14 Bank Account, Debit Cards for Kids in India: Eligibilty, Features & More

Teaching your child value of money is must for their financial future. No school will ever teach this important thing. And it is the responsibility of the parents to make their child learn on how to save and spend as they grow. 

One way they can do is by opening savings account for them and regularly contribute money into it. So when the child starts managing the account and starts to understand the concept of interest, he/she will become knowledgeable enough to understand the need of saving for long term and its benefits. Along with the bank account for minors, banks also offer debit cards, but with certain terms and conditions. However considering the age of the child, banks put a transaction limit on the card. This in a way, teaches the value of spending – when and where. 

Here are some of the banks offering debit card for minors, along with the eligibility:

Bank Name
Account/Debit Card Name
Card Features
Age - Eligibility
Young Stars
1) Daily withdrawal/transaction/online transaction limit of Rs. 5000
2) Zero Liability Protection in case of loss/theft of card
3) Payback Rewards
For children with age between 1day to 18 years
Smart Star
1) Daily withdrawal/transaction/online transaction limit of Rs. 500010 years to 18 years
Kids Debit Card
1) Insurance cover upto Rs. 8000
2) Daily withdrawal/transaction limit of Rs. 2000
3) Get 2 loyalty points per Rs.100 spent"
Kids Advantage Account
1) Card can be issued on child's name
2) ATM withdrawal limit of Rs. 2500
3) Daily shopping limit of Rs. 10000
4) Free cash withdrawal at any bank's ATM
For minor upto 18 years of age
Pehla Kadam & Pehli Udaan1) Withdrawal/POS limit of Rs. 5000
2) Photo of minor embossed on the card
1) Pehla Kadam - Any age
2) Pehli Udaan - Above 10 years
Kotak Mahindra
My Junior Account
Daily withdrawal limit of Rs. 5000
Future Stars
1) Personal accident insurance cover of upto Rs.2,00,000
2) Lost Card Liability and Purchase protection liability of up to Rs. 50,000
Below 18 years
YESMy First YES Account
Customized daily withdrawal limits between the range Rs.1000/2000/5000For minors of age 10 years and above
Central Bank of India
CENT Bal Bhavishya
Child upto age 12 years
Bank of Baroda
Gen-Next Junior
Children upto 18 years
Karur Vysya
Jumbo Kids
1) No charge on issue as well as no AMC
2) PoS transactions permitted
Child upto age 12 years
CitibankJunior AccountLimit can be set on card to control expensesChild above age 15 years
South Indian BankJunior Savings AccountATM cum debit card is free of costAge 10-18 years

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