How to Avoid Frauds When Choosing School Abroad

There are scammers who take advantage of the good faith of people who seek to realize their dreams and literally’ tumble’ them with their curriculum abroad. However there are ways to avoid falling into the trap.

Never trust what is too cheap. That is a signal that should help students and their parents and alert them to possible fraud. But it has happened in terms of studies abroad, that some individuals set up those illegal colleges that end up promising this life and the other to dreamers who go after their intention to improve their knowledge or learn languages.

Ask for legal documents

A school must have permits and authorizations in the country to operate. Don’t be afraid to ask about the registration in the Chamber of Commerce, its registration with the government, among others.

Better if it is referenced

Many centers live from the good reviews left by other people who already know their services. In this, it is important that you ask, research, and have someone you know tell you about your relationship with the school. That creates more credibility. Try to connect with multiple people who have given reviews, over Facebook or Linkedin. By doing this, you will come to know the real inside picture of the said school. Do not blindly trust reviews, as anyone can create fake profiles and start writing positive reviews.

Is the school affiliated?

Another key is to check whether the school is affiliated or has recognized partnerships. For example, support from LSI (Languages Studies International) is a bonus for the school that offers programs in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and France. This ILS manages agreements with the British Council, ETsS, Cambridge English Language Assesment, among other entities, with which it goes more’ fixed’.

Get more information from embassy

It is a good practice to ask directly at the embassy whether the institution that is working with you or where you plan to study has any recognition at the embassy in the destination country.

Remember it’s your career and money is involved. So it’s your duty to choose the best school and make career.

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