UWIN Card: Benefits, Features, Social Security Schemes

Despite of various social security schemes in India, it is not reaching the workers from unorganised sectors as expected due to the lack of awareness of their benefits. This is resulting in such schemes are not meeting their purpose.

Keeping this mind, government of India is going to launch UWIN card (Unorganised Workers’ Identification Number) for these workers.

  • It is a smart card scheme especially for workers from unorganised sector.
  • Through this, card holders can avail benefits of various social welfare schemes.
  • Condition is that these workers should not be a part of Employees Provident Fund Organization or Employee State Insurance Corporation.
  • It will be a chip based card and 40 crore workers would get benefit.
  • 88% of India’s population work in unorganised sector.
  • This scheme would be launched in phases and in the initial phase target is to issue 10 crore UWIN cards.
  • Every state will launch awareness programs of this card.
  • Technology for this card will be provided by NIC.

Card is expected to bear the following details of the worker along with UWIN card name and logo:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Aadhar number
  • Unique ID
  • Card issuing authority

What are the unorganized sectors in India?

  • Unorganised sector are those enterprises (proprietary or partnership) having less than 10 workers.
  • Few sectors include forest workers, tribal workers, fishing, handloom, sweepers, construction, mining, transportation etc.
  • These sectors do not have much regulations or provide protection to their workers.
  • Such workers are not aware of risks in their job and are often exploited due to extended working hours, improper safety measures, low wages, unhealthy working conditions and others.
  • Most importantly they are not aware of the social security benefits and how to avail them.

Which are the social security schemes in India?

There are various social security schemes in India covering health, insurance, pension, banking and others which includes:

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