6 Ways Indian Women Can Earn Money Working from Home

When a working woman leaves her job due to any reason then over a period of time frustration will start building up. Similarly a home maker who has not been to any kind of a job can feel upset of not contributing to her family monetarily. But there are many ways women to earn money in India working from home. Here’s what women can do to earn money from home:

  1. Cooking: Home cooked food is loved and always favoured compared to foods ordered from a hotel. So if you are good at cooking delicious food with highest quality then there are abundant opportunities waiting for you. Let’s consider city like Mumbai where office goers rely heavily on ordering foods from hotel for lunch/dinner and pay a minimum bill of Rs.150. But if you start providing home cooked meals by getting an order of any one company, then your order size will keep on increasing due to mouth publicity. So for an office with a employee strength of 200, if you start charging INR 70 then monthly you can expect to earn INR14,000 every month. This in turn will save money of the employees and increase your earnings.
  2. Freelance writing: It’s not necessary that 8 hour office job is the only way to earn money. If you have a knack of writing (mostly English) then you should choose freelance writing as a career option. You can contribute articles for a magazine, newspaper by sitting at your home. Many such avenues give an average of INR 200 per article. This figure will further increase depending on the quality of your writing, for whom you write and the industry. Ideally finance and healthcare industries will offer your more money.
  3. Make-up and beautician: Beauty parlor is considered to be the most liked business by a housewife. You don’t need a big space to start off with. In fact you can start doing it from your house itself. No need to invest money in buying space. Instead start from your house and grow your client list. Even if you charge minimum INR 200 per customer and you get on an average 3 people visit you every day. You can easily make INR 18,000.
  4. Home based tuition: If you are well educated then you have better chance to spread your knowledge to others. And the best way to do is to run coaching classes from your home. These days in metro cities trainers ask for nearly INR 2,000 per child. So a batch of 10 students can earn you Rs. 20,000 straight away. In addition to this, your knowledge will also increase.
  5. Online survey job: Demand for online survey jobs has risen drastically in recent years. In such a job, user is required to provide input for the product or service assigned by the survey company. Quality input matters the most as based on responses of people, a company strategizes on developing future products by studying the trends. The most important advantage is that there is no investment required to fill the survey. For each survey you conduct you will be either offered money or reward points/coupons which can be redeemed on sites like Amazon, Walmart etc. Typical survey consists of a list of questionnaire which is filled in by the survey participants. In India companies such as OpinionWorld, Panel Place, Survey Compare run such surveys.
  6. Hobby Classes: Make money from your hobby. If you’re expert in arts, playing guitar then you can earn decent money. For e.g. by teaching guitar to an individual will earn you not less than Rs.1, 000 per month. Normally basic guitar training lasts for 6 months and you can provide training 4-5 times in a month. So in total you’ll earn Rs. 6,000 per person. So higher the number of students in your class, higher would be the earning.


Hi, I am Nikesh Mehta, owner and writer of this site. I’m an analytics professional and also love writing on finance and related industry. I’ve done online course in Financial Markets and Investment Strategy from Indian School of Business. I can be reached at [email protected].

  • Sibajee Ray

    Great tips….But nothing is easy and there is no shortcut to be successful. In case of Blogging it takes months to earn the first penny and in Freelancing websites, rating matters a lot. Without the outstanding rating, you won’t get any project order.

    • AllOnMoney.Com

      That’s true Sibajee. I always believe in “there is no easy money”. Otherwise everyone would become wealthy. It takes years of hard work to achieve success and money. And same goes true with Freelancing sites, higher rating will earn you high income projects. But this depends on the project. Not everyone demands outstanding rating individuals, if the project cost is on a lower side.

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