Cost for Printing A Hardcover Book

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Printing a hardcover book requires attention to detail and a good understanding of budgeting. Each hardcover book is unique in how it is designed, what it encompasses, and how much it costs.

It is important to take the time to understand what the underlying cost is for printing the average hardcover book. This guide will receive a detailed look at the project and how much it costs.

1. Size of the Book

It starts with the size of the book because this determines how much of each material is used. Whether this has to do with the ink, paper, or binding, everything is reliant on the actual size of your hardcover book.

Keeping this in mind, the size can vary depending on what you want and what you are looking to design. There are several examples all around you of books that are incredibly small and others that are incredibly large. There is no steadfast rule of what is allowed, but the size does play a role in how much a hardcover costs to print.

2. Type of Paper Used

Different types of paper are available with hardcover book printing NYC. For example, you can go with 50lb white or 50lb cream, each one offering something unique in terms of quality. Look towards understanding how your book is going to look and how you want it to read as soon as you bind everything together.

This is a personalized decision that is going to play a role in how the paper feels and even how the page is going to age with time.

3. Number of Pages

Just like the size of a book matters, it is also important to think about how many pages are in the book. This is why many books end up being larger because there are so many pages to fit in one place.

You have to make sure the pages are within a specific range if you want to keep the costs down. If you increase the number of pages, the costs will continue to rise as well.
Keep this in the back of your mind before printing a hardcover book. If possible, you can use a smaller font to reduce the size of your hardcover book.

4. Color or No Color

Are you going to be using color in the hardcover book, or is it going to be black and white? This is one of those details people don’t think about as much as they need to, which holds them back during the printing process.

If you are going to be using color, this is going to increase the costs significantly. The reason has to do with how much color costs as you are going to be using a higher-end ink to get the job done, and there will be more variation at play. The same doesn’t apply to a more black and white design.

5. Binding

What type of binding is going to be used for the book? There are several versions available when you are ready to print a hardcover book, and each one is going to come with a separate cost. These can include:

The goal is to understand what type of look you are going for with the book. If you want something simpler in design, you can go with a case laminate, but it is also possible to go with other variations that are more costly and will ramp up the price in a hurry.

6. Trim Size

This is a unique detail that has to play a role in your cost just as much as anything else. Please take a look at the trim size and determine whether or not it is going to be a cost-efficient part of the printing process.

There are several options available when it comes to the trim size, and this has to be thought of well in advance.

7. Quantity

Yes, the number of books you are printing in one shot will increase or decrease the price per book. If you print one hardcover book, it is going to be far higher in price compared to printing 1000 hardcover books in bulk.

8. Final Thoughts

In general, the average hardcover book is going to come out to be $8-$10 (average 300-page book) in New York City when printed. This is going to vary depending on the factors mentioned above, but it will generally fall within this range.

There are larger publications that print thousands of hardcover books to bring the price down based on quantity. This is going to vary from situation to situation, but from a singular perspective, it is going to remain within that range. It’s best to look at all of the factors mentioned in this guide when trying to work towards bringing the cost down. Each variable will play a role in the grand scheme of things.

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