How to finance your marriage without ruining yourself?

D-Day is here! You will finally formalize your life with your partner, with whom you have shared your life for many years. Of course you want to make this day memorable with all your guests, a day never to be forgotten. It is true that such an event can cost you quite a bit, but you are the only one to decide its magnitude.

So – how to finance your wedding without ruining yourself?

Compare different options to save money

When preparing for your wedding, it is wise to set a budget in advance to determine exactly what you can spend. This will help you avoid money disputes with your partner/family during the preparations. Marriage costs vary according to the people, locations and situations. Once you have set a reasonable amount, you will already be halfway through your preparations.

Next, you need to analyze the different expenses within your budget. Here are some of the key events/things you can save by being creative and thinking outside the box:

  • Location: Do you have at your disposal a beautiful garden (belonging to you or your relatives)? With the help of your friends and family, you can decorate this place and turn it into an ideal place to organize your wedding. In summer, a wedding tent with a few canvases can create a very intimate and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Catering: You can go (too) far in what you serve your guests, however, they will come for you and not for the food or drinks served at your wedding. Feel free to be creative, and choose a menu that suits you. For example, if you are a fan of Chinese food items, you can decide delicious Manchurian, etc. with non-alcoholic beverages. It will leave your guests with an unforgettable summer memory.
  • Wedding clothes: New wedding dress collections are generally on sale or available on rent. Both the options are good depending on the utility of the dress after the marriage. By renting, you can offer yourself the dress of your dreams at lowest price!
  • Honeymoon: Have you ever thought about the miles saved with your credit card? Thanks to these, you can finance all or part of your trip. If you want to save money, extend the honeymoon to a later date when travel season is off.
  • Number of people: The price of a wedding, will ultimately depend heavily on the number of people you wish to invite; the more there will be, the more expensive the wedding will cost you. You can also choose to keep your wedding intimate and private.
  • Events: If cost is a concern, limit the number of events during your marriage. Skip bachelors party or DJ, depending on your financial situation.

Savings or loans?

The best way to intelligently finance a marriage is to use your savings. To get such a sum, it is better to start saving several years in advance. Feel free to compare financial institutions to find the loan that’s right for you.

If your savings are not enough, you can cover the rest of the expenses with a loan. However, remember that it will also cost you money: you will have to pay it back in monthly installments, over the next few years and with interest. The most appropriate loan for a wedding is the personal loan. The latter does not require any justification as to the destination of the borrowed funds; the monthly payments and the interest rate are fixed in advance. You can also take loan through peer lenders. Compared to banks, eligibility criteria is not strict and you can bargain on interest rates.

Save on your budget, not your dream wedding

We have already given you some tips to reduce the costs of your wedding, here are some additional tips:

  • Choose the best location, not the most expensive or prestigious one!
  • If money is a concern, invite only your family and close friends, a successful ceremony does not depend on the number of people present.
  • Offer refreshments and snacks or a personalized menu.
  • Don’t choose the most expensive wedding car, but choose to rent a beautiful car from your family or friends.
  • Melt your old rings to get your rings.
  • Weddings on weekdays are generally cheaper than weekends. Wedding price can also vary depending on the day and time of day! Do not hesitate to take this into consideration.
  • Does anyone you know have a passion for photography? If so, you can save good money on hiring a professional photographer by hiring him over a professional company.
  • Do you have a friend who loves playing DJ? You can also save money by leaving him in charge of the musical entertainment for your evening.

Try to imagine how your wedding should be, and customize it to your choice keeping in mind your financial situation! You can fully enjoy this moment with all the people present at your wedding: your partner, your family, your friends, in short, all the people you love because it will be your D day!

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