6 ETHICAL Ways Low Income Earners Can Earn Extra Money from Home

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By now everyone must be aware of Rs. 11,300 crore loan scam. Although it was a fraud committed between multiple entities, one thing to note is income is the most important criteria in availing any type of credit.

Higher the income, higher would be the sanctioned loan amount. Income of businessmen, salaried, or self-employed basically helps in evaluating the credit worthiness of the applicant in addition to other factors such as credit score, years in job, and others which are also taken into consideration whenever loan application is processed.

However the process of getting any type of credit is very easy for higher income earner but is equally difficult for a poor income earning person. So even if a low income earner wants to invest money in something new for e.g. starting a business, chances of getting a loan are extremely difficult. Although there are banks offering loan to low income individuals, the money may not always be sufficient to meet the demand.

So the other alternative is to earn second income in addition to your existing job/business. And there are many ways to generate additional income that too from home requiring bare minimum investments.

And here’s the list especially for low income earners to earn side income sitting at home.

Sell Unused Items

Open any closet in your home, and I bet most of what you’ll find are things you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Don’t you think it’s time to clean up and get rid of what you don’t use and it’s just sitting there collecting dust?

Selling your clothes, gadgets, or other items that you no longer use is a good way to earn few extra rupee.

You could sell anything:

  • Furniture
  • Mobile phone, Laptops
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Books and CDs
  • Bikes, Bicycle
  • Small household appliances
  • Crockery
  • Toys your children no longer use
  • Musical instruments

You have several options where you can sell them online in India on websites of Ebay India, Quikr, EazySeller, Olx, Koove.

This is one of the best ways to earn extra money, because you can go around your house right now, look for these things you don’t use anymore, take one or two photos, upload them to one of these websites listed above… and you can sell it off in fast depending on the requirement, condition of the product, etc.

Sell Your Talent and Earn Extra Money

Talent is everything. If you are good at something, then you will definitely earn good money. Having multiple talents is always a boon. For e.g. if you are a software developer and at the same time have a good writing skills, then you can earn extra money in your free time by writing for companies located across the globe. There are many freelancing websites which let you work from anywhere and pay money.

List of top websites where you can find work as a freelancer are:

  • Freelancer.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Elance.com
  • Guru.com
  • Peopleperhour.com


A good flair for writing is another option to start making money from home or anywhere. Once you gain good traffic and meet other requirements, you can start earning money through advertising (adsense/affiliate).

Take Care of Neighbor’s Children

Babysitting is one of the best source to earn extra money. In fact some individuals make a living of it. However you should be a pro in dealing with children. Any misdoing will land you in legal trouble. So be extra careful while putting your hands in babysitting.


Being a poor earner, getting a credit card becomes difficult similar to a loan. However there are cards for low income earners and if you manage to get any of these card then cashback is the best way to earn money by spending money. Cashback is nothing but the reimbursement (part of purchased amount) you receive on the purchase made online. Although in order to earn more cashbacks, you have to spend more, but finally money is money – whether small or big.

Youtube Channel

If you have an excellent skill/s, create educational videos and earn money by adding adsense. And this is possible through Youtube. By launching your own channel on any topic (makeup, hairstyle, cooking, etc.) and then growing the traffic, you can create good side income.

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6 Money Making Scams You Should Know But Always Ignore

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This article is on a funny side but with a serious message. And should give you a smile in the end or will atleast stop you from falling into the trap of quick rich schemes.

So here’s a list of money making scams tricks scammers use to entice individuals with an objective of duping money.

You’ve won millions

Commonly spread through E-mail or SMS stating “Congratulations your mobile number has won 1.2 million euros or dollars”. Reply with your name, and E-mail to receive money”. Once someone replies, more communications will take place and the other person will ask for your bank account details. And in order to receive the money, you will be asked to first transfer small amount of money to the sender. And in return, the person will promise to send the award money.

So imagine – if 1 million individuals receive such E-mail or SMS and 10, 000 reply and of that 1000 ultimately end up transferring money hoping to receive the award money. That’s it. Scamster’s objective is achieved and your objective to earn money will turn into ashes.

Here’s one such sample:

Crazy, isn’t it. Look at it this way and ask yourself – is money making so easy? Why the hell would you send money to an unknown individual and why would someone, an unknown person, is trying to give you money?

Inheritance Scams

Wow, you are about to inherit an enormous amount of wealth from someone who’ve never seen. Hahahaha..isn’t that great?

