Best Credit Cards for Movie: Offers, Free Tickets, Discounts

India is the world’s largest movie producer. And its revenue is expected to rise to INR 150 billion in 2o16 (according to Wikipedia article named Cinema of India).

With the growth of digital technologies, movie lovers book tickets online either on website or app. And they either make use of net banking, debit or credit cards, payment wallets and others.

Taking benefit of this rise in online buying are the credit card companies who offer special discounts/free tickets/offers for their card holders. Although such cards are not specifically made for entertainment and they offer other benefits such as discounts on dining or hotel and many others.

So which are the credit cards for movie lovers? Listed below are the  top lenders in India along with their cards and offers.

Bank NameCard NameOffer
HDFC BankTitanium1) 25% off on cinema tickets.
2) Discounts upto Rs. 1, 800 or more in a year.
HDFC BankTimesCard - Titanium & Platinum25% off
ICICI BankSapphiro, Rubyx, Coral, Carbon, Signature
Jet Airways ICICI - Sapphiro, Rubyx, Coral
1) Buy 1 and get 1 free on any day of the week
2) Up to 2 free tickets per month.
Both offers only on
ICICI BankDiamant & Sapphiro CardUpto 2 tickets free per month
HSBCAll cards2 movie tickets for the price of one only on BookMyShow mobile app for Saturday shows.
Kotak Mahindra BankVisa Infinite or Signature2 movie tickets for the price of one on or it's mobile app
Kotak Mahindra BankAll cards10% off on booking movie tickets at or INOX Mobile App
IndusIndIndulge, Pinnacle, Signature, Platinum, World Miles Platinum
Jet Airways Odyssey & Voyage, World Miles Signature, Iconia - Visa & American Express
Upto 1-3 free tickets every month only on
Number of free tickets varies for each card.
SBISignatureRs. 500 off every month only on
Axis BankMy Zone, Platinum & Titanium25% cashback on all days of the week with a limit of Rs. 1000 in a calendar year. Applicable at all cinema halls.


  1. Check with bank whether offer is still valid. As they may change time to time depending on bank’s discretion.
  2. Movie offers are also offered on debit card. So check with your bank on such offers.
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