Make Money Fast: 15 Crazy Ideas for Earning Quick Income

Need to learn how to make money fast? Wondering what alternatives are there for earning a little extra money in an easy way?

Hard as it may be for you to believe, there are plenty of options for doing so, and in this guide we’ve put together 15 ways to make quick cash that can help you.

From selling those items you no longer use to making money online, these methods may or may not be reliable in the long run, but when you need to make money fast, in a matter of a few hours or days, they are certainly the best option.

How to make fast money today?

Earning money fast is a possibility, and the offer of options to achieve it are immense.

While our parents and grandparents could make money quickly by mowing lawns or delivering newspapers. Today, we have a powerful tool that allows us to learn how to be millionaires in a much easier way: the Internet.

Thanks to the Internet, and its multiple platforms that match employers and employees. It is now much easier to get a job, earn extra money in your free time and achieve your financial goals in a much easier way.

1. Sell things you no longer use

Surely you have a lot of items in your house that you no longer need, you should consider selling them. Moreover, as the saying goes, Someone’s garbage is someone else’s treasure’.

An easy way to make quick money is to sell valuable, high-demand items. Look around your home for items that are commonly sold, but no longer needed.

Some items you can sell without much trouble are CDs, books, musical instruments, collectible toys, computers, televisions, speakers, video games, jewelry, crafts and even gift cards.

How can you sell these items and make easy money?

  • Post them on social networks, a contact might be interested.
  • Do garden or garage sales, you only need a table and a little shade.
  • Publishing it on online sites such as eBay will make it much easier for you to sell it.
  • Go to pawn shops, they’ll pay you for them right away.

If you want to sell your items in a hurry; set competitive prices, sell them at half the value of what you would find elsewhere. However, you should be careful, this does not mean that you sell them for a very low price.

2. Do translations online

If you have a little knowledge of a foreign language, together with the help of an online translator, you can offer your translation services online.

Nowadays translators are very up to date and the translations they do are often quite accurate. Therefore, one option may be to sell your translation service and charge for every 100 words you translate.

3. Sell hair, blood, and sperm

These methods may be disliked or unethical by many, but when it comes to making quick money, these methods can be the solution for many.

If your hair is healthy, untreated, and long enough, you can sell it without problems for hundreds of dollars.

Today there are a number of online markets for selling hair, as well as beauty salons, associations and other centers in your area that may be interested in buying hair.

In terms of figures, hair up to 30 centimeters long is often sold for just over $100 USD. As the length of the hair increases, so does the value.

As a blood donor, you can also earn money fast if you are in trouble. Different blood banks take care of the process.

In addition, in some countries the law allows plasma donation. Generally, you must be between 18 and 65 years old and in good health to donate.

Plasma is a component of blood, and the collection process is similar to that of blood donation. First, the blood is drawn, the plasma is separated.

In the United States, for example, you can earn about $200 USD a month by registering at a plasma center near your area.

Selling sperm is one of the easiest way to make cash quickly.

Many people find it unethical, and don’t like the idea very much, but for those who are willing to do so, the profits can be interesting.

Sperm donors can potentially make several hundred dollars a month, and payment is usually quick. However, the demands are strict, you usually have to be tall and healthy to become a donor.

You can find a donation center near you, register and get started as soon as possible.

Either way, you must be very careful with any of the above mentioned three options. There are a lot of scammers on the market, especially in the hair and blood trade.

4. Make money online:

If you’re interested in this way of making money fast, we’ve created a guide that explains how to make money from home.

Find small tasks and pay for them through applications or websites to make fast money.

There are several applications and websites to raise money that will either pay you for marketing tasks (such as scanning products in a grocery store) or connect you to someone who wants a more extensive task (such as taking a survey).

You may not be able to make a lot of money this way. However, because these are short and easy tasks, you can make money quickly and easily.

4.1 Participate in Survey

Surveys are common on the web and ensure fast money. Many merchants use survey responses to find ways to improve their marketing.

There are many websites dedicated to connecting users to free online surveys. They usually only pay a few dollars each at the most, but they require very little effort and can provide a quick payment.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is another way to make quick money online by answering questions or completing simple tasks. However, payment is generally very low, often only a few cents per task.

4.2 Find focus groups online

Focus groups are composed of people who can provide a company, organization or individual with feedback on a product, design, idea, etc.

Search sites such as for online assignments, such as serving as an “electronic jury” for lawyers working on a case.

Payment for these tasks can be relatively good and disbursed quickly.

5. Make money fast with recycling

Although many may think of not doing this crazy idea. But recycling can make you money quickly and easily.

You can return bottles and cans to recycling plants to earn a few dollars. In some countries, you can get 5 to 10 cents per can or bottle by returning them to a deposit center.

Instead of throwing all those cans and bottles you have already consumed into any container, you can keep them in a bag and take them home and then take them to these centers.

Also, if you live in an urban or neighborhood community, you can make quick money by presenting a recycling initiative to them to help build a greener environment.

For example, you can tell them to give it to you instead of throwing it away. One option would be to leave an ornate container outside your house or apartment, so that the neighbors can throw away everything that can be recycled. This way you can offer them a service and you will be able to deposit all these containers in the mentioned centres.

If your state does not have a can or bottle return system, you can still make quick cash by selling aluminum cans to a junkyard.

Even if you have a large pile of scrap metal in your backyard, have an abandoned body shop or other vehicle, you can sell it in a scrap yard or recycling center.

6. Sell your images or photos:

This is for photography enthusiasts. Nowadays you don’t need a state-of-the-art camera with millions of pixels when it comes to taking a picture.

The new phones are very well equipped technologically and take perfect pictures. It’s all a matter of learning the basics to take good pictures.

Therefore, if you have landscape photos or general photos (photos with details of flowers, buildings, food, etc), which are not personal, and are of good quality you can try to sell them on some platforms with Shutterstock or Depositphotos.

7. Sell damaged or worthless electronic equipment in parts

If you have damaged or worthless electronic equipment, dismantle it and sell it in parts. Computers, for example, are filled with valuable metals such as steel, aluminum and gold.

If possible, stockpile a large number of computers to make it worthwhile. Offer to remove outdated computers from any building or school that no longer uses them.

Don’t throw away computers that work well. What you get for scrap probably isn’t as much as what you could get from selling the whole device.

