16 Credit Cards for Low Income (Rs. 7,000-15,000) Earners

Your annual income is the most important factor considered by credit card issuer while applying for any type of credit card. So for e.g. a person with a monthly salary of Rs. 75,000 has more chances of getting a credit card compared to a person with an income of Rs. 25,000. There are many other eligibility factors such as type of employment (full-time or part-time, place of living and others), credit history and loan you have taken but your income is the most crucial deciding factor.

And this is a valid reason credit card lenders consider before offering credit card to someone to evaluate the repayment capacity. So higher the salary, higher is your capability to pay dues every month and vice-versa.

But can a person with poor income get a credit card in India? The answer is YES. The next obvious question is – how can a person with low income in India get a credit card and which lenders provide card to such individuals?

Here’s the list of banks offering credit card to low income earners (less than 2 Lacs) along with the MINIMUM ANNUAL salary requirement. But credit limit is low for such individuals and more over individual’s spending is restricted to less than 3 times of the monthly salary. Also if employed in a reputable company (preferably listed company) then it’s a plus point for the applicant. But for a beginner these banks offer a great opportunity to start building a credit history.

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  1. Visa Gold & Visa Gold International by Bank of India: Rs. 1,50,000 (self-employed or salaried) i.e. monthly salary of Rs. 12,500.
  2. RuPay Platinum by Andhra Bank: Rs. 1,80,000 (self-employed or salaried). Rs. 15000/month.
  3. Bharat card by Indian Bank: Rs. 72,000 i.e. monthly salary of Rs. 6000.
  4. Axis Bank Gold Card: 1,80,000 (self-employed or salaried) which is Rs. 15,000 per month.
  5. India Card by Bank of India: To be eligible to get this card, gross annual income of the applicant should be Rs. 0.75 lacs & above. This comes out to be less than 7000 per month which is lowest.
  6. Canara Bank (Visa Classic/Mastercard Standard Card): Minimum annual salary is Rs. 1,00,000 p.a. This comes out to nearly Rs. 8,000 per month.
  7. Empowerment (for salaried) by Jammu and Kashmir Bank: Rs. 80000 per annum. i.e. Rs. 6666 per month.
  8. Empowerment (for self employed) by Jammu and Kashmir Bank: Rs. 1,50,000 per annum. i.e. Rs. 12500 per month.
  9. ICICI Bank (HPCL Credit Card): Rs. 1,44,000 (Both salaries and self-employed) i.e. monthly salary of Rs. 12,000.
  10. HDFC (Gold and Silver): For salaried Rs. 2 Lacs and self-employed Rs. 1.5 Lacs. i.e. monthly income between Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 16,000 for salaried person and Rs. 12,000 for self employed.
  11. Andhra Bank (Visa Classic/Mastercard): Gross annual income required is Rs. 1,80,000
  12. Andhra Bank (Visa Gold Card): Gross annual income required is Rs. 2,40,000
  13. Bank of Baroda (Visa Gold Card): Annual income required is Rs. 1,50,000 i.e. Rs. 12500 monthly.
  14. Corporation Bank (Classic & Gold Card): In order to be eligible to get classic card annual income required is just Rs. 1,20,000. Whereas for gold card, Rs. 2,00,000 is the annual income required.
  15. Corporation Bank (Gold for Senior Citizen): Rs. 1,20,000 per annum. i.e. Rs. 10000 monthly.
  16. Vijaya Bank (Visa Classic/Mastercard Global): Requires lowest salary amongst all which is Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 1,20,000 respectively. However the condition to avail the card is that the applicant should be the account holder of the bank.

Card issuer will ask for following documents related to your income:

  1. Salary slips/certificate for last 3 months for working professional
  2. Income tax return document for self employed
  3. Latest bank statement indicating salary credited for minimum 3 months for working professional

Note: Please check with each of the above mentioned banks on other requirements and documents for getting a card other than annual income. Every bank has a different set of requirements.

