6 Money Making Scams You Should Know But Always Ignore

This article is on a funny side but with a serious message. And should give you a smile in the end or will atleast stop you from falling into the trap of quick rich schemes.

So here’s a list of money making scams tricks scammers use to entice individuals with an objective of duping money.

You’ve won millions

Commonly spread through E-mail or SMS stating “Congratulations your mobile number has won 1.2 million euros or dollars”. Reply with your name, and E-mail to receive money”. Once someone replies, more communications will take place and the other person will ask for your bank account details. And in order to receive the money, you will be asked to first transfer small amount of money to the sender. And in return, the person will promise to send the award money.

So imagine – if 1 million individuals receive such E-mail or SMS and 10, 000 reply and of that 1000 ultimately end up transferring money hoping to receive the award money. That’s it. Scamster’s objective is achieved and your objective to earn money will turn into ashes.

Here’s one such sample:

Crazy, isn’t it. Look at it this way and ask yourself – is money making so easy? Why the hell would you send money to an unknown individual and why would someone, an unknown person, is trying to give you money?

Inheritance Scams

Wow, you are about to inherit an enormous amount of wealth from someone who’ve never seen. Hahahaha..isn’t that great?

Here’s one such scam promising to make you rich by millions of dollars.


Business Proposal

Give this a try. Open your E-mail box and search for business proposal. You will get a lot of such E-mails with this or related subject line. Here’s one such sample E-mail.

Straightaway sounds fishy, isn’t it? Why an unknown person would want you to handle his/her business? So if anyone replies, string of conversation will happen and the other person will ask you to invest some money.

Earn passive income every month, doing nothing

There is something certainly worth noticing “Doing Nothing”. Ofcourse everyone wants to earn money sitting at home. But always remember there are no shortcuts to success especially earning money. Had they existed, every individual on this planet would’ve become super rich today. First thing to remember is there is no free money on this earth. To earn money, you need to invest money. Although not every trick is suspicious and there could be genuine business opportunities as well. But before even thinking of putting money, do a detailed research on such proposals.

Don’t sell your dreams, be your own boss

No one wants to work in a 9am-5pm job or work under an arrogant, over demanding boss, who doesn’t care about his/her sub-ordinates. So such individuals are the targets of fraudsters, who try to lure you by showing you following catchy stuff:

There is no shortage of such communications sent in various forms, such as – work from home and earn in dollars, become rich instantly. So be careful.

Double your income

You can definitely grow your money twice or thrice the investment amount but only through legit financial products such as stocks, mutual funds, real estate, etc. However if someone claims to double your money by investing in growing businesses, operating in other countries or investing in, then read it, but take no action, straightaway ignore.

Finally two things to remember when it comes to money –

“Work is a surefire money making scheme” and
“Never give money to unknown”.

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