8. Do occasional jobs, become a Freelancer

Consider working as a day laborer or becoming a freelancer and offering your services on an occasional basis.

You can post an ad online or search for jobs on different websites and in different newspapers. There are a lot of employment agencies that specialize in temporary jobs.

An alternative way to find daytime work is to go to other workers, if you know any, and wait for employers (construction contractors, landscapers, homeowners, and small business owners).

Common jobs that people need for workers include: construction, basic office work, raking leaves, mowing lawns, snow removal, clearing gutters, cleaning, car washing, etc. These are all traditional jobs to make quick money.

9. You can take care of or walk pets

Find friends who are out of town and offer to take care of their pets while they are out.

Professional pet care facilities are often very expensive, so your cozy home or apartment can be a very pleasant alternative.

People who own dogs but don’t have time to take their dog for a walk will appreciate service for their pets to walk. Make a flyer or post an ad on the boards or classifieds online or in the newspaper.

10. You can work as a babysitter or nanny

Child care is a common way to earn extra money. Today there are professional services you can subscribe to to connect with people who need a babysitter.

For these services, it is necessary to have a talent or experience to entertain and take care of children. If you have any certificate, or demonstrable experience, you will be provided with much more.

If this is your first time, you may be able to make money quickly by simply babysitting for people you know, or having friends refer you to other people who need a babysitter.

11. If you own a car, consider working as a private taxi driver

Companies like Uber and Lyft have become a trusted source to earn additional or full time income. These companies connect drivers to the people who need transportation and are willing to pay for it.

To benefit from this opportunity and earn money quickly, you must own a decent car, have a valid driver’s license and meet other requirements.

It may take some time to register as a driver for the service, but once you have done so, there are opportunities to earn good money, as these services are in great demand.

12. Logo design:

If you’re good at design and you’re good at handling some programs, making quick money this way can be pretty easy.

As you may know, with Illustrator you can trace images and the tracing can be done either manually or automatically.

Therefore, we suggest that you offer to design simple logos that you can find on Google and that you can vectorize automatically with Illustrator.

For example, if you offer a logo to a travel agency you can make a world ball or a compass. If it is a logo for a food company, you can offer a picture of a hamburger or if the restaurant is a vegetarian carrot.

However, if you want to increase your income, you will be able to offer personalized designs that start from a concept and that transmit the values and ideals of a brand.

For this type of design you can charge more and thus have a wide portfolio of services to offer your customers.

13. Online games can make you money fast:

Although it may not seem real, many people offer to play a particular game with others online or with the PS4.

For example, recently there was an ad for a boy who offered to play Fifa 17 for an hour for $8, for two hours for $16 and for four hours for $42. And he was successful.

If you excel at something, like gaming and want to enjoy your free time while receiving money, this can be a very profitable option no matter how crazy it may seem.

14. Sell your voice:

Sell your voice to a person who wants to put an audio or video, an audio to a presentation or who simply needs a voice for a promotional video

If you have an eye-catching voice you can sell it and charge money for the recorded time. All you need is to be given the text you need to record and have a good quality mic. You can also convert audio to text by charging extra money.

You won’t spend a lot of time on it and if you’re good at it, you can make money fast and easy.

15. Finally, if you have any talent, be a street artist.

If you can dance, play music, mime, sing, or tell jokes, you can probably get some money if you perform in public.

Make a impressive act at a place where you will find spectators. Offer people live entertainment, and hopefully they’ll reward you with tip.

Be very careful, you should always check local laws before acting in public, some areas have prohibitions or restrictions on this type of work.

Practical advice for making money quickly and legally:

While we’ve shown you 15 ways to make quick money, it’s also our duty to show you some warnings to follow if you want to avoid scams, debt and even death, in the case of blood or plasma donations.

Always remember:

  • Give fair value to what you sell, plus a competitive price.
  • Don’t risk items you can’t get back at pawn shops later.
  • If you are going to donate blood or plasma, do it in qualified blood banks, do not risk your integrity for money.
  • If you want to make extra money online, avoid giving too much personal information, bank account and credit card details. Avoid the scam.
  • You should be qualified for the temporary jobs you’re looking for, not scams.
  • If you want to be a street artist, you must be aware of the laws on doing public events in certain areas.
  • Never go into debt, if you know you won’t have a 100% sure way to repay your lender.

Try Alternative Methods

If you have a great need for money, you can always borrow from family or friends. Let them know why you need to borrow money, and offer to pay it back within a certain time frame.

Beware of loan sharks or other extortionists. Look for people who can lend you money because they want to help you, not because they want to make a profit.


You can take advantage of your bank’s overdraft protection. If you have a checking or other overdraft-protected account, you may be able to intentionally overdraw the account and take advantage of temporary payment when you need fast cash. The bank will initially cover the cost, but you will have to pay it (and the likely fees).

Withdraw cash using credit card:

Your credit card allows you to withdraw cash from ATM but within a certain limit only. This can help you get cash fast. However, the interest rates on cash advances are usually much higher than the usual credit card interest rate, which means you’ll eventually have to pay more. Also, there is a negative impact on your credit score. So be careful while using this option.

Personal Loans:

If you really need money, a loan option should be the last alternative. Instead use above mentioned 15 options to make money as quickly as possible.

Become Millionaire Faster: 10 Professional Careers to Choose

According to research published by Money-Mic, the average income of a worker in the United States is just over $48,000 a year.

Assuming this is your income and your goal is to be a millionaire by saving a little over 10% (i.e. $5,000) and investing it at a rate of 10% per year, it would take you over 55 years to reach your first million dollars.

This is quite a huge amount of time to become a millionaire.

So if you want to be a millionaire you could quickly consider those careers that ensure a higher level of income, a better quality of life and of course, many years less work to reach your financial goal.

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most of the better paid careers are in the medical field and here’s the list of career options:

10. Sales administration

A sales manager is responsible for leading teams and sales representatives. Not only do they set sales goals, but they also analyze data, train their teams and generate strategies to motivate them.

The income will depend a lot on the industry you are in. On average, the annual salary is $130,400.

An important factor is the commission, as this can increase your income.

9. Financial Management

The financial management of a company ensures that there is money to maintain, invest and grow a business. The more you deepen your knowledge in a specific area, the better your income will be.

