Lowest Interest Rate Credit Cards (1.5% – 2.99%) in India

Carrying a credit card has become a fashion and a status symbol. But individuals do not take into consideration the various fees and charges of the credit card. Amongst various factors considered before buying any credit card, the most important one is the monthly interest rate which should be as low as possible. Although for the on-time bill payer this charge doesn’t matter much compared to the frequent later payers. So for late paying individuals, low interest credit cards are highly recommended. However be noted that frequent late payments will ruin your credit score increases the chances of denial or cancellation of loans or credit card applications in the future. Here is the list of low interest credit cards in India with interest rate between 1.5% to 2.99%:
Card Issuing BankCard NameMonthly Interest Rate
Kotak Mahindra Bank
Best Price Card
State Bank of IndiaUBI Advantage Card
Union Bank of India
Classic Card
Union Bank of IndiaSilver Card1.90%
Axis BankEasy Gold Credit Card
State Bank of IndiaAdvantage Plus Card
State Bank of IndiaAdvantage Gold Card
Deutsche BankSmartGold Credit Card
Instant Platinum Card
CitibankCashback Card
CitibankPrestige Card
Bank of BarodaTitanium
Bank of BarodaSignature2.60%
Bank of BarodaPlatinum
Kotak Mahindra BankAqua Gold Card
  1. Remember that, if you make your bill payments on-time then you can request card issuing banks to further lower your interest rate. In order to stop the customer from going to some other company, banks will lower the rate.
  2. Always make full or maximum payment as much as possible. Longer you keep delaying the payment, higher would be your interest rate.

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  • ravi

    Which card i should take my salary is 16200. Which card will be beneficial having low intrest rates.

    • AllOnMoney.Com

      Dear Ravi, there are multiple options available in the market. Kotak Mahindra Bank offers lowest rates. So please check with them. Would request you to update once you get any reply from any of the banks. Thanks.

    • I. A

      I would seriously recommend not taking any credit card. Even if you are not supporting anyone financially, your current income hardly suffices a single working adult’s finances.
      With a credit card, you will end up buying things you cannot afford and payment lapse will lead to multiplied interest rates on outstanding amount. A bad credit score takes time and really influential data to turn good. Given your salary, I am guessing that you are a newly employed person. If that’s the case, then I strongly suggest to think about how and how much can you save. And remember, fashion fades away quickly and those who love you for being well-dressed will fade away quicker

  • bhim singh

    My salar Is 13000 apply for any bank credit card Form my help you

  • bhim singh

    My name (Bhim Singh). is Icici bank credit card apply Fex salary 13000 please help for me

  • Raj

    What are the HDFC rates? Why have you not included HDFC rates?

  • janender ti

    My net salery is 10000 & i want a credit card for any bank

  • Milan Hari

    my total monthly salary 8200.I want Canara bank credit card .pls help me.

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