Here’s one such scam promising to make you rich by millions of dollars.


Business Proposal

Give this a try. Open your E-mail box and search for business proposal. You will get a lot of such E-mails with this or related subject line. Here’s one such sample E-mail.

Straightaway sounds fishy, isn’t it? Why an unknown person would want you to handle his/her business? So if anyone replies, string of conversation will happen and the other person will ask you to invest some money.

Earn passive income every month, doing nothing

There is something certainly worth noticing “Doing Nothing”. Ofcourse everyone wants to earn money sitting at home. But always remember there are no shortcuts to success especially earning money. Had they existed, every individual on this planet would’ve become super rich today. First thing to remember is there is no free money on this earth. To earn money, you need to invest money. Although not every trick is suspicious and there could be genuine business opportunities as well. But before even thinking of putting money, do a detailed research on such proposals.

Don’t sell your dreams, be your own boss

No one wants to work in a 9am-5pm job or work under an arrogant, over demanding boss, who doesn’t care about his/her sub-ordinates. So such individuals are the targets of fraudsters, who try to lure you by showing you following catchy stuff:

There is no shortage of such communications sent in various forms, such as – work from home and earn in dollars, become rich instantly. So be careful.

Double your income

You can definitely grow your money twice or thrice the investment amount but only through legit financial products such as stocks, mutual funds, real estate, etc. However if someone claims to double your money by investing in growing businesses, operating in other countries or investing in, then read it, but take no action, straightaway ignore.

Finally two things to remember when it comes to money –

“Work is a surefire money making scheme” and
“Never give money to unknown”.

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7 Tips to Become a Rich Entrepreneur

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At the age of 28, Alex Becker created a company with an annual turnover of about $4 million. It also increased its personal net worth to seven digits. And he is now helping other entrepreneurs.

In his book, “The 10 Pillars of Wealth,” this technology entrepreneur and multimillionaire shares his experiences to create a kind of roadmap for entrepreneurs to generate wealth.

When he left the Air Force, Becker founded Source Wave, an SEO software company, which currently generates annual revenues of about $4 million. The company took off and this allowed it to increase its net worth to more than $1 million before the age of 24. Becker is also CEO of the software company Market Hero.

These are 7 key things that, according to Becker, rich entrepreneurs make a difference:

Do not equate time with money

The day has the same number of hours for you as it does for billionaire investor Warren Buffett, but Becker says wealthy people don’t allow time to limit their earning potential.

Instead, they are looking for ways to make money in a passive way, such as developing online businesses that work even after-hours.

Blame yourself

President Harry Truman was known for having a sign on his desk that said, “ultimately, I am responsible. The same applies to employers. “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be able to blame yourself for everything,” says Becker.

The key is to avoid problems before they arise, rather than blaming others for causing them.

Spend more time in action

Many times people spend too much time planning to avoid mistakes that never happen. Make a mistake as soon as possible so that you can learn from it as soon as possible, “says Becker.

Focus on money

It may seem obvious, but when trying to get a company off the ground, entrepreneurs must concentrate on generating sales and profits. “Don’t spend time on things that don’t make money,” says Becker.

Adopt a “mentality of abundance”

Initiate a negotiation or commercial presentation with the conviction that customers have unlimited amounts of money. In doing so, entrepreneurs will not be paralysed by the prospect of failure.

They will function more naturally and with greater confidence.

Be little reckless

The millionaires Becker studied aren’t afraid to make mistakes and take risks. In general, they try to move forward with an idea as soon as possible, even if it is not perfect.

Accept changes

They are always attentive to everything that happens and where the world is moving, in order to detect possible opportunities.

If something is difficult or frightening, they will go after it with ten times more impetus instead of staying in their comfort zone.

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Refer & Earn Money from Amazon, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Lenskart, Snapdeal

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If you are smart and hard working then there are lots of opportunities options to earn extra income anywhere in the world. One of the most commonly used platform to earn extra income is refer and earn program.

Here’s the table showing top companies in India offering referral programs for everyone:

CompanyHow much you can make/save
MakeMyTripRs. 800
ClearTripRs. 1000
MobiKwikRs. 40
PocketRs. 250
SnapdealRs. 200
LenskartRs. 500
AmazonRs. 200

MakeMyTrip: This online travel booking company offers excellent refer and earn reward program. You need to invite a friend/acquaintances to download MakeMyTrip app. Once your friend downloads and sign-up on the app, you will earn Rs. 600. This amount increases to Rs. 800 when your referred friend books flight ticket via the app. Referring mechanism is very simple. You just need to generate unique referral link and invite 5 friends by sending SMS or copying URL and sharing it over web via E-mail or Facebook and Google Plus.

