11 AUTHENTIC Ways to Earn Money while Sleeping

Everyone wants to earn money but not everyone takes the first step. And even if people start, they loose interest over time and give up. And that’s what stops people from earning money. Whether you work full-time or part-time, earning money is not easy, atleast initially. And it requires lot of perseverance to make money. Here are various ideas for individuals who want to earn money while sleeping:

Start a blog

It’s possible that at first, instead of sleeping, your new blog will take some sleep away from you, but the effort will be worth it if you want to get some benefits later. Having your own blog and updating it with interesting and high quality content takes time and effort, especially when traffic is still very low. The good news is that it requires only a small investment to get started, although this will vary according to how you go about it: in addition to your own domain, you can bet on a powerful hosting provider or good upload speed. When you start to generate specialized and interesting content regularly, and achieve good search engine positioning, then it’s time to start monetizing it. Here are the best ways to monetize your blog:

1. Online Advertising

Advertising is the queen par excellence when it comes to making money through website. In the market there are many portals that are dedicated to marketing banners or contextual advertising. Here are other alternatives to online advertising:

2. Affiliate Marketing

Online advertising model that allows you to earn a commission by promoting products on your blog, linking them and redirecting your readers to buy them. It is important that these products are related to the theme of your site.

3. Sponsored Posts

When you have a certain amount of traffic, you may see brands that offer you money for content that you promote to them and their products.

4. Create your own ebook or white paper

If you think your audience would be willing to pay for some kind of more premium information, you can build an ebook and charge a small fee each time someone downloads it.

5. Collect Royalties

Whether you are a writer, musician, graphic designer, or creator of unique content on any medium, you may charge copyright for its use by third parties. Although keep in mind that not everything is protected by copyright.

6. Create a Membership Club

If you gain prestige within your area, users may be willing to pay a fee for accessing exclusive material and content, or even for being part of a community that gives them certain advantages. You can use your leadership and influence to create a club where your fans feel special and get a return from it, in exchange for a regular outlay.

7. Sell your blog

If your blog has a high number of visits and you think you can no longer manage it or maintain its quality, you always have the option to sell it. A website with a lot of traffic is a valuable asset and an investment for those who want to keep growing and earning. Marketplace like Flippa will help you find buyers for your websites. Other option is to put a banner on your website stating that – “This Website is for Sale” along with your contact details. You never know, even your competitors may offer you a lucrative offer.

8. Turn your blog into an e-commerce site

Maybe, far from wanting to get rid of your successful website, you’re wondering how to make even more money. If ebooks or paid video tutorials seem insufficient to you, perhaps the natural next step is to turn your blog into an ecommerce and start selling more expensive products. Another option is to bet on third-party platforms, such as eBay or Etsy, although you will have to pay commissions for each sale and they will compete with others. Other options to earn money while sleeping are:

9. Buy Shares

Although the Internet has made investing in the stock market simple, it’s actually one of the most traditional ways to make money on this list. Even if it’s a tempting path, if you’re not an expert in securities or finance, get some good advice first and consider the fluctuations. The stock price varies greatly over time and what promised to be a masterful move can become your downfall.

10. Crowdlend

Unlike crowdfunding, where the investor does not expect a monetary return, with crowd lending you lend your money to someone in the hope of recovering it. This type of financing is usually requested by small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who use the traditional banking method. Although with fintech platforms it is becoming more and more common. As an investor you will be interested to know that interest rates are very high, although there is a risk that lenders will not pay.

11. Use Pinterest

Pinterest, a highly visual and less noisy and successful social network, can help you make money, although you’ll need to have a broad base of followers to sell your products to them. With good figures you can then turn to brands to sponsor your boards. You can also apply affiliate marketing and organize contests that exponentially increase your viability. However, it is essential that you focus on a specific product niche or theme.

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