Credit Cards for Salaried in India – High & Low Salary

Plastic money aka credit card has become an integral part of the wallet. And whether you use it or not having a bunch of cards is infact considered a matter of pride. What attracts individual’s towards a credit card is that someone else is paying for them for short period of time and it’s repayment can be done later in parts (minimum amount) or pay in full or can be totally delayed.

Although you can get credit card if you are student or housewife with no income but if you are a salaried individual, credit card companies will entice you with offers, reward points, no annual fee or low joining fee. This is because return on investment from one customer is what makes them earn big profits from various charges such as interest rates, processing fees, ATM withdrawal etc. and most importantly other various hidden charges which many of us are not even aware of until we receive the bank statement.

So here is the table showing the salary requirement of various card issuers in India and name of the card available.

Sr. No.Bank NameCredit Card NameMinimum Annual Income Required (in INR)Equivalent Monthly Income (in INR)
1Corporation BankGold for Senior Citizen1,20,00010,000
2HDFC BankFreedom Card1,44,00012,000
3HDFC BankBharat CashBack Card for Salaried1,44,00012,000
4Corporation BankGold for Salaried Professional1,80,00015,000
5Corporation BankGold for Professional1,80,00015,000
6Andhra BankRuPay Platinum1,80,00015,000
7Corporation BankGold for Self Employed2,00,00016,667
8HDFC BankBharat CashBack Card for Self Employed2,00,00016,667
9State Bank of IndiaSimplySAVE2,16,00018,000
10State Bank of IndiaSimplyCLICK2,16,00018,000
11Corporation BankRuPay Platinum2,50,00020,833
12HDFC BankTimes Titanium Credit Card3,00,00025,000
13HDFC BankMoneyBack Credit Card3,00,00025,000
14Yes BankProsperity Reward Plus3,00,00025,000
15HSBC BankSmart Value3,00,00025,000
16Dhanlaxmi BankGold Card3,00,00025,000

There are many other credit cards offered by above mentioned issuers and others such as State Bank of India, ICICI, HDFC and others. You can check minimum annual income eligibility criteria on their respective websites/customer care centre. Each and every bank have their own conditions for approving the card.


The most important factors considered by the issuers before approving credit card to the salaried employee/any individual is the credit history and annual income. Apart from these, factors: number of cards you own, number of times the card applications done,  elsewhere and other factors are also taken into consideration.

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