Cleartrip: Similar to MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip also runs referral program. After sharing referral code with your friend, if he/she does first booking after installing the app, you will earn Rs. 1000 cashback for travel and flat Rs. 100 on local in your cleartrip wallet. In case your friend books hotel, then your referral bonus will be 10% of the booking amount.

MobiKwik: This e-wallet company claims to make you win upto Rs. 1, 00,000 (1Lac). Once you send unique referral code to download app, both referring and referred person will get Rs. 40, provided minimum Rs. 10 is added in the MobiKwik wallet by the referred person.

Taxi aggregators: Ola & Uber are the leaders in refer and save money programs. Their business logic behind such referral programs is very simple. You need to refer their app to your friends/relatives. And next time you make a trip with Uber or Ola, you will get fixed discount. Sometimes you may even get discount for 3 trips.

Lenskart: India’s biggest eyewear company also offers refer and earn program which benefits both the referrer and referred person. On signing up, referred person gets a gift voucher worth Rs. 500. And if the referred person buys anything above Rs. 1200 then the referral gets Rs. 500 Paytm gift voucher. Invitation can be sent via E-mail, facebook and sharing referral code.

Check out 26 ways to earn extra income in India.

Pocket by ICICI Bank: India’s biggest private sector bank ICICI Bank also runs referral offer. Any bank’s customer can download pocket app and refer their friends and earn Rs. 250. However the condition is that the Rs. 50 will be added to your wallet only when the third friend creates pocket wallet using the unique referral code created by ICICI bank for you. Pocket app can be used for various purposes such as mobile recharge, send money, do online shopping, pay utility bills and more.

Amazon India: World’s biggest ecommerce giant – Amazon also offers this program and you can earn Rs. 200. For this you need to refer your friends and relatives to join on www.amazon.in. And once they purchase stuff worth Rs. 300 or more; gift card of Rs. 200 will be added into your Amazon account. Invitation can be sent via E-mail, post unique referral link or share via Facebook.

Read more on how to generate income from world’s top companies – Google, EBay & more.

Snapdeal: Ecommerce companies are the pioneer in such referral schemes. And snapdeal is one of them. You need to send invite code to your friends or relatives to download the snapdeal app. After downloading and making first purchase, you will get Rs. 200 and your friend will get Rs. 100 in the freecharge account. The only process involved is that both the referrer and referred person has to create freecharge wallet account. Maximum any person can earn is Rs. 5000. Invite code can be sent via social media sharing i.e. through Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Email, etc.

Remember remember patience is the key, when you want to earn additional income apart from your regular job.


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Earn Money from Flipkart, Snapdeal, ShopClues, Ebay, Amazon India

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Everyone knows that on online channels of companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and others you need to spend money. But do you know that India’s biggest companies offer opportunities to earn money as well? This is true and 100% legit!!

India’s prominent online marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon-India, Snapdeal, and other online companies provide opportunities to earn money through their platform. Here’s the table showing the prominent companies and ways offered for earning money:

CompanyMoney Making Model Offered
FlipkartAffiliate and App Install
Amazon IndiaAffiliate
SnapdealAffiliate and App Install
OlxSell used stuff
eBay IndiaAffiliate & sell used stuff

Let’s get into detail of each:

Affiliate marketing:

It is basically selling someone else’s product and earn money via commission. You are not required to manufacture or produce any products. The only requirement is to have your own website, on which you can place affiliate ads of products sold on ecommerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon-India, Snapdeal and others.

Once your website visitor clicks on these ads and buys product from Flipkart or Amazon, you will earn fixed percentage of commission.

Here is table showing commission offered by these companies:

CompanyCommission per product sold
FlipkartUpto 10%
AmazonUpto 12%
SnapdealUpto 15%
ShopcluesUpto 7%
eBay IndiaUpto 10%

Note that – commission varies on the product category. Commission on higher priced product will be low and vice versa. Also, the commission structure are subject to change. Check out how to make money from Google, Microsoft and others.

Sell used stuff online @ OLX and Ebay:

Olx & Ebay-India offers exciting opportunity of generating online income by letting you sell used or second hand products on their site and earn money. Good quality product will fetch better return. So instead of keeping items unused, sell them. You can sell almost every product like mobile phone, watches, etc. And most importantly any individual (not necessarily any business entity) can start selling stuff. So you can imagine, how much extra money you can earn by selling used product. But remember that, your product will hold value only when the quality and condition is good.

