Google Tez Vs. Paytm – 29 Differences & Similarities

The new digital payment app developed by Google called “Tez” was launched on 18th September. The app has lot of new features which makes it stand out from the existing digital wallet apps in the already existing crowded payments app such as Paytm, BHIM, Mobikwik, PhonePe and others which have been encouraging digital transactions in India.


With so many apps already in India, here’s the difference between the top wallet app Paytm (the oldest and most popular) and Google Tez:

FeaturesGoogle TezPaytm
Is it a wallet?NoYes
From where is the money debited/creditedDirectly in/from the bankFrom Wallet
Is the app available in non-English language8 languages (Hindi, Engish, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu)No. Only English.
Is bank account required for sending and receiving moneyYesNo. Only active mobile number is required
Is there any option to decline a request for money?YesNo
Transaction Limit1 Lakh per dayRs. 20,000 per day
Daily number of transaction20 per dayNo limit
Web version for sending or receiving moneyNoYes
Does it have own bank?NoPaytm bank is available
Is there any separate app for business?YesNo
Is mobile number and bank account linking mandatory?YesNo
Number of options to pay moneyFour - UPI ID, QR code, Cash, mobile numberOne
Cashbacks or reward pointsNoYes
Referral rewardsYesYes
Does money remain in bank?YesNo. Money remains in the Wallet.
Can money be transferred from debit/credit card?NoYes
Can you add money in the app?NoYes
Can you make payment for utility bills, services, etc?NoYes
Any transaction fee on transfers?NoNo
How much money can be added every month?Not required as it is not a walletRs. 20, 000 per month
Does it support UPI?YesYes
Can transfer be done via website?NoYes
Any other services other than making payment?NoYes. Online recharge, bill payment, ticket booking and more.
Is the app available for Windows phone?NoYes
Is there any need to add money in the app?NoYes. For sending money it is required.
Can you transfer money without internet connectionYes through QR codeYes through QR code
Does it required top-upNoYes
Can transaction history be grouped for each personYesNo
Size of the app7 MB54 MB

Most of the Paytm features are available in other apps as well such as Mobikwik, JioMoney, BHIM, PhonePe and others. Currently Paytm outscores every app out there and is undoubtedly the leader due to the extra offerings such as recharge, ecommerce store, digital savings account in addition to mobile wallet. Moreover the rewards and cashbacks offered by Paytm attracts lot of users.

Tez is powered by the Indian government supported Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The “cash” mode feature in the Tez app lets users send and receive payment to the nearby users with Tez installed on their smartphone. There is no need for bank account details or phone number. This technology is Google’s proprietary and uses Audio QR (AQR) ultrasound technique that helps in pairing the phones. For Google Tez, the competitor is the cash currency. And the objective of this app is to encourage digital payment and make it simple and secure.

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