Low Cost Hair Dryer Online @ Rs. 437-Rs. 625

Buy Cheapest Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is used to remove dampness and evaporate water present in the hair. This is done by blowing air hot or cool air over your hair. You can buy cheapest hair dryer online from flipkart or amazon.in from the famous brands Philips, Vega and Panasonic.

Benefits and Features

  • Dries your hair in a very short period of time with different speed adjustments
  • Although these hair dryers are low cost, they are easy to use and carry, light to handle
  • They are energy saver and safe to use

How to Clean Hair Dryer

With little cleaning life of hair dryer can be increased. Here’s how to do it:

  • You should know when your hair dryer filter needs cleaning. Best sign is when it becomes very hot or the flow of air weakens. If this is the case, you should remove visible lint or hair using tweezers.
  • If lint is stuck in vent and wire screen using a small wire brush
  • As per the instructions given in the manual, you should wash or vacuum the filter
  • For cleaning the side vents and grills, use hose attachment

Best Natural Cure for Dry Hair – Save Money

Mixture of olive oil and egg yolk is a natural wonder for your dry and lacklustre hair. Prepare a mixture by taking 2 eggs and half a cup of olive oil. Continuously stir this mixture and then apply on your hair by covering it with a shower cap. Finally rinse your hair after 45 minutes.

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