Read 26 ways to make income sitting at home in India.

App Installs:

The rise in digital technologies has given an exceptional increase in app development and usage of app. Almost every ecommerce company now has an app through which they sell products or services. These companies then created a kind of affiliate model through which you can make money by app installs. How this “pay per install” works is – you refer app to your relatives/friends and others and if they install these company’s app on their smartphones then you earn a pre-fixed amount of money. You will get money, even if your referrals do not purchase/use service after installing the app.

There are a very few companies listed below which offers pay per install model:

CompanyApp install payout
FlipkartRs. 20
SnapdealRs. 52

You must have read about various online money making opportunities claiming to earn you thousands of rupees. But many of them are not legit. However the ones listed in this article above are 100% authentic and trusted. It’s now upto you to leverage this, do hard work and see exceptional results.

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Earn Money from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Walmart

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Everyone wants to earn money online as an alternate income source. There are many ways to generate revenue on the internet. However do you know that world’s biggest companies offer exciting opportunities to earn money online?

We’ll discuss about earning opportunities offered by Google, eBay, Amazon, Microsoft & Walmart.

Google: Let’s start with the big daddy – Google. Everyone dreams of working in this most innovative company in the world. However very few talented people get into it. But working in Google by getting a job is one way to earn money (i.e. salary) from this biggest company. However Google also offers ways to earn money online for individuals, even if you are not working for them. And this is possible through their revenue platform called Adsense. And you can do this through website, app and youtube channel.

Here’s how you can generate online income through Google:

Website: The process is simpler. You build a website by adding adding high quality and useful content and increase website visitors. And apply for adsense. Once your application is approved, advertisements served by Google will be displayed on your website. And when your website visitors start clicking on these ads, you will get small percentage of the revenue.

Check out 26 ways to earn extra income in India.

Mobile app: Similar to website, you can also add ads ad on your app called as in-app advertising. Although developing own app and adding ads is technical stuff but it’s not difficult. But on the other hand, the rising smartphone usage definitely has a great potential to generate revenue from mobile applications.

Youtube channel: This again requires greater efforts compared to website. You will first need create your own youtube channel with high quality videos and increase viewership base. Once your adsense account gets approved, ads would start displaying on your videos and every click generated on the ad, will earn you money.

Through Google, you will be paid either through CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click). Ads are served on your website/app which has potential to generate higher revenue.


Another way to generate revenue is to start affiliate marketing. World’s biggest ecommerce company – Amazon (although it is no longer into only eCommerce) offers one of the best option to earn money online by empowering the website. Amazon’s affiliate marketing platform lets website owners monetize their website. You place amazon ads on your site and whenever visitor clicks on the ad, he/she will be redirected to Amazon site. And if this leads to a product purchase, certain commission would be paid to the website owner. The commission varies depending on the product / its category. So higher the products sold through your web property, higher would be the revenue.

Microsoft: Another affiliate program is from the world’s biggest software company – Microsoft. The company lists range of products to be sold via affiliate program such as – softwares, Xbox, music download and many others.

eBay: Similar to Amazon, eBay also offers affiliate program. It works on similar line to Amazon and requires promoting eBay (banner or link) on the website, email, SMS, social media or others.

Walmart: Another biggest retail giant in the world – Walmart also offers affiliate program. After Amazon, Walmart offers most professional program and gives multiple products

All the above listed companies offering affiliate programs provide professionally designed banners and textual links linked to almost any product on their respective website. The commission offered varies according to the product.

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26 Ways to Earn Extra Income in India from Home – Most Authenticated

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Whether you are rich person or earning less, there are often ways to earn more money provided you are ready to put-in hard work, patience and work smart. However not everyone is aware of how to generate extra income. This guide is for those individuals who are not aware of earning money from home in addition to their regular job. You can also make full time earning from these avenues.

All the listed ways are 100% authenticate, provided you put in HARD WORK. Afterall there are no shortcuts to success.

  1. Uber and Ola: If you own a car or have free time, then working for Uber or Ola cab service can create an excellent source of alternate income. You must have seen Uber’s advertisement on hoarding – Har Mahinee Kamaiyee Rs. 1, 00,000* se jyada (Earn Over Rs. 100000 every month).

