already has a card and has been operating it honestly, meaning – no delay in payment, using it within the monthly limit and has good credit score; then they can apply for add-on card for widow. All the benefits offered on the primary card are available on add-on card as well.

Here are some of the banks offering add-on credit cards:

  1. UNIONCARD Classic/ Gold from Union Bank of India
  2. VISA Gold ‘N More and VISA Platinum from Federal Bank
  3. Super Premium from HDFC Bank
  4. Women’s Solitaire from HDFC Bank
  5. Premium Travel from HDFC Bank
  6. Premium from HDFC Bank
  7. Titanium from HDFC Bank
  8. Gold from HDFC Bank
  9. Silver from HDFC Bank
  10. Visa Value Plus from HDFC Bank

There are many other banks offering add-on cards. Please ask your family member owning a credit card to contact respective bank for the same.

But supplementary card user should be careful of making periodic repayment and using the card below the monthly specified limit in order to prevent primary card owner’s credit history.

Traditional credit card

The third option is to apply for a card in a traditional way. That is, get a card against the income. If single mother is working then you can get card depending on the income and credit score. However many of the banks have high income eligibility criteria because of which it becomes difficult to get the card.

But there are many banks offering credit cards for low income earners. Here’s the table showing 74 cards along with the minimum income requirement:

Sr. NoCredit Card NameMinimum Annual Income Required (Rs.)Equivalent Minimum Monthly Income (Rs.)Card Issuing Bank
1India Card75,0006,250Bank of India
2Visa Gold1,50,00012,500Bank of India
3Visa Gold International1,50,00012,500Bank of India
4Axis Bank Gold1,80,00015,000Axis Bank
5Select9,00,00075,000Axis Bank
6Vistara Infinite6,00,00050,000Axis Bank
7Vistara Signature6,00,00050,000Axis Bank
8Vistara6,00,00050,000Axis Bank
9Privelege Credit Card6,00,00050,000Axis Bank
10Freedom Card1,44,00012,000HDFC Bank
11Bharat CashBack1,44,00012,000HDFC Bank
12Diners Club Premium7,20,00060,000HDFC Bank
13Diners Club Rewardz3,60,00030,000HDFC Bank
14Business Regalia First7,20,00060,000HDFC Bank
15Canara Visa Classic / MasterCard Standard1,00,0008,333Canara Bank
16Canara Gold2,00,00016,666Canara Bank
17RuPay Platinum1,80,00015,000Andhra Bank
18VISA Classic3,00,00025,000Andhra Bank
19VISA Platinum5,00,00041,666Andhra Bank
20VISA Signature10,00,00083,333Andhra Bank
21RuPay Select5,00,00041,666Andhra Bank
22Titanium2,00,00016,666Bank of Baroda
23Signature12,00,0001,00,000Bank of Baroda
24Platinum4,00,00033,333Bank of Baroda
25Bombay Bullion (Co-branded)3,00,00025,000Bank of Baroda
26Gold for Salaried1,80,00015,000Corporation Bank
27Gold for Professional1,80,00015,000Corporation Bank
28Gold for Senior Citizen1,20,00010,000Corporation Bank
29Gold for Self Employed2,00,00016,667Corporation Bank
30Platinum for Salaried2,50,00020,833Corporation Bank
31Platinum for Professional3,00,00025,000Corporation Bank
32Platinum for Senior Citizen2,50,00020,833Corporation Bank
33Platinum for Self Employed3,00,00025,000Corporation Bank
34Signature Card for Salaried10,50,00087,500Corporation Bank
35Signature Card for Professional10,50,00087,500Corporation Bank
36Signature Card for Senior Citizen10,50,00087,500Corporation Bank
37Signature Card for Self Employed10,50,00087,500Corporation Bank
38Visa Classic for Salaried60,0005,000Vijaya Bank
39Visa Classic for Self Employed50,0004,166Vijaya Bank
40Visa Global for Salaried1,20,00010,000Vijaya Bank
41Visa Global for Self Employed1,00,0008,333Vijaya Bank
42Vijay RuPay Credit CardNANAVijaya Bank
43MasterCard Titanium1,50,00012,500Central Bank of India
44Visa Gold1,50,00012,500Central Bank of India
45RuPay Platinum1,50,00012,500Central Bank of India
46MasterCard World5,00,00041,666Central Bank of India
47Visa Platinum5,00,00041,666Central Bank of India
48Aspire (Against Fixed Deposit)20,000 (Minimum Deposit)-Central Bank of India
49Rupay PlatinumApplicant should be account holder-Central Bank of India
50RuPay SelectApplicant should be account holder-Central Bank of India
51Gold1,50,00012,500Indian Bank
52Classic1,50,00012,500Indian Bank
53Bharat72,0006,000Indian Bank
54Platinum1,50,00012,500Indian Bank
55Gold for Salaried1,50,00012,500Syndicate Bank
56Gold for Self Employed2,00,00016,666Syndicate Bank
57Classic for Salaried60,0005,000Syndicate Bank
58Classic for Self Employed1,00,0008,333Syndicate Bank
59Classic for Senior Citizen60,0005,000Syndicate Bank
60Empowerment for Salaried80,0006,666Jammu and Kashmir Bank
61Empowerment for Self Employed1,50,00012,500Jammu and Kashmir Bank
62Visa Platinum5,00,00041,666HSBC Bank
63Gold5,00,00041,666HSBC Bank
64Platinum Chip2,50,00020,833ICICI Bank
65Coral5,00,00041,666ICICI Bank
66Rubyx10,00,00083,333ICICI Bank
67Sapphiro15,00,0001,25,000ICICI Bank
68Ferrari Signature15,00,0001,25,000ICICI Bank
69Jet Sapphiro15,00,0001,25,000ICICI Bank
70Jet Rubyx10,00,00083,333ICICI Bank
71Jet Coral5,00,00041,666ICICI Bank
72Ferrari Platinum5,00,00041,666ICICI Bank
73Instant Platinum (Against Fixed Deposit)20,000 (Minimum Deposit)-ICICI Bank
74Coral 20,000 (Minimum Deposit)-ICICI Bank

If you meet the income criteria, you can apply and get the card.

If you’re a single mom, don’t get discouraged! Always be open and honest with your children by explaining the financial situation at home, but never give up!

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