Cards against Fixed Deposit

Other way for a low income earner to get credit card is against FD. Basically applicant needs to put fixed amount of money as a security with the bank and get card against this security. The credit limit offered is 80%-85% of the FD amount. The table below shows list of banks offering cards against FD:

Sr. NoCredit Card NameMinimum Fixed Deposit Amount RequiredCard Issuer
1SignatureRs. 10,000Andhra Bank
2PaylessRs. 15,000Development Credit Bank
3AspireRs. 16,000Central Bank
4CoralRs. 20,000ICICI Bank
5Instant PlatinumRs. 20,000ICICI Bank
6Insta EasyRs. 20,000Axis Bank
7AssureRs. 25,000Bank of Baroda
8UsecureRs. 25,000Union Bank of India
9UnnatiRs. 25,000State Bank of India
10SolarisRs. 25,000Kotak Mahindra Bank
11Aqua GoldRs. 25,000Kotak Mahindra Bank
12Advantage PlusRs. 25,000State Bank of India
13GalaxiaRs. 1,00,000Kotak Mahindra Bank

In fact, this is the most easy option for poor income earners to get a credit card due to the following benefits:

  1. No credit history check
  2. Low interest rate
  3. Very few documents required as the bank already has documents when FD was opened.
  4. No income limit. So no need to provide income related documents such as salary slip, IT returns, etc.

How low income earners should save money?

Low annual income earners can save good amount of money by selecting credit cards with zero annual and joining fee. Another money saving tip is to buy card with low interest rate.

Once you get your first credit card, maintain long relationship with the financial institution by making all the monthly repayment before the due date fully, not spending beyond the credit limit, avoiding paying minimum balance, etc.

This will increase your chances of getting a credit card or loan (personal, car, two-wheeler and others) from some other lender in the future or existing card issuer will increase the credit limit and offer low interest rate. This is because nowadays companies also check your repayment history along with other factors such as credit score, age, profession, and others.

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97 thoughts on “16 Credit Cards for Low Income (Rs. 7,000-15,000) Earners

  1. Well here is what makes it difficult for me to get a Credit Card. I work from home for a US based company and have a base salary of 20,000 + i earn extra for the work that i do other than my fixed job. The thing is my contract states that i am a freelance contractor for the company. So, in a way that means temporary. And again, i don’t have salary coming from a corporate account, it comes from the company owners personal account. So, i am not sure as to whether they will accept my bank transactions as salary slip. How do i get out of this loophole where even though i am earning 20K+ (usually comes to 25K+) each month but still am not able to meet the criteria such as salary slips etc.

    Any thoughtful suggestion?

    • Hi Anon, I would suggest to try for credit card against fixed deposit. These are offered by ICICI bank (Coral Credit Card), axis bank (Insta Easy Credit Card) to name a few. And they won’t ask you for any income proof. Only condition is that you should have FD account with them. If this does not work out, ask any credit card holder in your family to get add-on card for you. Hope this helps. Thank you.

    • Hi Anon
      My name is Nabeel Zuberi even i am a freelance logo designer since 2012 but i got credit card easily from online application, its SBI Card
      I didn’t provide any other KYC document but 2 years of ITR

      Freelancing is nothing bad and do you know there are no grounds saying that freelancing is not permanent since we all are able to Quit our jobs (Regular Jobs) or we can get Terminated by company for breaching the rules or something,But since we are self employed people we must have ITR 4s Sugam for atleast 2 years with Computation of Income by Certified CA… Even i was wondering taking a loan so i went to a CA and he did all the work just took 2000 INR fees. He duly filled my Tax,Created my profile,Profit and Loss statement and once i had it i was able to get Credit Card approved. CIBIL Score generally can play a crucial rule in approval of LOANS AND CC so make sure this twice 🙂

    • Dear Zubair, please contact above mentioned card issuers which fits your salary range. Card issuers would be more than happy to provide you the card once you meet all their eligibility criteria apart from the salary. Best of luck!

  2. My salary is 9500 and i dont want credit card against fd and i dont have a itr so what can i do plz help us

    • Dear Ashwani, ITR is the most important document required. Do you have salary slips and bank statement. If you have at least these documents then there are 95% chances for getting card approval? Of course, card issuers have full rights to take any decision.

  3. Sir.
    I need credit card

    My salary met 23570″

    I have no Itr documents

    But I have salary slip and bank statement
    Passport copy

    Can I get possible credit card ?