Ofcourse there are terms and conditions involved in earning such a big amount of money. But car owners in their free time especially on weekends become drivers and earn money. Their thinking is straight forward – My life, my way. If you do not have time, then hire trusted drivers and lend your car and earn fraction amount of money. In this case, part of the money is paid to the driver and certain percentage will be earned by you. Big advantage of this option is that, you can put your car to use everyday. Let’s say you travel to your office by car. So instead of leaving car into the parking the whole day, you can ask a trusted driver  to use your car by partnering with Uber or Ola during the day.

2) Provide online training: God has gifted everyone with a unique quality. However very few utilize it to the fullest and earn extra income out of it. Let’s suppose you are a graphic designer and working in a company with 5 day job. However you can leverage your skill further and provide training to aspirants worldwide through online training platform like Udemy. You can create training videos for any category such as software programming web development, music and many others. Here’s a snapshot from Udemy website showing the income earned by few trainers.Udemy - Make Money Online

You can upload your training videos once and start earning money by enrolling students seeking graphic design training. There are millions of individuals across the world looking for such online training. So if you sell your course for $100 and 50 students enroll for the class, then your total income will be $5000 (i.e. over INR 3, 00,000). More the number of students enrolling in your class, higher would be the additional income.

3) Offer in-house tutoring: Taking above example of Udemy forward. You can provide weekend training at the comfort of your home. Especially office goers or those who work full time will love to join your class, as they get time mostly on weekends.

4) Publish videos on Youtube: If you create your own video tutorials, then youtube can become excellent income source sitting at home. For this, you need to create own channel on youtube and apply for adsense, which is a Google’s monetization product. Once adsense ads start showing up on your Youtube videos and viewers click on these ads, you will make money for each ad click. It works on a very simple rule – greater the quality of videos, more would be the viewership and higher would be the chance of ad getting clicked and hence more money.

5) Equity Investments: Everyone must have read or listened to videos, and articles scattered over newspaper, magazines, internet & others, that investing in equities has given highest return amongst all investment avenues in India. You can at the comfort of home start investing in quality stocks and make good income. There are numerous training videos or articles available on the internet offering tips on earning money by investing in the stock market. Just googl it. However there are basic rules when you enter into the stock market – invest for long term, in fundamentall strong companies, keep patience and you will become an equity rockstar. If you think, knowledge and time are barring you from making money, then take advice of stock advisors or invest in mutual fund. Another option is to trade in foreign currency i.e. forex.

6) Blogging: Similar to youtube videos, you can create blog and start writing high quality content and apply for adsense. Once you start building website visitors and they start clicking on ads, you will earn money on each ad clicked.

7) Freelance: Every skill has a value (small or big) in the market and it’s upto you to make maximum out of it. You can offer your skill in the company you work and in return get salary. Or work for multiple companies and earn money from each of them. And internet makes this possible as it offers everyone to monetize their skill. And one such widely used model to earn extra income is freelancing. World’s most renowned companies – freelancer.com and elance.com (there are many others offering this service), let you earn money. Here’s a snapshot showing Freelancer - Income Potentialhow much you can earn from each project. The costing varies depending on the project and its scale.

It works like this – company posts project on this website, interested individuals will apply to work on the project, company will go through the applicant’s profile and select individuals based on their criteria and assign the project to work. Once the project is over, individual is paid the money. Payouts can be on an hourly basis, between the projects depending on the terms.

8) Affiliate marketing: Apart from generating revenue through adsense, you can also generate revenue through your website by applying for affiliate program offered by the world’s most renowned companies like Flipkart and Amazon. For every sale happening from these company’s ads displayed on your website, you earn a certain commission which typically ranges from 10%-20% of the product price. Commission percentage varies for each product or category. E.g. if someone buys television worth Rs. 50,000 by clicking on ad on your website and the commission on that product is let’s say 20%, then Amazon will pay Rs. 10, 000 to you. So if you sell even 5 television in a month, then your affiliate income would Rs. 50, 000.

9) Rummy Circle: Ever saw these advertisements from Rummy Circle offering play & win daily cash prizes?Rummy Circle - Earn Money

You must have played rummy with physical cards. But now this most loved card game has gone digital. Just visit rummycircle.com and register or download their app and apply your card skills to beat the opponent and win money. Also it is a 100% legal site where you can play 24*7. Few other popular sites are ace2three, junglerummy.

But rummy circle is the most secured and authentic platform to either play for fun or make cash. Although it’s kind of a gamble, so if rummy doesn’t suits you, other options to generate income mentioned in this article will be helpful.

