Apple Pay: Benefits, Security, Where to Use, Cards Accepted

Apple Pay – An Electronic Account in Mobile Phone

Apple with it’s innovative products has swayed the whole world and this time the company is coming up with their own mobile payment system called Apple Pay. Apple Pay can become a game changer in comparison to the existing mobile payment systems used worldwide.

Apple Pay is basically a digital card which will reside in your iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus. It is an alternative to the physical cards such as credit and debit. So instead of entering the secure PIN every time or swipe the card every time while shopping in stores, Apple Pay users will have to tap┬átheir fingers on their phone or Apple Watch. In short, you won’t need a wallet as payments would be automated. However Apple Pay can be used only by the iPhone users.


  • Single touch payment
  • Can be used in stores and online purchases
  • No need to carry credit card so no more efforts involved in swiping or waiting for the payments to happen
  • No need to open app every time used by smartphone users currently to make payments

How Secured Is It?

  • The device adds one more layer in order to secure the payment as it will use dynamic security code making it very difficult to hack or make any fraud
  • Individual’s credit/debit card details will not be stored
  • None of the customer details will be passed on to any third party merchants
  • While making payments at any store, individual will not have to reveal their name, card details or secure code to the customer representative present at the cash counter
  • In case of loss of iphone or gets stolen, make use of Find My iPhone and immediately put your device in Lost Mode. Doing this will give you protection against access to any of your device details.

Where can you use it

Over 2,00,000 stores have accepted this payment system and includes biggest brands like:

  • Apple Store
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Macy’s
  • McDonald
  • Nike & many others

Participating Banks

As of now you can add credit or debit cards of following US banks:

  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • CapitalOne
  • Citi
  • Wells Fargo

Credit Cards Accepted

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

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