The average annual salary is $134,330.

8. Lawyer

The big problem with a law degree is the cost of education. However, litigation and representation of individuals and corporations will always be good business.

A very important factor to take into consideration is that the number of graduates is usually greater than the number of jobs available, which makes it difficult to get a job.

The average annual salary is $136,260.

7. Aeronautical engineer, pilot or co-pilot:

While this race can make you a millionaire faster, a driver faces a stressful environment with great risks and complications. In addition, there is great competition from new low-cost airlines, which has affected the benefits of these professionals.

Its estimated annual income is $136,400.

6. Marketing

Digital marketing is a $62 billion industry. The functions of a marketing professional include:

  • Estimate the demand for products and services created by organizations
  • Develop pricing strategies to maximize business profits
  • Ensure end customer satisfaction through value propositions.

In short, business promotion, both physical and digital, will continue to be a fundamental pillar of its growth strategy.

The average salary of marketing professional is $140,660 per year.

5. Systems and IT engineers

The world of digital business has been growing in recent years. The growth of information stored in the cloud, plus the development of software and applications, has created a strong demand for this career.

A computer manager can be earning an average of $141,000 a year.

This does not include independent work that can be done in different areas. Today the vast majority of companies and businesses need to be present online, and for this they need an engineer with computer skills.

4. Managers in the areas of engineering and architecture

The boom in the construction of real estate projects has increased the demand for this type of professional. Not only in the management part, but also in the design and administration of works.

The average salary is $141,650. Unfortunately, its projected growth for 10 years is only 2%.

3. Oil engineer

The main function of an oil engineer is to design and develop methodologies to extract oil and gas below the surface of the earth. In other words, the oil industry depends heavily on these professionals.

Although oil prices have been falling in international markets, the average wage for this race is $149,590. Growth is expected to be 10% in 2024.

2. Dentistry

Unlike the other university degrees, the projected growth in the income of these professionals is the highest, with 18% by 2024.

The average salary of a dentist is 172,350, while an orthodontist who has specialized in treating certain diseases has an income of $221,390.

1. Medicine

Different specialized fields, such as internists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, have different levels of income depending on their level of experience and complementary studies. Ofcourse getting into a medicine career requires lot of hard work and perseverance and money as well.

The average salary is $196,520.

In the case of internists, they have a wider acceptance, since diseases or injuries to vital organs are treated without surgery, which guarantees the demand for their work.

Revenue growth for this career option is projected to be 14% by 2024. Finally, here is a list of other income by medical specialty:

Psychiatrist: $193,680
Obstetricians and Gynecologists: $222,400
Surgeon: $247,520
Anesthesiologist: $258,100

In short, medicine is one of the careers that can make you a millionaire faster. However, you should think about what you like to do and what lifestyle you would like to live. Additionally, remember to save and invest, as a salary alone, no matter what your level, will not make you rich.

25 Ideas for Making Money Being Independent

Here are 25 ideas for making money by being independent. No matter if you are unemployed, want to create extra income or are planning to escape from your cubicle, one of them will work for you.

But firstly, make following one thing very clear.

All meaningful ideas work, provided

You’re willing to invest some time and sacrifice things in making them work. You can’t get rich overnight – unless you win the lottery or marry a millionaire.

If you want to generate a stable income with the methods listed below, you need to think long term, at least 6 months.

Now, the 25 ideas for making money

1. Infoproducts

An infoproduct (digital product) is information packaged and ready for download. This includes eBooks, online courses, music downloads, audiobooks, office files, PDF guides. It’s practically anything you can download.

Are you an expert in organizing events? Make a guide for planning exceptional parties. Do you like photography? Take a course to learn how to use a professional camera.

The key to making them work is to find a problem that many people have and solve it. They don’t require a large investment (the largest is time) and to sell them you can use applications like Gumroad or Ejunkie.

This method is for you if: you don’t have a lot of money to invest, you have time, knowledge in a specific area, you prefer not to deal directly with people, willing to learn how to advertise your product, you like the nomadic life and want to earn passive income.

2. Start a blog

A blog is a platform where you can post content. The most successful are those that target a specific audience or provide certain types of information.

Once you have a substantial content base, you can earn money through it by charging for advertising, selling infoproducts, services or consulting.

It’s not a quick way to make money, but in the long run it creates a stable income. The fun part is that you can automate it so you can enjoy on the beach (or wherever you want) and still get your money’s worth without lifting a finger. This is the reason it is considered a favorite money-making idea.

This method is for you if: You like to write, experiment, you are creative, you manage changes well, you are persevering, you can wait one or two years before your blog generates a stable income, you want to be independent of location.

There are many platforms which let you create blog such as WordPress or Sitebuild It.

3. Offer Consulting

A consultant is an expert who is paid to give his or her opinion.

If you have a busy cafeteria, you can charge someone who is just starting out to tell you what to do to make your cafeteria as popular as it is. If you are good at getting sponsorships, you can give consultaancy to NGOs in need of funding.

This method is for you if: You are an expert in something (enough to get paid), you like to deal with people and do networking.

4. Multilevel Sales

By entering one of these systems, you become an independent distributor of products for a company. Some ask you to buy a down payment on merchandise, which you get back as soon as you have sales. Examples of these companies are Mary Kay and Avon.

This is an excellent way to start your own business without having to make a large investment. In addition to having the backing of a well-known and stable brand, you usually receive training. The biggest profits from this method come from the affiliates you introduce to the business.

This method is for you if: You are good in sales or you would like to be good in sales, you like to deal with people and do networking, you need the security and support of a company.

5. Launch your Startup

Would you like to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? Launch a startup. The traditional business model says to make a detailed business plan to idealize how your business will work. In a startup, you start selling and worry about the rest later.

Uber, Dropbox, Amazon, iOS, Paypal, Google, Firefox, Twitter and LinkedIn started this way.

There are several initiatives where you can learn about the process, such as the Google Startup Weekends, which are organized in several countries.

This method is for you if: You are adventurous, you are not afraid of challenges, you are willing to try new things, you do not have much money to invest, you like to innovate, you are willing to fail until you find your gold mine.

6. Teaches classes, tutorials or workshops

Compared to the money-making ideas we’ve already seen, this is one of the most traditional. If you are knowledgeable about any subject, you can teach it to someone else.

