How to Use RuPay Card for Online Purchases: Enter Card Details & OTP

How to Make Online Payment Using RuPay Card

There are many benefits of RuPay card and using it for online purchase is one of them. Online transactions using RuPay can be done through PaySecure, a secured payment service subject to the condition that customer has successfully registered with PaySecure by successfully transacting for the first time. Debit card holders can make use of this card for paying monthly bills, buy products online etc.

Online Transaction – First Time Transaction

Internet transactions using RuPay card is very simple as it does not require a separate registration. It is a two step process: Enter card details and OTP.

So here are the steps on how to use RuPay card for online purchases for the first time in order to get registered with PaySecure:

  1. Once the user is on the payment screen of the issuer, customer authentication request is sent. Authorization can be done via net banking/OTP/challenging questions.
  2. For payments via netbanking, user needs to enter login details and in case of OTP, code would be sent to the registered mobile number or E-mail address. In case of verification via challenging question, user needs to answer the necessary question. Request for new OTP should be made for every new transaction. In case, you don’t receive the OTP in the first attempt then second attempt should be made.
  3. Upon entering details as mentioned in step-2, issuer will then send payment success response to the user.
  4. After this, National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) will open page for: selecting the image and entering a phrase. You have to always remember the image selected and the phrase because these two details are required while making any future online payments. Once this step is done, RuPay card gets registered for online use.
  5. User then needs to enter the ATM PIN after which the transaction details are submitted and money would be debited from the cardholder’s account. This will complete the transaction.

Latest update on RuPay (18Feb2015) – Virtual RuPay Card to be launched soon by NPCI. On 24March2015, IRCTC RuPay Pre-Paid Debit card was launched for booking railway tickets.

Online Transaction – Future Transactions

Once you have successfully done the first transaction, you get automatically registered with PaySecure. And for all the future transactions the online purchase is very simple as follows:

  1. As a primary validation, the image and phrase registered in the step-4 above should be identified.
  2. For combating the phishing  attack, you have to then acknowledge the last 3 transactions which are displayed on the payments screen. In case the last 3 transactions are displayed incorrectly, then you need to cancel the transaction immediately.


  • While making online purchase using RuPay debit card, ATM pin should be used.
  • In case of loss of card or PIN, you should contact card issuing bank to re-issue the same
  • If you forget the image and phrase, then you need to again register RuPay card with PaySecure as mentioned in the steps above.

Also read eligibility criteria for RuPay card and how you can get RuPay debit card under Jan Dhan Yojana.

Summary of features:

  • Transaction processing is very fast as card holder needs to just enter card details and OTP.
  • The whole process is extremely secured and uses technology mandated by Reserve Bank of India.
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