2019: 43 Credit Cards with Annual Income (Rs.75,000 – 10 Lakhs) Required

Credit Card Minimum Income Required

For credit card or any type of loan, the annual income is the most widely used criteria to judge whether the applicant is credit worthy or not. And based on that, the quantum of loan or credit limit is evaluated by the banks. Here is the table showing credit cards and annual income required for each by prominent banks in India and the name of the card.

Credit Card NameAnnual Income RequiredIssuing Bank
India CardRs. 75,000Bank of India
Visa GoldRs. 1,50,000Bank of India
Visa Gold InternationalRs. 1,50,000Bank of India
Axis Bank GoldRs. 1,80,000Axis Bank
Canara Visa Classic / MasterCard StandardRs. 1,00,000Canara Bank
Canara GoldRs. 2,00,000Canara Bank
Visa ClassicRs. 3,00,000Andhra Bank
Visa PlatinumRs. 5,00,000Andhra Bank
Visa SignatureRs. 10,00,000Andhra Bank
RuPay PlatinumRs. 1,80,000Andhra Bank
RuPay SelectRs. 5,00,000Andhra Bank
TitaniumRs. 2,00,000Bank of Baroda
SignatureRs. 12,00,000Bank of Baroda
Bombay BullionRs. 3,00,000Bank of Baroda
Elite PlatinumRs. 4,00,000Bank of Baroda
Select PlatinumRs. 6,00,000Bank of Baroda
Gold for SalariedRs. 1,80,000Corporation Bank
Gold for ProfessionalRs. 1,80,000Corporation Bank
Gold for Senior CitizenRs. 1,20,000Corporation Bank
Gold for Self EmployedRs. 2,00,000Corporation Bank
Visa Classic for SalariedRs. 60,000Vijaya Bank
Visa Classic for Self EmployedRs. 50,000Vijaya Bank
Visa Global for SalariedRs. 1,20,000Vijaya Bank
Visa Global for Self EmployedRs. 1,00,000Vijaya Bank
MasterCard TitaniumRs. 1,50,000Central Bank of India
MasterCard WorldRs. 5,00,000Central Bank of India
Visa GoldRs. 1,50,000Central Bank of India
Visa PlatinumRs. 5,00,000Central Bank of India
RuPay PlatinumRs. 1,50,000Central Bank of India
RuPay SelectRs. 5,00,000Central Bank of India
GoldRs. 1,50,000Indian Bank
ClassicRs. 1,50,000Indian Bank
Gold for SalariedRs. 1,50,000Syndicate Bank
Gold for Self EmployedRs. 2,00,000Syndicate Bank
Classic for SalariedRs. 60,000Syndicate Bank
Classic for Self EmployedRs. 1,00,000Syndicate Bank
Classic for Senior CitizenRs. 60,000Syndicate Bank
SignatureRs. 5,00,000Union Bank of India
GoldRs. 3,00,000Dhanlaxmi Bank
Gold - Self EmployedRs. 4,00,000Dhanlaxmi Bank
Platinum - Salaried & Self-EmployedRs. 6,00,000Dhanlaxmi Bank
EmpowermentRs. 80, 000Jammu and Kashmir Bank
EmpowermentRs. 1,50,000Jammu and Kashmir Bank
It’s a myth that only high income earning individuals get credit card. The table above shows that if the card applicant has poor salary (e.g. less than Rs. 10,000 or 15,000 per month i.e. Rs. 1,20,000 or Rs. 1,80,000 per annum respectively), then also he/she can apply and get card approval. This is subject to the condition that the applicant also meets other eligibility criteria such as good credit score, submits all valid documents, etc. Note: The income mentioned above is as on January 2019. Banks keep on changing the terms and conditions and processes each application differently as per their rules. So if credit card application of low income earner gets approved that does not mean, application of other will also get approved. This is because every application is different. For more clarifications, please contact respective banks. Also, most banks do not specify income for many of their cards. You can visit respective bank or their website for details on more cards. There is a possibility that you may get better option than the ones listed above. If card application gets rejected then no need to worry. There are few other options to get card as follows: Add-on card: If any of the applicant’s family member (brother, sister or parents) has a credit card and a good CIBIL score, then he/she can apply for a supplementary card. But remember that, any default made by the add-on card holder will impact the credit score of the primary card owner. Banks will not ask for income proof of the supplementary applicant. Credit card against fixed deposit: You just need a FD account with the applicant bank. There is a minimum amount that you need to keep with the bank in order to get the card. Depending the amount, the card limit is set. There is no income proof required and documentation required is minimum since most of the details of the FD account holder are already held by the bank.

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