Here you have several options. You can look for a job in a school and work for certain hours. You can also give classes at home or look for a space where you can do so, such as a community center.

7. Get a scholarship

If you’re a fan of books and school, you can look for a scholarship to get paid to study. Not fun?

Research existing offers from government offices in your country. Several have support to encourage local study. You can also check the embassies of foreign countries.

They are not difficult to obtain as long as you meet all the requirements they ask for. There are many scholarships that are wasted because nobody takes advantage of them.

This method is for you if: You like to study, want to travel, develop professionally, and have a good academic grade.

8. Get a prize

Similar to scholarships, but the awards are not necessarily academic. You can get them to do social projects, start your own business or create art works, for example.

Look for them in the different secretariats or government offices of your country. There are also several international organizations that provide them.

This method is for you if: You have the idea for a project and need financial support to carry it out.

9. Give lectures

If you like to speak in public you can give lectures on your area of expertise.

Start volunteering at local schools and colleges to gain some credibility. Once you have it, you can start charging for it.

This method is for you if: You like to speak in public, you are very energetic and motivational and know how to empathize with people.

10. Sell your own products

Bags, purses, cell phone cases, energy bars, crafts, clothes, shoes, anything you can create can be sold.

The most successful products are usually those that meet a basic need (food, health, personal hygiene) or those that complement existing products that everyone has (iPhone, computer, tennis converse).

It doesn’t necessarily have to be you who makes the products. If you have a good idea you can have it manufactured. You can sell locally or over the Internet.

This method is for you if: You are creative, have an entrepreneurial spirit, are willing to manage inventories and shipments or distribute your product locally.

11. Vending machines

They are used for candy, soft drinks, coffee, condoms, sanitary napkins, toothbrushes, even toilet paper. You can find them of all prices, sizes and varieties.

At first you need to make an investment. The important thing here is to find a location where people really need the product you are selling.

This method is for you if: You have some money to invest, you are looking for a method that does not require a lot of time, you are looking for ideas to earn money in a passive way without depending on the Internet.

12. Rent something

The first thing that comes to mind is a house, but you can also rent cars, professional audio-visual equipment, computers, bicycles, motorcycles, costumes, electronics, party dresses, anything.

Start with low inventory and increase as business grows. You will have to make an initial investment but then you don’t need much capital.

This method is for you if: You have a house, a car or something you don’t occupy and are a good manager.

13. Open an online store

You only need five minutes. to open an online store. Platforms like Amazon, Etsy or Mercado Libre make it very easy.

You can sell your own products or distribute someone else’s products. The important thing is to have a well-defined offer for a specific target audience.

This method is for you if: You like the nomadic life, you are willing to learn about internet marketing to advertise your shop.

14. Invest in the stock market

You do some research on some companies and buy some of the shares that seem to be the most profitable. If everything works well and the company increases in value, your shares do too and you get profits.

But it can also happen that the company loses value and you lose money. There are several sites for investing in the stock market on the Internet.

This method is for you if: You like to take risks, are willing to learn the basic rules, have some capital to invest (which you don’t need to eat or pay rent), like to do research and are passionate about finance.

15. Earn money online

If you have a computer and Internet access, you can earn money by answering surveys, testing products, doing translations, writing articles, answering questions, posting on forums, etc.

This method is for you if: You prefer to work for someone else, you like the nomadic life, you need ideas to make money quickly.

16. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is like a secretary, but works from home. They are usually hourly and receive a payout ranging from $5-$15. per hour.

It is a relatively new profession but it is in high demand and growing. The activities an assistant normally does are answering emails, writing documents, making phone calls, graphic design and dealing with clients.

This method is for you if: You prefer to work for someone else, you are organized and like office work but want freedom of time.

17. Make good use of your illustrations

If you like to draw or play with Photoshop you can sell t-shirts with your designs on sites like Threadless or Design By Humans. Check out Zazzle or CafePress, where you can customize just about anything you can think of. At Spoonflower you can customize fabric or gift wrap and sell them on demand.

The advantage of these sites is that they take care of the manufacturing and shipping of the products. You only design and receive sales commissions.

This method is for you if: You like to draw or design, you want to be nomadic.

18. Sell photos and vectors to image banks

Sites like Dreamstime or iStock allow you to sell high-resolution images.

First you make a request to apply. Once they accept you, you can upload your images. In addition to photos, you can contribute vectors or illustrations. Every time someone downloads one of your files you get a commission. Another idea to earn passive money!

This method is for you if: You like photography, have a camera with good resolution.

19. Design

You can sell logos, business cards, letterheads, fonts, backgrounds, brushes and effects for Photoshop on sites like Creative Market and Brandcrowd.

They work just like image banks, where you get a commission every time someone buys your work.

This method is for you if: You know what PSD and Ai mean, you love design but you’re tired of dealing with customers.

20. Real Estate Agent

Your function is to promote the rental and sale of houses. For every one you place you get a commission.

This method has a learning curve and does not generate a predictable income, but can be very lucrative if administered well and also gives freedom of time.

This method is for you if: You are organized, you like to deal with people, you know something about administration.

21. Provide service

You can walk dogs, be a fashion consultant, pick up children from school, prepare romantic dinners at home, do the shopping for seniors, wash cars, organize parties, anything you can do for someone else is a service you can charge.

To begin with, you need nothing but willingness. Print flyers and call the people who might need you to get your first customers. In the long run, the service you offer can become a great company.

This method is for you if: You have some time available, you don’t have money to invest, there is something you enjoy doing but that causes a problem or takes up other people’s time.

22. Freelancer

Sites like Freelancer, Workana or Fiverr allow you to offer all kinds of services. The most common are graphic design, image editing, audio and video or writing, but there are also very specialized projects.

Visit one of these sites and find something you’d like to do. Create a profile and contact the interested party and tell them that you are the best person for the job. Normally you get paid per project.

This method is for you if: You have skill or knowledge in the areas that are required, you are looking for an extra income or something to do in your free time.

23. Teache via Skype

Whatever it is! You can teach languages, guitar playing, handicrafts. Skype is a great work tool.

This method is for you if: You like to teach but don’t want to tie yourself to a location, are willing to promote your service through local media or using the internet.

