2019: Credit Card for Low Salary in UAE (AED 5,000-36,750) Required

Like other countries in the world, United Arab Emirates is one of the leading country with high usage of credit card although the country is not completely cashless and cash is still the primary payment method and then the credit card. This is the reason many of the banks (local and international) offer range of credit cards in UAE for various purpose such as:

  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Travel
  • Entertainment and others
However getting a credit card is not easy as lenders have a risk of default. This is the reason, every bank has different eligibility criteria before approving a card and most important being the income based on which repayment capacity of the applicant is judged. Typically banks do not consider salary which includes variable income e.g. bonus, commissions, rental income, overtime etc. Here’s the table showing minimum income required by leading banks in UAE:
Sr. NoCredit Card NameCard Issuing BankMinimum Monthly Income
1Citi Simplicity Credit CardCitibank N.A.AED 5,000
2HSBC Visa Platinum Cashback Credit CardHSBC Bank Middle East LimitedAED 5,000
3HSBC Visa Platinum Select Credit CardHSBC Bank Middle East LimitedAED 5,000
4Platinum Credit CardStandard Chartered BankAED 5,000
5Manhattan PlatinumStandard Chartered BankAED 5,000
6Saadiq PlatinumStandard Chartered BankAED 5,000
7Cashback Visa Platinum Card Abu Dhabi Islamic BankAED 5,000
8Titanium Card for UAE Nationals First Gulf BankAED 5,000
9Classic credit card National Bank of FujairahAED 5,000
10Citi Cashback Credit CardCitibank N.A.AED 8,000
11Citi Rewards Credit CardCitibank N.A.AED 8,000
12Emirates-Citibank GoldCitibank N.A.AED 8,000
13Citi PremierMiles TitaniumCitibank N.A.AED 8,000
14Citi Life Mastercard PlatinumCitibank N.A.AED 8,000
15Citi Life Visa PlatinumCitibank N.A.AED 8,000
16Citi PremierMiles SignatureCitibank N.A.AED 10,000
17Emirates-Citibank World Credit CardCitibank N.A.AED 12,000
18Citi Premier Credit CardCitibank N.A.AED 15,000
19Emirates-Citibank Ultimate Credit CardCitibank N.A.AED 18,000
20Citi Life Infinite VisaCitibank N.A.AED 18,000
21PlatinumCitibank N.A.AED 30,000
22Citi Prestige® Credit CardCitibank N.A.AED 30,000
23Citi PremierMiles EliteCitibank N.A.AED 30,000
24Visa Infinite Credit CardStandard Chartered BankAED 30,000
25Emirates-Citibank Ultima Credit CardCitibank N.A.AED 36,750
There are many other banks offering credit cards to low income earners in UAE but their minimum income criteria could not be found. And the same shall be updated in the table above. Most of these banks have offices in the capital city of Abu Dhabi and also in Dubai. Note that, apart from minimum monthly income, credit card issuing banks also check the credit score of each applicant which is nothing but the score assigned to each and every borrower in UAE. So whenever any application is made, banks approach Al Etihad Credit Bureau to get credit report of the applicant. This report includes financial transaction history of the applicant which mainly consists of:
  • All the past and present credit applied and granted
  • Repayment history for all the credits taken
  • Payment defaults

How to Apply for Credit Card in UAE

You can apply for credit by applying online or personally visiting the bank. You will have to fill application form requiring following details:
  • Full name as per passport
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Mobile number
  • Date of birth
  • Basic monthly salary
  • Personal information
  • Employment details: Company name, address, ID, employment duration, etc.

Documents required from applicants having low income

In addition to the details as mentioned above, applicant also needs to submit following documents along with the application form:
  • Salary certificate from current employer​: This is the only valid proof accepted by the banks. Salary should be credited to the applicant’s account monthly and must be mentioned in the salary slip or letter. This document should not be more than 30 days old.
  • Original and photo copy of valid passport
  • Original and photo copy of valid Emirates ID
  • Bank account statement (last 3 months)

Features/Benefits of Credit Cards

Few of the key features/benefits offered by the issuers are:
  • There is no mandatory minimum spend required to avail benefits especially cash back and reward points.
  • Supplementary or add-on card based on satisfactory usage and repayment by the primary owner. This card can be taken for friends and family.
  • Cashbacks are auto-credited. Users get cash back by spending card at fuel stations, shopping at hypermarkets/retail, online purchase, foreign transactions, etc.
  • Most of the banks do not charge any annual fee.
  • There is no need to have bank account or transfer salary.

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