eBasta Scheme: Benefits, Get Free Books, Download App

India is steadily moving towards becoming a fully digital country. With series of initiatives to make citizens of India to access as many things possible on a digital platform, many initiatives were launched in the last one and half year like Digital Locker, e-Vahan Bima, digital life certificate etc. And now, it is the time for students to get benefit of new initiative called eBasta – a digital school bag.

What is eBasta:

This scheme is nothing but a platform to download school books and various other types of study materials in a digital format. The objective is to facilitate learning.


  • Students can download these ebooks on tablet and desktop and study them as per their convenience by downloading eBasta app.
  • Access is easy and in a structured format.
  • They can also access content of other schools.
  • Although most apps run on internet, it is not the case with eBasta. Once ebook is downloaded, it can be read offline as well. So there is no internet charge for reading it. However if the internet connection is slow, which is very common in India then it will more time to download the book. Time to download can further increase if the book is lengthy and contains lot of images.
  • Various file formats are available such as text, animation, graphics, audio, videos etc.
  • It will reduce load on students, as they don’t have to carry heavy bags since books are easily accessible over the internet portable.
  • Books would be available instantly. Normally it is seen that students have to search for books in the market and many a times books are not available. This won’t be the case with eBasta as they are delivered instantly.
  • Moreover, ebooks are completely secured and safe and there is no danger of virus.

How to get access to eBasta app:

As of now, the app is available only for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop running on android operating system. Here’s the link to download the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.ebasta.ebsapp

How to get ebooks:

Once the app is downloaded, student can search the basta. Teachers will provide the name for eBasta which is unique. Students can search using this particular name. Other search options available are using the class, name of subject, language of the book and format.


eBasta app is 100% free. However, not all reading material would be free. There would be charge for certain material.

How eBasta gets books:

Publishers are the ones who upload the content on eBastas depending on the requirement. Once content (i.e. ebooks, animation files, text etc.) is uploaded, authorized teachers can access it and customize as per their need. Customization is basically making the content available according to the standard, syllabus and other requirement.

More information:

  • The official website is www.ebasta.in
  • Comments and user ratings for each content type can be made and these can be viewed by the publishers, so that they can optimize them further for better quality.
  • Publishers can also first upload contain in a preview mode which won’t be downloadable but reviews can be gathered for it.

eBasta is a very valuable framework to make school books available in digital format. It has been developed by Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) and will benefit all the three stakeholders i.e. students, teachers and publishers.

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