24. WWOOOF Woof!

This one’s not about dogs. WWOOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a directory of organic farmers who give you lodging and food in exchange for working with them.

You don’t usually get paid but it’s a fun way to travel and learn new skills.

This method is for you if: You love mother earth, you want to learn to cultivate, travel and have adventures, you don’t mind the field work.

25. Home Caretaker

There are sites like Trusted Housesitter and Luxury Housesitting where people ask for people to keep their home while they are away. If you’re selected, you spend some time looking after someone else’s house. You usually have responsibilities that you would have in your own home such as paying bills, caring for pets or mowing the lawn. Depends on what the owner requests.

This is also not an idea to make money, but it can definitely save you money. You can travel to different places without having to spend money on accommodation. You could also find a house in your area and save yourself the rent.

This method is for you if: You want to travel and responsible enough to maintain a home.

So which of these methods are you going to try TODAY?

10 AUTHENTIC Ways to Earn Secondary Income in Free Time

If you don’t want to quit your job, if you want to buy home, pay your car EMIs, or save to buy something that you love so much, these legit ideas for earning extra money in your spare time will be a great help.

Regardless of your reason for earning extra money, you must start from the fact that, your salary should not be your only source of income. You must have several sources of income. And most importantly you must be willing to work hard and smart.

In case you are thinking that you don’t have time, remember that if you organize your time well, there is no stoppage to create more wealth.

How to Earn Extra Money in Your Free Time

Below we present a series of practical alternatives that require little investment (in some cases, you don’t need) and that will allow you to earn supplement your income in free time.

You’ll find different ways to earn money online until you put efforts and sometimes use your nights to meet the needs.

1. Paid Surveys

Paid surveys have become a very interesting alternative for earning extra money in your free time.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and spend some of your free time filling out paid surveys related to different topics or products.

Some of the platforms to fill paid surveys pay you with gift cards, redeem points, Paypal money, and even cash. The key is to do as many surveys as possible, as the payment for each one is usually low.

2. Drive Uber

In case you have car, an excellent alternative to earn extra money in your spare time is to drive for Uber. Depending on the country you live in, the rules may vary.

You can drive Uber before and after your workday. You can also do this during your lunch breaks and on weekends. In fact, if you have a car and is unused most of the time, then hire a driver and let him/her drive for Uber.

3. Rent a room on Airbnb

Is it possible to earn side income without working? Yes, and an example of this is Airbnb that you don’t need to be present to earn extra money.

If you live in an apartment and have a room available you can rent it to visitors and tourists.

4. Sell your photos on image sites

This is a great idea for generating second income in addition to your job. If you like to take pictures, you are an amateur and understand camera know hows, shots, panoramas, and so on.

What does it consist of? You can sell your artwork to image sites that will pay you by the percentage of sales. For example, you can become a Shutterstock partner.

5. Sell what you no longer use on OLX

You probably have things that you no longer use. And all they do in your home is collect dust and get in the way.

You don’t want to give it away because you feel that this is a way to learn how to invest your money, but you don’t know where or to whom to sell it.

OLX, a platform whose value sums up this problem quite well, serves this purpose: “If you have it, someone else wants it.

Whatever you no longer use, sell it. All you need is time to take some pictures, put your contact information and share your offer.

This is something you can do on your evenings or weekends and will solve your problem of how to earn extra money in your free time.

6. Offer your services in Fiverr

You can offer your talent, knowledge or experience at Fiverr. If you are good at designing, digital marketing, programming, or any category you can offer your service and earn additional income in your spare time with this online job.

There are independent workers who make their living through these platforms. This is why if you have a specific skill, you can offer it at Fiverr.

There are other platforms such as Freelancer, elance and Workana with same purpose.

7. Create a course in Udemy

Do you have a unique knowledge, experience or skill? Is it easy for you to explain, do you have a methodology or way of doing things that is different from the rest? Then creating an online course on Udemy can be another stream of making passive income.

Udemy’s top 10 instructors have earned more than $10 million, selling their courses to more than 12 million students in over 190 countries.

So start creating and selling your virtual courses.

8. Earn extra money in your spare time by taking dogs for walks

You don’t need any investment. Maybe all you have to do is have a business card made, a shirt that will identify you and find your first customers.

It’s something you can do in your spare time.

9. Write an ebook and sell it on Amazon

Similar to digital courses and the provision of services through Fiverr, you can translate all your knowledge into a digital book (ebook) and sell it in the world’s largest online store.

During the evenings and weekends you can create best design for your book. Once you have it ready you can go to Fiverr, where a freelancer will design the cover of your book for a small sum.

Remember that Amazon gets 30% of the profits, so you should set a price that is interesting for your reader and at the same time earns you a good profit.

10. Sell Creative Products on Etsy

If you like crafts, have the ability to make products by hand, you can sell your crafts at Etsy.

It’s pretty easy to get started. From wristbands to the finest, most detailed products, you can generate revenue in your spare time.

Etsy is an interesting platform to generate interesting income from your love of crafts. If you have talent, this could be a very profitable home-based job.

Bonus – Recommend Products

Also known as affiliate marketing, this consists of recommending those digital, or physical, products that you use and receiving a commission for each sale you make.

You can do it with Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, Linio, among others. Basically, when your family or friends want to buy something online, you can ask them to use your link.

What’s more, you can learn how to create a blog, start your digital community and recommend the products you use most.

In short, if you’re thinking about how to earn extra money in your spare time, these fairly inexpensive alternatives will be a good start.

It all depends on your attitude and willingness to offer your services, products or knowledge.

12 Secrets to Multiply Your Money

Like every trade or art in life, creating, earning, accumulating and growing money has its secrets, and whoever knows them will have in their hands a source of wealth to use for their own benefit. The basic key to money are many, and those who manage it, will apply not only the general rules but also their own rules that has served to become a winner in that specialty.

Perhaps you yourself have your own secrets that have been useful to you in getting the funds you need in life, but it never hurts to hear about some who have offered great advantages to money winners over the years.

1. If you work for a company, take care of your job and try to improve your salary, look for promotions and benefits, get company stock at advantageous prices and secure a pension to which your employer contributes regularly and who participates in good investments of your money.

2. Find a second job if you have a special talent or skill, and use it to earn more money at the same time. Start small and if you do well, it could turn into your own full-time business with a better income.

