Online Business Myths Everyone Should Know

Today we’ll discuss about the great myths of online business, which have emerged due to the lack of knowledge that most people have about today’s innovative business platforms known as “digital market”.

Most of us in the age group of 35-40 years grew up in a family of working parents who put in your mind the idea that great results require great physical effort. And to succeed, you have to sacrifice things like your hobbies, your social relationships, your tastes and sometimes even your family time.

However, times have changed, we are in a time when business models have diversified and the classic business model that includes a physical space, employees and customer service in person, is no longer the only model capable of offering quality products or services and be profitable.

Welcome to the beautiful information age

That’s right, the digital world has opened new doors that unfortunately did not exist during our parents time. And this is why we have to start changing old paradigms because they no longer work in the same way as before.

So here’s the first myth about online business:

“Earning money is not easy…. you have to work hard physically and wear yourself out if you want to get good results.

This myth is completely false. It is not true that we should work until we wear ourselves out to get the results we want. Instead we should be smart and strategic in choosing our working methods.

Working is not about suffering and you can even realize your great passions and practice your hobbies while earning money for it. The answer is simple, thanks to the digital world which gives the opportunity to let you work while travelling, without boss, office, or strict timetables.

You can earn a lot of money by working less, being happier, being fulfilled with yourself, without stress in between and achieving the lifestyle you want. But for this you must recognize your gifts/talents and be aware of your abilities and passions. Because by being in tune with them, whatever you do with a full heart will make it easy to excel in it.

“He who does what he loves is blessedly doomed to success.”

Keep in mind that you cannot measure your success in relation to the money in your bank account. Your success should be measured by how happy you feel with the life you are leading. Sometimes you may think that there is no other alternative but a job that does not make you happy. But the truth is that, digital age has given us the possibility to define our priorities and from them to choose how we want to work.

Online business is not a real job

Another great myth surrounding online businesses is that they are not a real work alternative. And there are even many people who think that the internet generates money and there is no need work or study to be successful at it, and the money will come by magic.

And this is why thousands of people join YouTube, ClickBank, Instagram, Facebook (which is facebook watch) and different digital platforms with the idea of being online entrepreneurs. However, not getting a considerable sum of money at the first try, they decide to give up their idea and return to looking for traditional employment alternatives.

But if all digital platforms gave money by magic and without hard work, we’d all be making lot of money” wouldn’t we?

Keep in mind that creating an account on a digital platform is no guarantee that the money will come to you and keep multiplying more and more in your bank account.

While it’s true that you don’t have to work hard to achieve the results you expect, it’s also true that a business, even if it’s digital, it doesn’t grow on its own. Some businesses may generate residual income without you having to lift a finger. But for that to happen, you must first have invested time to create it and before you start to shape it, you must also have invested some time to learn how to make a digital product.

The truth is that online businesses, like any other business, require time and discipline. However, there are businesses that have great growth potential in a very short time. This is because of the internet, through which they have the ability to reach millions of people around the world in record time and without the need for million investments unlike what happens with traditional businesses.

That said, you must remain hungry!

Because being an online entrepreneur is not easy, especially because it is a topic that is not normally taught in universities!

Why keep waiting to see what myths are false and true in the digital world? How long are you going to let yourself be immersed in those childish fears that keep you from starting? Until when will you postpone your dreams to fulfill someone else’s?

Remember that… “The biggest risk is not taking any chances. In a rapidly changing world, the only strategy that guarantees failure is not to take risks. Mark Zuckerberg.

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