Cheapest Insulin Pen (Generic) in India at Rs. 46

Cheapest Insulin Pen in India

Insulin pen is used for injecting insulin in the body of diabetic for treating it. Most of the diabetic care products such as insulin & pen are imported from foreign countries. And since they are highly priced, common man is out of reach. However you can buy cheapest insulin pen in India manufactured by the top pharmaceutical company – Sanofi Aventis under the brand name B D Micro Fine and Insuman 25/75 Optiset.

Here are the details of low cost Insulin pen:

  • 1 Insulin (Human)-80 iu/40iu/100iu Pen can be purchased at Rs. 46
  • Pen Insuman 25/75 Optiset (100 iu) 5 pen costs Rs. 241.33

(Note: Local taxes are not included)

Quality wise generic medicines are similar to branded drugs sold by big pharmaceutical companies and do not pose any health risks provided they are prescribed by the doctors.

How to Buy

Diabetics can buy cheap insulin pen at healthkartplus with following buying options available:

1) Buy directly online at OR

2) E-mail [email protected] along with all the product details. And you will get all the products delivered at your doorstep. Make sure to include your correct mailing address, contact number and PIN code. You can then pay by cash upon receiving the product.

Products are delivered within 1-2 days (24*7)

Save Money on Diabetes Treatment

Apart from buying cheap insulin pen, diabetics can save money on their healthcare costs:

  • Purchasing medicines in bulk as you’ll get discount
  • Buy online as medicines are sold at cheaper rates
  • Many sites also run offers for returning customers. Even if they don’t then you should ask them to provide discounts for all the purchase made
  • Compare prices online at various websites and then buy
  • Always ask your doctor for generic substitute for the prescribed drug

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