List of Organizations Helping Immigrants in the U.S.

Did you know that there are many organizations that help immigrants in the U.S.?

And interestingly, it’s not just one but several organizations that can help you. This even includes individuals with grant programs seeking immigration assistance. So do you wish to know them?

Then keep reading…


Among the organizations that help immigrants in the U.S., you should first address USCIS. This organization provides you with technical assistance, all the information you need about grant programs and you can also find help from USCIS to obtain citizenship.

You can order the free toolkit with educational materials for immigrants from USCIS.

Community Organizations

Community organizations provide citizenship classes in English and assistance during the naturalization process, as well as resources in support with USCIS.


The Institute of Museum and Library Services provides you with information, educational materials and other resources to train you on citizenship and immigration. All these resources are available from libraries.


If you are working, your employer can help you as an eligible immigrant by promoting citizenship. Talk to your employer because there are resources available with them to advise you on citizen awareness and education.

Local Government

All local governments provide assistance to immigrants. In the municipal government you will find help on civic integration in your community with activities on outreach, education, and citizen awareness.


The Institute of Museum and Library Services provides museum support with public information, educational materials, immigrant participation opportunities, and citizenship and immigration training resources that you can receive at a museum.

Free Immigration Legal Help

Community organizations and social service providers can offer help with the naturalization process and citizenship classes. You can attend classes on weekends and in the evenings and they also offer programs with immigrant support services.

If you have problems with immigration, you can go to a licensed immigration attorney or an accredited representative of an organization that is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

You can get advice on the official USCIS Legal Aid website so you can get required legal help you and make a good decision.

Immigrant Advocacy Project

Since 1986, the Immigrant Advocacy Project (IDP) has been working to combat mass criminalization, detention and deportation through policy advocacy, impact litigation, communications and strategic training.

It also provides you with tools and resources for your immigrant advocacy and pro bono legal services.

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee is located around the world and in 29 U.S. cities, and helps you, if your life is in conflict and works to provide you with immigration and health care services.

United We Dream

United We Dream is an organization that gives you information about customs control and problems with immigration raids.

Welcoming America

It is an organization that can help you with economic opportunities whether you are an immigrant or a refugee, thanks to its integration work with a network of over 150 communities.


HIAS is an immigrant advocacy group led by Jewish people that aims to provide international resources for refugees and immigrants including registration searches, assistance with the citizenship process. It offers you legal protection and also assists you in finding employment and training.


ACLU has an immigrant rights website where you can get information with case examples, videos and a blog related to immigration.

Public Law Centre

It is a law firm that provides assistance to low-income, vulnerable residents of Orange County.

Catholic Legal Immigration Network

The Catholic legal immigration network offers help with programs that target vulnerable families, victims of domestic violence or trafficking.

Organizations Helping Undocuments Immigrants in the U.S.

If you are an undocumented immigrant, you can also get help from certain organizations as listed below:

National Immigration Law Center

The National Immigration Law Center, NILC, is responsible for protecting and enhancing the rights of immigrants.

To do this, it counts and offers you lawyers who have already won lawsuits against discrimination in the workplace and also assert your rights in the event you are an immigrant in detention.

Young Center

Young Center, subject to the DACA program, Deferred Action for Children’s Arrivals is charged with helping children in the immigration process to be considered as children, providing temporary protection against the deportation of undocumented youth in the United States.

Families for freedom

Familias for Freedom (FFF) is responsible for the protection of families from deportation. This organization is made up of a group of people specialized in the situation of the undocumented.

Network of Immigration Advocates

The Immigration Advocacy Network (IAN) offers legal services to the undocumented immigrants with the support of regional partners and local groups working together.

Border Angels

Border Angels with its from San Diego extends its assistance to the entire border between Mexico and Texas. It offers you help and information about immigration, gives you bottles of water on traffic routes and also organizes community events.

Butterflies Without Borders

Butterflies without borders works together with immigrants who suffer discrimination and violence in their country of origin.

There are definitely many other organizations in the U.S. that offer help to both documented and undocumented immigrants, ranging from global human rights organizations to small groups working in the city, state or county such as Make the Road New York or Amnesty International.

They are groups that mobilize through protest to protect undocumented immigrants by lobbying politicians to change immigration policies, as they are organizations that work to protect the most vulnerable populations.

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