Get Maximum Benefits from Credit Card

Benefiting from Credit Card

Each one of us believes that credit cards are bad but still we love to use it. Plastic money or credit cards are always blamed due to hidden charges, annual fees etc. But still life is incomplete without this. Especially for urbanites who rely heavily on credit cards. And one of the major reasons for being negative about credit card is not being aware of all these charges beforehand. So it’s actually a customer’s fault.

Always remember that, credit card issuing companies are doing business and it’s their right to make as much money possible from the customer. But do you know that you can benefit and smartly save on credit cards. Here’s how:

Petrol Pump: Most of the cards offer reward points when you buy fuel at gas stations and after reaching a certain limit you’re offered fuel at zero cost. So always make smart use of your credit card to buy fuel instead of cash/debit card. If your job requires travelling a lot then go for such type of cards.

ATM Withdrawal: Laziness kills. And same happens when card holders of one bank use ATM of other bank. Of course there could be many reasons for doing this. But still it has been found that people try to rush at nearest ATMs to withdraw money resulting in additional charges when a certain limit is crossed. Also see tips on credit card safety tips.

Movie offers: This is important for a movie buff. Individuals falling under this category should get a credit card offering offers on buying movie tickets.

Discount offers & reward points: These days normally every credit card gives users a discount on buying merchandise, jewellery, dining etc. Card issuing companies partner with retailers/affiliates. So if you are a heavy shopper, buy a credit card which offers great discount but only after confirming your spending habits and affiliate partners of your credit card i.e. you need to be a smart shopper. If you are planning a holiday in advance, then get a card which offer travel rewards, free stay, discount of flight booking. However remember that reward cards carry high interest rate for the card owner. Do you know what credit card companies hide? Read more about this.

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