3. Always challenge yourself to grow further. This always plays a significant part in increasing the inflow of money.

4. Don’t buy things for fun and sell what you don’t use. There’s money hidden in your house! Take an inventory of everything you don’t use and make the most of it.

5. Make a list of how to make more money, your way! Think of a hundred ways you could put more silver in your pockets, from the most realistic to the rarest. This exercise will open your mind to start thinking positively about your potential.

6. Don’t save with one hand and spend with the other. A typical mistake is to keep the money at a 5%-6% interest in the savings account while keeping a high balance on one or more credit cards on which you have to pay interest of 15%.

7. Use whatever money they offer you. People who have used real estate to their advantage often take out a low-interest mortgage to pay for their homes, even if they have money to pay them off. That’s keeping money working for you. Every penny you give to the bank is one less than you can invest. Or they ask the bank for a line of credit on the value of a property to use that money for other businesses. If you’re in debt, make it strategic.

8. Don’t forget that a little money invested over a long period of time will yield great returns. Most of the wealth of millionaires comes from investments they bought for less. Buy quality investments and stay with them for at least five years.

9. Don’t pay too much attention to media alarms or pay too much attention to the terrifying economic predictions of newspapers. Stay informed about the basic facts, but always follow the strategy that has worked for you.

10. Spend less than you earn. Those who have accumulated wealth without inheriting money or winning the lottery, claim that saving is the basis of all fortune.

11. Invest regularly. People who have accumulated money take investments seriously. Diversify your money into stocks and mutual funds, as well as life and health insurance. The essential thing is, even with the ups and downs of the market, put the money to work in a balanced portfolio.

12. Don’t spend too much on goods that lose their value. Having a luxury car is perhaps the dream of many, but curiously enough the solidly wealthy don’t spend on expensive cars. They are more likely to buy a comfortable car than the luxury one.

Online Business Myths Everyone Should Know

Today we’ll discuss about the great myths of online business, which have emerged due to the lack of knowledge that most people have about today’s innovative business platforms known as “digital market”.

Most of us in the age group of 35-40 years grew up in a family of working parents who put in your mind the idea that great results require great physical effort. And to succeed, you have to sacrifice things like your hobbies, your social relationships, your tastes and sometimes even your family time.

However, times have changed, we are in a time when business models have diversified and the classic business model that includes a physical space, employees and customer service in person, is no longer the only model capable of offering quality products or services and be profitable.

Welcome to the beautiful information age

That’s right, the digital world has opened new doors that unfortunately did not exist during our parents time. And this is why we have to start changing old paradigms because they no longer work in the same way as before.

So here’s the first myth about online business:

“Earning money is not easy…. you have to work hard physically and wear yourself out if you want to get good results.

This myth is completely false. It is not true that we should work until we wear ourselves out to get the results we want. Instead we should be smart and strategic in choosing our working methods.

Working is not about suffering and you can even realize your great passions and practice your hobbies while earning money for it. The answer is simple, thanks to the digital world which gives the opportunity to let you work while travelling, without boss, office, or strict timetables.

You can earn a lot of money by working less, being happier, being fulfilled with yourself, without stress in between and achieving the lifestyle you want. But for this you must recognize your gifts/talents and be aware of your abilities and passions. Because by being in tune with them, whatever you do with a full heart will make it easy to excel in it.

“He who does what he loves is blessedly doomed to success.”

Keep in mind that you cannot measure your success in relation to the money in your bank account. Your success should be measured by how happy you feel with the life you are leading. Sometimes you may think that there is no other alternative but a job that does not make you happy. But the truth is that, digital age has given us the possibility to define our priorities and from them to choose how we want to work.

Online business is not a real job

Another great myth surrounding online businesses is that they are not a real work alternative. And there are even many people who think that the internet generates money and there is no need work or study to be successful at it, and the money will come by magic.

And this is why thousands of people join YouTube, ClickBank, Instagram, Facebook (which is facebook watch) and different digital platforms with the idea of being online entrepreneurs. However, not getting a considerable sum of money at the first try, they decide to give up their idea and return to looking for traditional employment alternatives.

But if all digital platforms gave money by magic and without hard work, we’d all be making lot of money” wouldn’t we?

Keep in mind that creating an account on a digital platform is no guarantee that the money will come to you and keep multiplying more and more in your bank account.

While it’s true that you don’t have to work hard to achieve the results you expect, it’s also true that a business, even if it’s digital, it doesn’t grow on its own. Some businesses may generate residual income without you having to lift a finger. But for that to happen, you must first have invested time to create it and before you start to shape it, you must also have invested some time to learn how to make a digital product.

The truth is that online businesses, like any other business, require time and discipline. However, there are businesses that have great growth potential in a very short time. This is because of the internet, through which they have the ability to reach millions of people around the world in record time and without the need for million investments unlike what happens with traditional businesses.

That said, you must remain hungry!

Because being an online entrepreneur is not easy, especially because it is a topic that is not normally taught in universities!

Why keep waiting to see what myths are false and true in the digital world? How long are you going to let yourself be immersed in those childish fears that keep you from starting? Until when will you postpone your dreams to fulfill someone else’s?

Remember that… “The biggest risk is not taking any chances. In a rapidly changing world, the only strategy that guarantees failure is not to take risks. Mark Zuckerberg.

Want to Make Lot of Money? Ask Yourself “What For” and “Why”

Who doesn’t want a little more money? or, a lot of money? I want it! And of course everyone wants to have more and more of it.

Money is an indispensable tool to have things that we need and want in life. It is the currency of the system in which we live and surely we often think that if we had a lot of money, our life would change radically.

But there are two questions everyone should ask themselves.

The first question – What do you want more money for? What do you want a lot of money for? And don’t rush to answer, please. Think about it a little more carefully.

What would you do with that extra money that you want it so badly? Let’s not forget that – although money is something very precious in this world, it is basically a means, a tool to achieve what you want.

“A lot of money piled on a table doesn’t do much good, but when put into action, it can take you where you haven’t even dreamt of”.

On a second thought, maybe what you want to achieve with a lot of money in your pocket is to be free of bosses and schedules and have more time for yourself or to share with your family. Maybe you want to travel around the world and meet wonderful people and places. Maybe you want to have a foundation that serves a cause you believe in and contribute to those in need.