10) Online Paid Surveys: There are many online websites which lets registered users to earn money by participating in online surveys run by various companies. Few legit survey sites in India are Swagbucks, Viewfruit panel India, Paidview point India and Opinion World India. However one thing to remember is to be genuine when participating in the survey. In case of any incorrect information, your account may get blocked and hence stopping all the future income. So be authentic. Also be careful from survey companies asking for money to enter into the survey. Never pay anyone through any means – cash, online transfer, investment or any other. Just say NO to such companies. Every company before launching any product or modify any existing offering does thorough market research. And these surveys lets users do such surveys.

11) Refer and earn: Many companies especially those who do business through mobile app such as Paytm, Lenskart, Snapdeal, Flipkart and many others lets you refer friends/families and earn cashbacks or reward points. So this seems to be a very easy way to earn extra income with little efforts involved. Infact, many flight booking companies such as MakeMyTrip, ClearTrip also offers its app users to refer and earn points which are redeemable to earn free air tickets.

12) App install: Apps like mcent, ladooo, appmoney offer free recharge for mobile, DTH, DataCard, cashbacks, referral rewards; when other company apps are installed through their app.

13) Create a valuable digital product: It takes years of hardwork to launch a successful online business. Take example of Paytm, Flipkart, Facebook and many others. They worked on a concept which helped people across the world in some way or the other. It takes one small business idea to make it big.

14) Sell used stuff online: When was the last time you took out time to check unused stuffs lying inside the house for over months or years. Ebay or amazon, olx etc. offers exciting opportunity to make money out of unused stuffs by selling them online. Although price is low depending on the age, quality of the product. But it makes sense to make money by selling almost any stuff online instead of keeping the mess at your home. Refer how individuals have put used stuff online for selling:OLX - Sell Used Products Online

You can sell almost every product from mobile phone, TV, furniture etc. and you will find buyer as well. Afterall everyone today wants to save money in every possible way as long as product offering is of quality and genuine.

15) User experience testing (Get paid to review): In this digital age, brands want to present best customer experience through their digital channels. Since everything is online, even a small poor experience on website/app can lead to a customer loss. That’s when user experience testing service comes into picture. Such service companies employ real users from different parts of the world to test their digital touch points. And by doing so, they get understanding of the problems faced by the users which helps them in improving their product. So companies such as usertesting.com, trymyui.com, usertest.io and others pay individuals to test other company’s website or app. Task is very simple and requires to test pre-defined items. Usertesting.com pays $10 for every 20 minute video completed by the reviewer.

16) Creche: Urbanisation is leading to another problem especially amongst working couples who do not have time to take care of their child due to busy schedules. They have to sacrifice certain things for better future. This offers an exciting opportunity to earn extra income by running crèche service i.e. place where childrens are given caring service during the day time.

In cities like Mumbai, crèche owners charge Rs. 10, 000 per child. So imagine, if you are ready to care even 10 children then your income would be close to Rs. 1, 00,000. Deducting expenses such as maid, food etc. will earn you nearly Rs. 75, 000. This is a significant income especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi and others.

17) Direct marketing: You must have heard or watched commercials of brands such as Amway, Tupperware and Herbalife and others. These companies allow you to become business owners and sell their products through networking. This kind of marketing is also called as network marketing. More you work hard selling products and increasing the network, higher would be the income earned. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to shell out penny to create a product. Every month you can invite your friends/relatives to your house and sell the products. You can even send the products to the buyers via courier service.

18) Publish book and earn royalty: If you have a good knack of writing then launching your own book and publishing it, can earn you royalty which is typically 5%-7.5% in India. So, if you sell 50000 copies @ Rs. 100 each. Then you will get Rs. 3.75 Lakhs. If you deduct other expenses incurred such as PR or marketing, renting on shelf of a book store, etc. then actual earned income would be between 2.75 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs.

19) Sell books online: Book readers are always on a look out for books at a cheaper price. And at the same time, they want to sell their books and earn cash. There are many online marketplaces offering service to turn books into cash such as studentdesk.com, swapthebook.com, bookmybook, Amazon used book store, and many others. So why to sell book at raddiwali at a low price?

20) Cashbacks: Many credit card and wallet companies offer cashback when you purchase certain products online. Cashbacks are offered on payment of electricity bills, buying movie tickets, ordering food, mobile recharge and many others. Basically the concept is very straight forward, to earn cash you have to spend money.