  4. Hi my annual salary income is 180000 but my tke home salary i get is 12000,11300 it depends on my working days so im looking for a credit card but im not getting a good credit card so please suggest me a good card as per my salary

  5. Hi sir.
    My salary 23000/- per month. But earlier I have taken personal loan. During the Emi have some cheque bounce. They are put civil in my name. Now loan has been settled before one months. Again I have to applied credit card but it is rejected.
    Plz help how will get credit card

  6. hi i’m raju mondal.I need a credit card. my sallary monthly rs 7500.I have sallary payslip, & joining of sallary details, .is there anybody to help me how to get credit card??please advise me….phone -7278021672. [email protected]

  7. Hi, I looking after my Dads Proprietorship concern, My monthly salary is Rs. 1 Lac..
    I having TDS and ITR for the same. But PF is not accounted… Is i am eligible for Credit card?

  8. Iam Working At Taj Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad Past From 5 year Exprience As a hotel Industry My Salary Is 9500 /- Per Month After Pf And Esi Iwill Get 8600 Or 8300 Per Month I requets You To Kindly Need A help Full And At The Same Time I Dont Have Created Card at All Iwill Likes To Apply For That,

    [email protected]

  9. Hi, I am self employed and I make 3,00,000 annually but the only thing is that I have the ITR of 13-14 and the ITR of 14-15 will be submitted from my end after 6 months so is there any way I can get a credit card?

  10. Hi sir my monthly salary is 14236 and iam so much of interest to apply for the cradit card…can u plzz help me out…..my contact no is 9066837138 plz contact me…..

  11. I have a salaried account with Citi bank India.
    My in hand salary is 19000+ per month.

    Can I get a citi bank credit card?

    Thanks in advance for helping!

  12. Hi am a govt empliyee my gross sallery is 28,500 and net sellary is 23,000 i have my sellary slip form 16 But and i have applied for sbi,kotak,rbl,indusan bank but no one of them approved my application and reply is not meeting eligiblity ctitaria so what can i do?? plz help !

  13. Hi!
    sir i want to apply for credit card but my salary is 11000 rps only apart from incentive i got more than 5000rps incentive per month can i apply for that plz suggest me Thank You

    • Dear Sohail, There are many factors taken into consideration by banks before approving credit card. Salary is one of them. I request you to contact above listed banks for credit card. Best of luck!

  14. Hi sir my self Vishwajit Das from Bharti Airtel designation (cro) I need a personal loan up to 70,000 my monthly income is 10,000 so can u help me out from this situation….. Plzzz do the needfull ……

  15. Dear sir.. i have a credit card against my fd now can i aply regular credit card against my fixed diposit security credit card.pls help

  16. Sir I have own commercial taxi self operated, attached with OLA and UBER and I do earn arround 30000/- per month can I take credit card plz help me

    • Hello Mohammed, your income is good enough to get a card. Please check my response made to Sagar above. Remember that income is just one criteria (although the most important one) to get the card. Hope this helps.

    • Dear Sagar, based on your income you can apply for Bharat card by Indian Bank, Visa Classic/Mastercard Standard Card by Canara Bank, Visa Classic/Mastercard Global by Vijaya Bank. You can also get card against fixed deposit from these banks: Kotak Mahindra (Solaris Card), ICICI Bank (Coral Card), Andhra Bank (Signature Card). Please visit this link for more details on cards against fixed deposit.

  17. I have a salaried account with axis bank India.
    My in hand salary is 18000+ per month.

    Can I get a axis bank credit card?

    Thanks in advance for helping!

  18. My Monthly Gross salary is Rs.16000/- & Nett is Rs.15800/-. I have approached the above said banks like sbi, hdfc, icici, axis etc. but the reply is that your company is not under our list. My company is a partnership firm and my salary is transferred to SBI only. even though they have not giving proper reason. I have also checked with CIBIL and it reflects above 750 only. I want to know the reason why bank is not willing to share their views to the customers comes under low income.
    Please do reply to apply for the credit card.

    • Dear Lalitha, such issues are quite common as the final decision is upto to the bank only. But was your card application rejected by all the banks? You can also try for card against fixed deposit. In this case, bank will not ask for income/employer. You can read more about this here. Do keep posted the outcome.

    • Hi Arun, based on your income – you have these 3 options to get a card:

      (1) Apply for these cards – Canara Bank (Visa Classic/Mastercard Standard Card), India Card by Bank of India, Bharat card by Indian Bank.
      (2) If any of your family member has credit card, then ask them to take add-on card (also called as supplementary card).
      (3) Apply for cards against fixed deposit. Visit this link for more details

      Hope we were able to help with your query. Thank you.

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