Or, maybe you just want to have all the luxuries that money can buy, like a expensive car, a grand house outside of your city, lots of entertainment, classy designer clothes, best of the best accessories, and so on….

Whatever you want to buy or do with the money is perfect (as long as it’s not illegal and doesn’t go against anyone!). But it’s very important that you have clarity on what you want first, so that you can evaluate whether the strategy you’re following to achieve it is effective and whether the means you’re using are the right ones.

This question may even seem silly, because who doesn’t know what he wants? But you would be surprised to see how many times we do not achieve our purpose in life for the simple reason of not having clarity. And the only way to get clarity is to consciously ask and answer ourselves as honestly as possible.

The second question – Why do you want what you want? What is the motivation behind what you want?

The same purpose may be motivated by very different things, and those motivations may make fulfilling that purpose a source of happiness and fulfillment for you or not.

Let’s consider an example to make this clear:

Ask a graduate from college what he wants to study and he says he wants to study engineering (suppose any one of them). Then ask him why he wants to study that and he may provide various answers.

Because his father, grandfather and great-great-grandfather were engineers, or because it’s a career with a big job market, or because his best friend and girlfriend are going to study engineering and want to go to the same university, or because it’s something that catches his attention because he/she loves to know how things work and build them, etc. from a very young age.

And well, every answer is valid, however their path and results will be very different depending on what their real motivation is.

Money money, lots of money….

That’s the number one mistake young people make today!

There are a lot of students and even working professionals without a fixed course of study, a definite purpose in life, and who and when asked what they are going to study or work, answer that X career/profession, but only because they will earn a lot of money and be happier with it.

Do you still believe that money is what brings happiness?

And those who think this, are poor people dreaming….

Besides, it will be very difficult for them to succeed in something they are not passionate about. And they will not be happy about. Because they had to invest their greatest and most important asset (their time) doing something they did not like to achieve, and where most of our lives are going.

There are many people who are successful, but from inside feel empty.

Not to mention that when we choose our goals and purposes thinking about what others would want from us or what we are supposed to choose, we are likely to get bored and halfway through we want to quit.

And that’s how we would have achieved that dream. We could find that far from being something we really wanted, it’s something that makes us feel unhappy, and that’s when many want to run away while they blame others for their misfortune.

But instead, when what motivates us is a true inner belief, an honest reason for ourselves, we will see that, even with great challenges. We will enjoy every step in the way, and when the results come (and they will come for sure), we will feel internally happy and a strong desire to set a much higher goal will fire from within you. This is not a question of an something external, but of the deep need to respond and fulfill yourself.

We all have the rights and the ability to make more money and live a free and prosperous life.

So the next time you say to yourself, “I want more money,” remember to ask yourself, “What do I want it for?” and “Why do I want that?”. And when you answer honestly and are clear at it, be assured that if you believe in it and work with discipline and consistency, there will be no goal you won’t meet and the extra money will simply come your way.

11 AUTHENTIC Ways to Earn Money while Sleeping

Everyone wants to earn money but not everyone takes the first step. And even if people start, they loose interest over time and give up. And that’s what stops people from earning money. Whether you work full-time or part-time, earning money is not easy, atleast initially. And it requires lot of perseverance to make money.

Here are various ideas for individuals who want to earn money while sleeping:

Start a blog

It’s possible that at first, instead of sleeping, your new blog will take some sleep away from you, but the effort will be worth it if you want to get some benefits later. Having your own blog and updating it with interesting and high quality content takes time and effort, especially when traffic is still very low.

The good news is that it requires only a small investment to get started, although this will vary according to how you go about it: in addition to your own domain, you can bet on a powerful hosting provider or good upload speed. When you start to generate specialized and interesting content regularly, and achieve good search engine positioning, then it’s time to start monetizing it.

Here are the best ways to monetize your blog:

1. Online Advertising

Advertising is the queen par excellence when it comes to making money through website. In the market there are many portals that are dedicated to marketing banners or contextual advertising.

Here are other alternatives to online advertising:

2. Affiliate Marketing

Online advertising model that allows you to earn a commission by promoting products on your blog, linking them and redirecting your readers to buy them. It is important that these products are related to the theme of your site.

3. Sponsored Posts

When you have a certain amount of traffic, you may see brands that offer you money for content that you promote to them and their products.

4. Create your own ebook or white paper

If you think your audience would be willing to pay for some kind of more premium information, you can build an ebook and charge a small fee each time someone downloads it.

5. Collect Royalties

Whether you are a writer, musician, graphic designer, or creator of unique content on any medium, you may charge copyright for its use by third parties. Although keep in mind that not everything is protected by copyright.

6. Create a Membership Club

If you gain prestige within your area, users may be willing to pay a fee for accessing exclusive material and content, or even for being part of a community that gives them certain advantages. You can use your leadership and influence to create a club where your fans feel special and get a return from it, in exchange for a regular outlay.

7. Sell your blog

If your blog has a high number of visits and you think you can no longer manage it or maintain its quality, you always have the option to sell it. A website with a lot of traffic is a valuable asset and an investment for those who want to keep growing and earning. Marketplace like Flippa will help you find buyers for your websites. Other option is to put a banner on your website stating that – “This Website is for Sale” along with your contact details. You never know, even your competitors may offer you a lucrative offer.

8. Turn your blog into an e-commerce site

Maybe, far from wanting to get rid of your successful website, you’re wondering how to make even more money. If ebooks or paid video tutorials seem insufficient to you, perhaps the natural next step is to turn your blog into an ecommerce and start selling more expensive products. Another option is to bet on third-party platforms, such as eBay or Etsy, although you will have to pay commissions for each sale and they will compete with others.

Other options to earn money while sleeping are:

9. Buy Shares

Although the Internet has made investing in the stock market simple, it’s actually one of the most traditional ways to make money on this list. Even if it’s a tempting path, if you’re not an expert in securities or finance, get some good advice first and consider the fluctuations. The stock price varies greatly over time and what promised to be a masterful move can become your downfall.

10. Crowdlend

Unlike crowdfunding, where the investor does not expect a monetary return, with crowd lending you lend your money to someone in the hope of recovering it. This type of financing is usually requested by small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who use the traditional banking method. Although with fintech platforms it is becoming more and more common. As an investor you will be interested to know that interest rates are very high, although there is a risk that lenders will not pay.

