How to Open ICICI Current Bank Account for Business

ICICI Bank Current AccountICICI Bank Current Account

If you want to open a bank account for your business then you should open a current bank account because it will give you many benefits. After opening of the current bank account, you can do the limitless transaction without any restriction or without any extra charges. ICICI bank will provide you many facilities like ATM, debit and credit card, quick loan, internet banking, and others.

This article talks about the current bank account and how a person can open a current account in ICICI bank so you will get an idea about this.

You can open a current account in ICICI bank by visiting their branch or you can also file an online form on their official website. Current account is beneficial to every business. And the account is also required for issuing documents like Udyog Aadhar, GST registration, proprietorship registration, shop act license, etc. The current account is also a valid document for business proof for proprietorship firm so you should open a current bank account for your business.

What is a current account?

Current account is an account in which there is no limit on transactions number and no limit on withdrawal and deposit of money. A person can make countless transactions whereas in saving account there is a fixed limit on per day transactions and after limitation, the bank will charge an extra fee on per transactions. In saving account, when you deposit money, you will get interest but there are restrictions on transactions.

In current account, there is no limit on number of transactions. So after opening a current account, you can do limitless transactions. If you are running a business then you should open a current account because the current account is beneficial for businesses. This account can be opened by any individual, Hindu undivided family, company, partnership firm, limited liability partnership firm, one person company, Proprietorship Registration Firm and others.

How to open a current bank account for a business in ICICI bank?

Visit Bank: If you are thinking of opening a current bank account in ICICI bank then you have to visit your nearest branch of ICICI bank and then you can meet bank staff, they will help you. But you have to carry required documents and provide them when they ask.

They will give you a form for opening of an account, you have to fill it and attach the required documents and then submit the form. After submission of the form, bank authorities will check the documents and if they don’t find anything suspicious, they will open your current account and give you cheque book and ATM cum debit card.

Apply Online: If you don’t want to visit the bank, then you can also apply by visiting the official website. There is an online procedure to open a current account in ICICI bank. You can click on this ICICI Bank link or you can visit the official website of ICICI bank. After clicking on the above-given link, you have to click on current account and then fill the form, you have to fill all required information for e.g. name of the business, your name, contact details, pincode, email-id, address, etc.

After filling the information you can submit your form and then you will get a call from the bank and they will give you guidance for opening a current bank account and provide you every single detail. The online process is very easy and if you have any query then you can also contact their customer care number.

What documents are required?

You have to submit required documents, without which your form will be rejected by the bank so be ready with the following documents.

  • Passport size photographs
  • PAN card
  • Business Proof (LLP incorporation certificate in case of LLP, Partnership deed in case of Partnership firm, company incorporation certificate, memorandum of association and article of association for company, any other business proof)
  • Address proof of company/ firm/ HUF/ other
  • Identity proof (Aadhar/passport/license)
  • Other documents


As you can see in the above given article that opening of the current account in ICICI bank is very easy and simple. You can open your current bank account by visiting the bank personally or you can also visit their official website and can submit the form on the website.

Current account gives benefits to a business as they can do limitless transactions and there is no restriction on the bank account. If you want to open a bank account for your business then you should open a current bank account.

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