21) Sell photographs, images, footage online: Ever imagined that one nicely clicked photograph/video can earn you money? Check this snap:Most expensive photographs

Visit shutterstock, fotolia and put your clicked photos for selling. There are lots of companies looking for innovative and fresh photos and ready to pay good bucks for the best one. So grab your camera and start clicking.

22) Sell art online: This one is especially for the artists. If you have any excellent artwork ready then upload it for selling on mojarto.com.  Check out one of the listing taken from Mojarto website. Sell art onlineInterested buyers located within India and internationally are always on a look out for great artworks. You can sell any kind of artwork such as digital art, drawing, painting, serigraph etc.

There are many other online marketplaces for selling art and earning money like Amazon, artfire, artsy, ebay and many others.

23) Build app: This one is for technical person. Similar to building website, you can develop at your own app and earn money through in-app purchases, third party advertisements, and start making income out of it.

24) Hobby: Ever imagined, you can make money out of your hobby. Many hobbyists having special currency notes such as misprinted notes, antique notes or coins, 786 series, etc. can make money by selling. You won’t believe there are enthusiasts across the world who are ready to buy such stuffs. Check out a listing on ebay.in: ebay - sell currency note

25) Buy Domain: Can you imagine domains i.e. name of the website has its own price. Let’s have a look lasvegas.com (sold at $90, 000,000), insurance.com (sold for $35.6 million), internet.com (sold at $18 million), privatejet.com (sold at $30.18 million) and many others. Trick is to buy such a domain which is a very famous name, service, etc. and put it for auctioning. There are lots of companies/individuals looking to buy ideal website address for their company or service or investing. It is similar to real estate investment wherein you invest in an excellent property and wait for someone to buy at a higher price. Also the buying price of a domain is very small and searching for a relevant domain is tough. Some domains costs just Rs. 600 (less than $20/year). You can buy domain names via websites such as godaddy.com, bigrock.in, googledomains and many others.

26) Tiffin service: With rising urbanisation more and more people are migrating to tier-I & tier-II cities. The biggest problem however remains is the quality of food eaten by many apart from accomodation. But if you can offer healthy and tasty food at the doorstep of these individuals then you have excellent chance to strike a gold. So starting a catering or food service especially to office goers will create an additional source of income for you. And as long you provide high quality service, the returns from this source will make your wallets fatter. Homecooked food will always be loved by anyone especially migrants who eat unhygienic food at the roadside, restaurants, or junk food served by brands such as McDonalds, KFC & others.

If you are doing any other activity sitting at home then mention the same in the comment section below. It will surely help Indians located at remotest places to make extra income.

Additional authenticate income will never harm you especially in this current world of uncertainty and expensive. And working harder & smarter with a hunger for success is the only key to earn money. And last but not the least always remember – there is no free money in this world.

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Having Low Income, Want to Earn Extra Income? Read this!

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Everyone wants to earn more money, especially those who are earning low salary. But if you are stuck in a low paying job, there are numerous legitimate opportunities in the world to earn extra money. Ofcourse, there is hardwork involved but then as the saying goes “No pain, no gain”. So here are guidelines on earning extra income especially for those having low income and have to rely on personal loans and credit cards to fulfill their needs.

  • Start freelancing: Your skills are in demand everywhere. And best way is to turn your skill into income by doing freelancing work. There are lots of trusted websites such as freelancer.com, elance.com and many more looking for freelance professionals in range of skills sets. There are jobs for professionals who are into data entry, programming, web designing and many more. Freelancing jobs can help low salaried individual earn extra income.

And the biggest benefit of freelancing is that you will earn on an hourly or per project basis depending on the requirement and most importantly from the comfort of your home. But the only limitation is that you’ll have to work in your free time apart from your normal job. But if you are good at time management then nothing is impossible. Individual who works 5 days a week can devote more time for freelancing projects especially on weekends.

