2018: 6 credit card benefits you should not forget to utilize

2017 is almost coming to an end. And we hope everyone has had exciting year, financially. Now come 2018, let’s pledge to achieve even more success. There are many options to achieve financial success and saving money is one of the way to grow your money. You can save money in many ways but sometimes we miss out on smaller options offering smaller gains. And credit card is one of them. Let’s understand how.

The sole purpose of credit card is not just to swipe and make payments. If you have been using credit card for only this purpose then you are probably not utilizing the range of benefits your card offers.

Apart from the credit offered on the card, the companies offer various perks to woo the customers. However as individuals start using the card they forget to take advantage of benefits that come with a credit card:

Reward Points:

Every purchase made on credit card gives you reward points. Usually Rs. 1 spent equals 1 reward point.

These reward points can later be redeemed for various purposes such as discount at restaurants, offers on travel trips, movies, cashbacks, and many others. Basically money you spent helps in saving money later. There are many cards for e.g. Citi Reward Credit Card (by Citibank) which offers 2500 points on just activating the card. Redeeming the points is also very simple process. It’s just that some individuals become too busy in swiping and smaller benefits are missed.

Online Shopping Discount:

Big shopping platforms partner with banks to offer discounts on credit card purchases. Stay alert with such offers and save money. On minimum pre-defined transaction amount purchase, card customers get certain % of cashback. For e.g. Citibank card customers are currently (between 22Dec’17 – 25Dec’17) getting 15% cashback on shopping on Myntra and Jabong.

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Travel Insurance:

The most ignored part when travelling abroad is travel insurance. Although many countries mandatorily ask for travel insurance but still individuals end up buying cheaper options. If you are credit card holder then your card comes with travel insurance feature as well offering range of benefits such as:

  • Overseas health cover i.e. any medical emergency arises in foreign country then expenses will be taken care by the insurer.
  • Coverage against loss of baggage, passport, delayed flight etc. are covered.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment and many more.

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Health Insurance:

Credit card also offers protection to your family members by providing comprehensive health insurance. Usually card companies tie up with insurance companies to get individuals and their family members insured and offer various features such as:

  • Pre and post hospitalization coverage
  • Hospital cash benefit
  • ICU benefit
  • Day care benefits and many more.

Concierge Services:

Your credit card also assists you in booking movie tickets, making hotel reservations, sending gifts to friends, and much more.

Roadside Assistance:

It is obviously very frustrating when your vehicle malfunctions in the middle of your journey. And things become worse when you are all alone. But do you know that your card company can come to rescue you. Yes, your credit card also offers emergency services! When stuck, use that card for emergency towing, roadside repair or for alternate travel assistance.

These add-on benefits make credit cards even better. So make a pledge to make best out of your cards in 2018.

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