Cheapest Hair Trimmer @ Rs. 149, Low Cost Trimmers

When it comes to trimming your beard hair, relying on a salon is always time consuming and expensive too. In addition to this salons are not available at all the time. So the best solution is to buy a hair trimmer. You can either buy a low cost hair trimmer/shaver or the ones which are priced higher either in-store or online. But buying online has many benefits such as discount deals, products from multiple brands can be compared, get reviews and most importantly it saves time and many other benefits which ideally is not possible while purchasing at a retail store.

Here are the low cost hair trimmers available on Flipkart (Rs. 149) and Amazon (Rs. 169):

What to look for in a hair trimmer?

With range of options available online, it is very difficult to choose the best hair trimmer. So here are the basic and important points to be considered while choosing a hair trimmer irrespective of whether you choose cheapest or high price:

  • Blades should be of a very high quality and it should not pull off hair while in use
  • Cutting of thick hair should be smooth
  • Light weight, so that it is easy to handle and carry
  • It should not get very hot when used continuously
  • Blade changing and adjusting should be easy
  • It should fit perfectly in the user’s hand. Length too should be good enough
  • Should be less noisy
  • Run time should be long. Preferably 30 minutes and more
  • Fast recharge time
  • Cordless and corded both should be available
  • Cleaning brush should be provided
  • Easy to wash and clean

Which companies sell hair trimmers?

There are many companies which manufacture hair trimmers and the products from following brands are highly recommended:

  • Nova
  • Brite
  • Philips
  • Braun
  • Panasonic
  • Wahl

You can see the extensive range of trimmers available on Flipkart and Amazon

Things to keep in mind while buying online:

  • Always buy from a seller which offers original products
  • 100% return guarantee
  • Seller rating is high
  • Customer reviews are good

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