  • Start online training: Education is going online. Students are more interested in learning things through online medium since they are time savers and they can learn at their own pace. So if you are expert especially in skills such as multi-languages, animation, MS excel, software programming and others then you can start providing online training on platforms such as udemy.com and others. And it takes one time effort to upload your tutorial and get interested students enrolled for a fee.
  • Start classroom training: Another alternate way for a low income person to spread his/her knowledge and earn extra income is running coaching individually or tutoring through training centers. There are many coaching institutes in India who employ part-time trainers. They will pay you mostly per session basis. So, if you are able to spend more time on holidays/weekends then this earning would further add up to your income.
  • Develop and sell apps: As more and more people are going online, demand for apps is on the rise. You can make good amount of extra income by developing your own app and then selling it on app store. If you don’t know how to make an app, then just google for “learn free app development” and you will find lot of sites who offer free app development training. So create an app which has potential of generating a great value to the users. As mentioned above, udemy.com is a good resource to start learning.
  • Start looking for high paying job: This is always the most recommended way to increase income, if you rely solely on the job. If you are unhappy with your current salary, then start looking for a high paying job. There are plenty of jobs in almost every industry, only thing is you need to put in lot of hard work, add smartness, and give in your best during the interview. And surely, job offer would be in your hands provided you upgrading your skills set time to time. Upload your resume on all the job portals such as naukri.com, monster.com and others, start contacting employers/job consultants directly.
  • Become writer: This is one of the best way to earn extra income provided you have a flair for writing and are exceptionally good at English writing. You can register yourself on various websites such as textbroker.com, freelancewriting.com and many others. You get paid either on per word or hourly or for a complete article.

There are many other ways to earn extra income in your free time. But the ones mentioned above, requires only a PC and good internet connection to get started.

Value time: One of the most valuable thing in life is TIME. And it is rightly said – Time once gone never comes again. And this has direct relation with what you do in everyday life. Investing your time wisely will take you places. What you do in 24 hours will be a big decisive factor in making more money as per the earning tips as mentioned above.

Also you should stop blaming external factors such as economy, inflation, poor company etc. Everyone is facing such kind of problem. It’s not only you, who is in trouble due to such factors.

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6 Ways Indian Women Can Earn Money Working from Home

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When a working woman leaves her job due to any reason then over a period of time frustration will start building up. Similarly a home maker who has not been to any kind of a job can feel upset of not contributing to her family monetarily. But there are many ways women to earn money in India working from home. Here’s what women can do to earn money from home:

  1. Cooking: Home cooked food is loved and always favoured compared to foods ordered from a hotel. So if you are good at cooking delicious food with highest quality then there are abundant opportunities waiting for you. Let’s consider city like Mumbai where office goers rely heavily on ordering foods from hotel for lunch/dinner and pay a minimum bill of Rs.150. But if you start providing home cooked meals by getting an order of any one company, then your order size will keep on increasing due to mouth publicity. So for an office with a employee strength of 200, if you start charging Rs.70 then monthly you can expect to earn Rs. 14,000 every month. This in turn will save money of the employees and increase your earnings.
  2. Freelance writing: It’s not necessary that 8 hour office job is the only way to earn money. If you have a knack of writing (mostly English) then you should choose freelance writing as a career option. You can contribute articles for a magazine, newspaper by sitting at your home. Many such avenues give an average of Rs. 200 per article. This figure will further increase depending on the quality of your writing, for whom you write and the industry. Ideally finance and healthcare industries will offer your more money.
  3. Make-up and beautician: Beauty parlor is considered to be the most liked business by a housewife. You don’t need a big space to start off with. In fact you can start doing it from your house itself. No need to invest money in buying space. Instead start from your house and grow your client list. Even if you charge minimum Rs. 200 per customer and you get on an average 3 people visit you every day. You can easily make Rs. 18, 000.
  4. Home based tuition: If you are well educated then you have better chance to spread your knowledge to others. And the best way to do is to run coaching classes from your home. These days in metro cities trainers ask for nearly Rs. 2, 000 per child. So a batch of 10 students can earn you Rs. 20, 000 straight away. In addition to this, your knowledge will also increase.
  5. Online survey job: Demand for online survey jobs has risen drastically in recent years. In such a job, user is required to provide input for the product or service assigned by the survey company. Quality input matters the most as based on responses of people, a company strategizes on developing future products by studying the trends. The most important advantage is that there is no investment required to fill the survey. For each survey you conduct you will be either offered money or reward points/coupons which can be redeemed on sites like Amazon, Walmart etc. Typical survey consists of a list of questionnaire which is filled in by the survey participants. In India companies such as OpinionWorld, Panel Place, Survey Compare run such surveys.
  6. Hobby Classes: Make money from your hobby. If you’re expert in arts, playing guitar then you can earn decent money. For e.g. by teaching guitar to an individual will earn you not less than Rs.1, 000 per month. Normally basic guitar training lasts for 6 months and you can provide training 4-5 times in a month. So in total you’ll earn Rs.6, 000 per person. So higher the number of students in your class, higher would be the earning.
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