Use RuPay Card for eCommerce, Get Accident Cover, ATM, mPOS

Where can you use RuPay Debit Card

RuPay – a card payment system which got it’s name from two words Rupee and Payment is India’s answer to Mastercard and Visa which are the dominant payment system used worldwide over many years. See also differences between RuPay & Visa/MasterCard

Post it’s launch on 26 March 2012, this India’s smart card could be used only in RuPay enabled ATM’s. But now it can be used at following places:

  • As of now, the card can be used only in India.
  • Online transactions in over 10,000 eCommerce sites such as,, & others for buying products on their site. Important thing to note is that your ATM pin and RuPay pin for online purchase are same. Very soon RuPay card holders can use it in 85% of eCommerce sites in India. All the merchants using DirectPay online payment processing solutions. Read about making online purchase using RuPay card
  • In 145270 ATM’s. Cash withdrawal limit varies as per the rule set by card issuing bank.
  • Over 8,00,000 point of sale (PoS) terminals with shopping limit as set by banks.
  • Very soon IRCTC payments would be possible for booking the railway tickets. Latest news: On 24March2015, IRCTC RuPay Pre-Paid Debit card was launched for booking train tickets.
  • Also in the pipeline is the mobile point of sale (mPOS) i.e. using smartphone as payment gateway. For e..g when you order anything at your doorstep, you can use RuPay debit card to make payments using smartphones enabled with mPOS application. Merchants such as local grocery stores, insurance companies and others can use mPOS. Integration of RuPay card is under process by the company – First Data, a merchant service provider. Also check various offers for the card holders.
  • RuPay platinum debit card from Canara bank has multiple benefits such as – 5% cashback on utility bills, 1% cash back on fuel surcharge, 10% off on movie tickets and many others. However all these have certain monthly cap.

Read more on benefits of RuPay card. You can also open bank account under Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Account and get RuPay Debit Card for free.

Checkout information on Virtual RuPay Card to be launched in 2015.

RuPay Debit Card & Accident Insurance Cover

Under the credit guarantee fund scheme which is expected to be launched on Independence day in 2014, every new customer will get a RuPay debit card with an in-built accident insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh.

Check out list of banks where you can get RuPay Card under Jan Dhan Yojana. Also read more about new facility offered by Indian banks – cardless withdrawal at ATM.

  • tajuddin ali

    My bingo card is not working in atm please suggest me

  • Pinky Pandey

    hi i am trying to buy the online but after using my corpotion Rupay debit card i am not able to make the payment it shows that transtion is failed by bank end . can you tell me why it is so even i have internet banking and all. can you suggest me what i need to do if i am buying online things how to make the payment.


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