Cheapest Cancer Insurance @ Rs.600: SBI Life Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha

Cancer in India is on rise. It is distressing emotionally and financially for the patient as well his/her near ones. The whole family has to go through a difficult time. Though no one will consider himself at risk, the rising cases of cancer is very serious.

Looking at this situation – Life insurance arm of State Bank of India SBI-Life has launched Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha, a comprehensive cancer insurance policy. It is amongst the cheapest cancer insurance in India.

What options are available under the cancer insurance plan and what is the coverage offered?

There are three options available as follows:

  • Standard: Covers minor and major stage of cancer
  • Classic: Covers minor, major and advance stage of cancer
  • Enhanced: Covers minor, major and advance stage of cancer. Sum assured reset benefit is offered.

What is the policy premium?

Here’s the table showing minimum and maximum premium:

FrequencyMinimum Premium (In Rs.)
Half Yearly300

NA denotes plan does not exist for the age group.

There are three options to make premium payment as follows:

Half-yearly: 51.00% of annual premium
Quarterly: 26.00% of annual premium
Monthly: 8.50% of annual premium

Also shown below is the premium calculation for different term:

Age (in Years)StandardClassicEnhanced

Discount: If you buy this cancer policy online, then SBI Life will get 5% discount.

Other low cost cancer plans available in the market are from:

  1. Indian Cancer Society (ICS) in collaboration with New India Assurance
  2. Cancer Patients Aid Association in collaboration with New India Assurance

However these 2 plans have a very low sum assured. For e.g. ICS offers sum assured of Rs. 50, 000 at a premium of Rs. 496. In comparison, the premium charged by SBI life is affordable.

What is the sum assured?

Minimum sum assured is Rs. 10 Lakh and maximum is Rs. 50 Lakh

What is the policy term?

Minimum term is 5 years and maximum is 10 years.

Can someone with pre-existing disease buy this policy?


For whom can this policy be purchased?

Interested individuals can buy policy for:

Child: Minimum 6 years old and maximum 17 years
Adult: Minimum 18 years old and maximum 65 years

What is the waiting period?

There are two important terms and conditions. Claim will be rejected if

Initial waiting period: If cancer is detected within 180 days of buying the policy or date of revival.
Survival period: After diagnosis, if the policy holder dies within 5 days.

You may be having medical insurance policy which would pay for the cost of hospitalization, surgical procedures, and treatment in case of cancer. However, it may turn out insufficient to cover the entire cost of treatment. In such circumstance, your medical insurance would need to be supplemented.

SBI Life Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha helps you to secure you and family against such eventualities. It also supplements your existing medical insurance policy i.e. all the benefits and payouts offered by this policy are independent of any existing health insurance plan held by you.

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