11. Use Pinterest

Pinterest, a highly visual and less noisy and successful social network, can help you make money, although you’ll need to have a broad base of followers to sell your products to them. With good figures you can then turn to brands to sponsor your boards. You can also apply affiliate marketing and organize contests that exponentially increase your viability. However, it is essential that you focus on a specific product niche or theme.

Home Based Internet Business for Freelance Moms and Dads

Professionals are increasingly working from home and for good reasons – such as greater freedom, time savings and better work and family life balance.

Not to miss, entrepreneurs and freelance workers, who work wherever they want, whether it is a coworking space, rental offices or their own home.

Working from your own home has its advantages and disadvantages too, which can become inconvenient if the necessary measures are not taken to prepare the space. If you are also in charge of a child, things get complicated, because the requirements of tranquility, silence and even order and comfort will surely be disrupted.

If you are thinking of working from home and running your own business and your child at the same time, knowing that some jobs are more compatible than others:

Working with children

Since your child is going to spend a lot of your work time, what better way to combine the two than by combining them? If you like children, these ideas are perfect for you:

Online teacher: Are you good at math, science or physics, are you good at online marketing, or can you do programming? Whatever your talent, you can teach it as an online teacher anywhere in the world.

Since you are going to stay at home taking care of your child, you can get some extra money by taking care of someone else’s. You just need some space and resources to take care of them both.

Writing Assignments

Whether you have children or not, there are certain internet jobs such as writing that can earn you income without much efforts. Of course, you need to deliver quality work. In addition, writing is such a job that you can do along with taking care of your child.

Blogger: All you need is a topic to write about and start writing. For e.g. if you have good knowledge about technology, then you can create blog on the same.

Copywriter: Prepares and writes advertising pieces for agencies and advertisers that persuade users to purchase service.

Freelance copywriter: It is similar to the previous one, since it requires creative writing skills, but instead of slogans or calls to action, you have to write suggestive texts that engage the reader to read them till the end. Many websites and media seek quality content, and you can give it to them.

Book Writer: Thanks to internet platforms for publishing books without the need for publishers, you can write your own with the same ease as a blog. You just need to take some quite time everyday.

Sell online

If you have started a blog, depending on the theme and your traffic, you can turn it into an ecommerce and start using it as a platform to sell certain products or services. In addition, affiliate marketing can also offer you extra money.

If you have creative skills and make personal artistic designs, fashion, or accessories, you can always turn to third-party platforms so you don’t have to open your own online store, like Etsy.

Technical Work

If you master any technical discipline, then freelance work from home job is for you and you will be able to take care of your child as well:

Web Design: Thousands, millions of business websites need a web redesign. And objective would differ. For e.g. a business might need a redesign when their website is not responsive, or may be the site offers a bad user experience.

Developer: There are many categories of developers which includes website/app/bot developer. The demand for developer will never die and you would never be short of work.

Graphic designer: Content and advertising material of all kinds, either online or in physical format, requires graphic design. Advertising industry is not the only one that demand quality graphic design experts. Today, every business needs a logo, visual identity, or posters, to name a few.

6 ETHICAL Ways Low Income Earners Can Earn Extra Money from Home

By now everyone must be aware of Rs. 11,300 crore loan scam. Although it was a fraud committed between multiple entities, one thing to note is income is the most important criteria in availing any type of credit.

Higher the income, higher would be the sanctioned loan amount. Income of businessmen, salaried, or self-employed basically helps in evaluating the credit worthiness of the applicant in addition to other factors such as credit score, years in job, and others which are also taken into consideration whenever loan application is processed.

However the process of getting any type of credit is very easy for higher income earner but is equally difficult for a poor income earning person. So even if a low income earner wants to invest money in something new for e.g. starting a business, chances of getting a loan are extremely difficult. Although there are banks offering loan to low income individuals, the money may not always be sufficient to meet the demand.

So the other alternative is to earn second income in addition to your existing job/business. And there are many ways to generate additional income that too from home requiring bare minimum investments.

And here’s the list especially for low income earners to earn side income sitting at home.

Sell Unused Items

Open any closet in your home, and I bet most of what you’ll find are things you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Don’t you think it’s time to clean up and get rid of what you don’t use and it’s just sitting there collecting dust?

Selling your clothes, gadgets, or other items that you no longer use is a good way to earn few extra rupee.

You could sell anything:

  • Furniture
  • Mobile phone, Laptops
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Books and CDs
  • Bikes, Bicycle
  • Small household appliances
  • Crockery
  • Toys your children no longer use
  • Musical instruments

You have several options where you can sell them online in India on websites of Ebay India, Quikr, EazySeller, Olx, Koove.

This is one of the best ways to earn extra money, because you can go around your house right now, look for these things you don’t use anymore, take one or two photos, upload them to one of these websites listed above… and you can sell it off in fast depending on the requirement, condition of the product, etc.

Sell Your Talent and Earn Extra Money

Talent is everything. If you are good at something, then you will definitely earn good money. Having multiple talents is always a boon. For e.g. if you are a software developer and at the same time have a good writing skills, then you can earn extra money in your free time by writing for companies located across the globe. There are many freelancing websites which let you work from anywhere and pay money.

List of top websites where you can find work as a freelancer are:



A good flair for writing is another option to start making money from home or anywhere. Once you gain good traffic and meet other requirements, you can start earning money through advertising (adsense/affiliate).

Take Care of Neighbor’s Children

Babysitting is one of the best source to earn extra money. In fact some individuals make a living of it. However you should be a pro in dealing with children. Any misdoing will land you in legal trouble. So be extra careful while putting your hands in babysitting.


Being a poor earner, getting a credit card becomes difficult similar to a loan. However there are cards for low income earners and if you manage to get any of these card then cashback is the best way to earn money by spending money. Cashback is nothing but the reimbursement (part of purchased amount) you receive on the purchase made online. Although in order to earn more cashbacks, you have to spend more, but finally money is money – whether small or big.

Youtube Channel

If you have an excellent skill/s, create educational videos and earn money by adding adsense. And this is possible through Youtube. By launching your own channel on any topic (makeup, hairstyle, cooking, etc.) and then growing the traffic, you can create good side income.