Jan Dhan Yojana Importance: Why Open Account?

Why you should open Jan Dhan Account

A bank manager visits one family of two members – husband (Gopi) and wife (Kamla). And here’s an interesting conversation between the bank manager on how he convinces the family to open bank account under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) by explaining the benefits.

Manager: Hello Gopi and Kamla

Both: Hello Mr. Manager

Manager: Are you aware that our bank has opened camp in the town to open bank account under Jan Dhan Yojana started by our respected Prime Minister – Shri Narendra Modi. Have you enrolled for the account?

Gopi: No sir, we are hardly left with any money. We could hardly save for even for everyday food

Manager: Atleast you should be saving something. Do you take Cigarette/Tobacco?

Gopi: I eat Gutkha but not cigarette/tobacco.

Manager: So how much do you take it everyday?

Gopi: 4-5

Kamla: In angered voice, you should be eating 8-10 per day.

Manager: Since everything is expensive these days, I assume even Gutkha should be costly as well.

Gopi: Sir, I eat cheaper one which costs just Rs.2

Manager: This means per day you spend Rs. 10. And if you stop eating it, you can save this much amount everyday.

Kamla: Further gets angry and tells Manager that – sometimes he eats even more than that.

Manager: Tries to explain this expense further to Gopi. You know Gopi, per month you are spending Rs. 300 and Rs. 3600 in an year. If you deposit the same amount in the bank then you can earn interest on the save.

Kamla: Oh my god, this much money and along with the interest will further grow our money and we can buy essential things or save it for future use.

Manager to Gopi: Ok tell me, if any emergency arises then what will you do? How will you arrange money for the same?

Gopi: Sir, we always keep small amount of money with us and if need arises we take loan from the money lender.

Manager: Where do you keep this money?

Gopi: We keep it in our utensil box or sometimes in the water jar of our kitchen.

Manager: But this is very risky.

Gopi: Yes I know. In fact, we lost our money during the last year’s flood in the town. All our money was gone along with the utensils.

Manager: Had you kept in the bank, your money would have been safe and helped you during the emergency.

Gopi: But even the bank was flooded with water.

Manager: Explains – In our bank we have computerised system and every account holder’s details are saved along with the transaction. So you can withdraw money from anywhere. Now I’ll explain you further benefits of opening account
under PMJDY. This account will also benefit you in paying off for MNREGA, subsidies and benefits of all government schemes etc. will get deposited in you bank account. That is why you should open account in Jan Dhan Yojana. Also you can send money to your relatives located anywhere and they can withdraw the money anytime. So don’t you think opening account under PMJDY is beneficial for you and your family?

Gopi: Of course Sir. It is very beneficial. How can I open the account?

Manager: Do you have Aadhar card?

Gopi: Yes.

Manager: This is very great. You can open the account very easily. If any of your relatives/friends want to open the account, then
ask them to visit nearest bank and open the same.

Gopi: Are there any other documents required?

Manager: Normally to open account in the bank you need – identity card, address proof like ration card, electricity bill, election card, Aadhar card. You should have any one of these document. Since you have Aadhar card, account can be opened very easily. You can also open small account under PMJDY if you have no valid documents.

Gopi and Kamla: We will definitely open the account.

Manager: Explaining further… You will also get RuPay debit card through which you can withdraw money from the ATM. And most important benefit is you get an accident cover of Rs. 1 Lakh along with the RuPay card. Our official will take thumb print on the machine. Also see RuPay card advantages.

Gopi doubts a little and says “NO” to offer thumb impression. Manager says, this is not like what you do at lenders in your town. Every individual has unique thumb impression. And machine verifies every individual from his/her thumb impression.

Gopi: I often doubt irregularities while doing money transaction with the lender. Will this happen with the bank as well?

Manager: Absolutely not. This never happens. Because bank provides you all the transaction details along with the passbook.
And you can also nominee either your wife or child. In case of emergency, if you are in need of money then bank will offer you small loan. And if you regularly pay off your debt then bank will give your loan of Rs. 2000 which we call as overdraft. This can further increase to Rs. 5000. You don’t have to ask any lender for the money in case of emergency. If you actively operate the account for six months then bank will offer you more benefits such as loan at low rate.

Gopi: But lender charges less interest compared to bank?

Manager: That might be true, but in return lender keeps your land on mortgage which is a bigger risk for you.

Gopi: Oh god, I now believe having a bank account in Jan Dhan Yojana is very beneficial. For what other things bank provide loan?

Manager: Bank provides loan for many necessary things such as buying tractor, children’s education, building house. In addition to this you will also get Kisan credit card and other types of credit cards as well which is useful as you don’t have to carry cash everytime.

Gopi: But how to use this card?

Manager: Operating the card is very easy and secure. You will get 4 digit secure PIN which only you should know and key-in the PIN in the card device while shopping. And the money get automatically deducted from your account.

This way opening account under Jan Dhan Yojana will benefit customers.

Gopi now gives assurance to Manager to open the account and convince other’s as well.

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