Having More Than One PAN Card – Penalty, How to Surrender

Having More Than One PAN Card

PAN or Permanent account number is a identity card must to have with every Indian citizen most importantly. It’s use is not limited to filing IT returns, opening bank account, investments and many others. However every a person should have only one pan card on his name and having multiple/duplicate PAN card is an offence and might result in person receiving legal notice from the government and will be penalized for Rs. 10, 000.

Person might have more than one PAN card in following cases:

  • He might have applied for the same when moving to a different house
  • He might have applied for PAN card multiple times and each time new PAN card was issued by the income tax department

How to Surrender Duplicate PAN Card

  • Online Surrender: To surrender duplicate PAN card via online, visit¬†http://incometax.sparshindia.com/pan/newPAN.asp and fill all the required details
  • Manual Surrender: You can write a letter to NSDL TIN Facilitation Centres or UTI PAN Centers informing them about having more than one card. You should include all the important details such as PAN to be surrendered and retain, full name, contact details (E-mail, phone, address), date of birth.

You can get contact details of TIN FC/PAN centers here:¬†https://www.tin-nsdl.com/tin-facilities.php. You need to select your state and location to get list of all the centers. Once you send all the details, you’ll receive acknowledgement from the IT department.

Points to remember:

  • Always keep a copy of acknowledgement letter received by the IT department. This might be helpful, when someone misuses information on PAN and this receipt will come to your rescue
  • Scan this copy and keep it save in your E-mail so that it can be retrieved any time in the future
  • No need to re-contact IT department for intimation on whether PAN has been cancelled by them or not.
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