USA: Car Insurance Buying Tips for Visiting Tourists

If you are a foreign visitor to the United States with a valid visa and wish to buy and drive a car while in the United States, then the first thing you should do before you consider getting into your vehicle is to find out in detail how to get adequate auto insurance for yourself. Understand that, not having a car insurance is a criminal offense.

Remember that, compared to US citizens, buying car insurance when you are a tourist is a little complex process and expensive as the premium is on a higher side for non-resident drivers. But interestingly, buying a car is little easy.

Insurance companies in the United States have a variety of auto insurance policy offers with each offering different coverage/benefits/features to both residents and visitors with a valid visa. Note that, there are specific conditions and guidelines in some states, so looking for local information on these requirements is essential.

Here are some tips you can follow to buy car insurance during your stay in the United States

Driving License: Obtain an international driver’s license from your country of residence. Without this, you are not allowed to buy or drive or get the necessary auto insurance in any country you visit. Carry this license with you, as you will need to show it at the time of buying insurance.

Rules & Regulations: Learn seriously about the traffic, driving, and parking rules and regulations that apply in the United States. You can get this information from the Department of Motor Vehicles in any city.

Research and Compare: Surf and search the internet for everything regarding insurance companies that specialize in providing auto insurance coverage to foreigners. However, it is always advisable to seriously search for information in detail, compare all the features and benefits, and then select the one which best suits your needs. And all these steps can be done before visiting the USA as it will save time since you already know, what you want to buy.

Know about the coverage: Once you have decided on the right company, consult with one of your agent and inquire about all the coverage alternatives available to you as a foreigner. For example, ask if you are entitled to a comprehensive or comprehensive protection policy that covers and protects your vehicle fully. While it is required by law within the United States to have a basic auto insurance policy that provides you with liability coverage, at a minimum, for injuries to occupants and damage to third parties in their persons and/or property, being able to extend the limits of coverage is always a good decision.

Covering Additional Members: Also ask if you can be added to the policy of a family member or friend who lives in the United States. This may be a more viable way to get not only your auto insurance, but perhaps a better rate.

Other important tips visitor should know before buying auto insurance

  • You can purchase your auto insurance policy through a credit card. Check to see if your credit card can provide the auto insurance coverage you need through the insurance agents of your choice. Check out secured credit for immigrants in USA.
  • Make sure to clearly inform the insurance company of the type of visa you hold. The temporariness of your visa may be an important factor to consider when it comes to offering the right insurance plan for you.
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