Stop Buying These 15 Products, If You Don’t Want to Waste Money

Nobody wants to waste money but still we buy things we don’t always think about or are not always required. These things can be a terrible waste of money.

Here is the list of 15 products you should stop buying and save money.


Many people buy lottery everyday in the hope that they will win the prize, but gambling actually stops you from having more money. You’ll probably lose money if you buy lottery and there’s no guarantee you’ll win. In fact, the winning percentage is almost zero.


A person who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day spends minimum Rs. 250 depending on the brand. Some even costs more than Rs. 300. In addition, the cost of smoking to your health is incalculable because of the health risks involved.

Water Bottles

If you live in a city where tap water is hygienic and drinkable, don’t buy bottles. If you can get access to something for free, why to pay for it?

Brand name drugs

Normally when two products are exactly alike consumers would opt for the cheaper version. This is not the case with brand-name drugs, which consistently outsell their generic counterparts, despite having the same ingredients and effects. Save some money and buy the generic medicines available at low cost.

Food and drink at the movie theatre

Cinemas don’t make a profit only on tickets, but they also make a profit on food sales. The high price of popcorn and candy is a scam, as you can buy the same products in a supermarket for much less.

Coffee to go or in coffee shops

Before they put a Starbucks on every corner, people made their own coffee at home. This is still popular, but the coffee shops have taken over much of the business. With the high prices and long queues it is surprising that people don’t make their own coffee at home.


Libraries are the best way to save money. The libraries are free and hold millions of books, DVDs and other things you can borrow. If required you can also buy second hand books instead of new one, if at all it meets your educational requirement.

CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs are becoming obsolete, but still many people still invest money in albums and movies. Like books, you can rent CDs and DVDs in your library. But now most people enjoy entertainment in streaming using apps like Spotify, Amazon Prime and Netflix for a lower monthly cost than the price of a single CD.

Cable Television

Like music and movies, television is moving from more traditional forms to online streaming. Streaming also has the extra advantage of not having ads and being able to consume it whenever you want.

Gift Cards

Gift cards aren’t as good a gift as you think they are. At least one in three gift cards are never used. And those who use them tend to spend 20% more than the amount the card came with, according to Investopedia. Avoid losses and buy something more personalized next time.


Gym memberships can be expensive, so if you don’t visit regularly you’re wasting your money. Fortunately, there are ways to be healthy and exercise outside of a gym, as well.

Premium or Speed Petrol

The basic version is sufficient. For most cars, there’s no need to spend more to get premium gas. The extra cost isn’t worth it, so save money on refueling and fill your car or bike with low cost gas.

Latest Technology Products

When a state-of-the-art device arrives on the market, it lowers the price of previous versions. The old and new versions are probably very similar, and the newer version probably still has some adjustments to make. Save a lot of money by opting for the older product that has almost identical features.

Gaming Integrated Shopping

Those games you’ve got on your smartphone have to get money from somewhere. It turns out that these games are very addictive and are designed with psychological tricks so that you spend whatever money it takes to get to the next level.

Express Shipments

Online stores can make a lot of money by charging their customers high fees for express delivery. Although the basic option may take longer, the savings are worthwhile, if you do not want something on a priority basis.

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