15 Traits of Emotionally Rich People

To create an extraordinary life, we must learn to overcome adverse situations. The emotion most sought by people is happiness. Those who are emotionally strong achieve true happiness and lasting success, not as a moment in their lives, but as a journey.

Strong-minded people understand that emotions are the engine of motivation, and are aware of how difficult it can be to master them. When tied to adrenaline, emotions can move us in the wrong direction. For this reason it is indispensable to manage them if we want to be happy and successful.

Emotionally rich people have:

1. Trust

They are sure of their value as people and do not need the public to approve or applaud their actions. They have no “pick me, pick me” attitude. These people do not need attention because they feel satisfied with themselves and are aware that their accomplishments are the result of hard and incessant work in all areas of their lives. They understand that being great people takes a lot of effort.

2. Resilience

Emotionally rich people have deep inner strength. They are aware that as they approach success they will encounter envious and cruel people along the way. However, they are not discouraged by these negative people: they are motivated to change the world, and they know that the more successful they are, the more impact they create in the lives of others and can reach their full potential.

As their own source of power, they are aware of the negative people around them and learn to control their reactions. They do not let destructive intentions deter their will.

3. Look ahead

Emotionally rich individuals do not have time to feel guilty or criticize others. They set resentments aside, knowing they are being held back. Resentment keeps them trapped in the past, and therefore they consider it a great loss of energy.

If someone else resents them and doesn’t let go of the grudge, they just walk away from it. Emotionally rich people don’t spend their energy trying to convince someone that they deserve their attention. They just keep looking straight ahead. They don’t get bitter: they seek to improve.

4. Self-fidelity

They do not compromise their values or beliefs under any circumstances. They do what they do because they love to do it. Likewise, they are not willing to change or stop being who they are because of criticism. They are clear that it takes a small mind to criticize a brilliant mind. Emotionally rich people stay away from those who seek to dim their brightness. They are true to their greatest purpose. 

5. Faith

People who love themselves understand who they are. They are not afraid to go after what they want. Patiently, they work on their fears and doubts to transcend them. These extraordinary beings know that everything they do in life will be reflected in their results.

They choose to live their lives intensely, and they are not afraid to take an ambitious journey or make a deep commitment to be happy and successful. They take pride in their struggles, as well as their contributions.
Emotionally rich people choose to have faith over fear.

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6. Maturity

For true masters of emotion, lasting success and real happiness can only come from hard work, sweat, challenges, and surviving storms. They accept that life is difficult. And because they embrace this truth, they are able to transcend it. They put responsibility before leisure, and choose goodness over righteousness.

7. Ability to discern

Emotionally rich people are like that for a reason. They do not expose themselves to people who discourage or demoralize them. Instead, they surround themselves with people who are motivated, inspiring, honest, committed and have a clear goal in their lives. Energy is contagious. Rich people know how to choose their companions well and stay away from negative people.

8. Authenticity


They are not afraid to show themselves as they are or to be vulnerable. They have the courage to show the world their true “I”. They let people into their lives because they know that all good relationships are based on openness, honesty, authenticity and integrity.

With these people there are no guessing games. One can know exactly what they are thinking. These exceptional beings always expect the best from others, and give the best of themselves in all circumstances. They choose authenticity over insecurity.

9. Enthusiasm

These people wake up wanting to enjoy their day to the fullest. They never take their lives for granted, nor do they miss opportunities. Laziness does not exist in their minds. On the contrary, they feel invaded by a sense of urgency and enthusiasm that allows them to feel ready to make things happen.

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10. Conservation instinct

Emotionally rich people understand the importance of taking time to stock up on fuel and take care of themselves. They understand the value of disconnecting from the world, of leaving action and emotion for a moment to focus on their inner self.

These individuals do not run away from their challenges. But they know that sometimes their best option is to do nothing more than observe and wait. They appreciate the slow moments of life when they do nothing but live, breathe and feel inner peace.

11. Free time

They don’t waste their time doing something they don’t want. They understand that they must direct their energy and concentrate on what they love to do. By focusing on your passions, you find a way to keep them developing. You know that you will not love every part of your journey, but you see a larger picture. You tolerate these moments, for you know that they are necessary to achieve your goals. They don’t waste their time or effort on tasks that don’t make sense.

12. Limits

They are aware that in order to have a healthy and emotionally clean life they must say “NO” when necessary. A person without limits is an easy prey.
They also know that they are their main source of power. They know what is right and what is not based on their experience. For them, “no” means “no”.

13. Empathy

They feel a great empathy for others and are willing to give back what they have received, whether by donating money or volunteering, organizing events or their daily attitudes. They dedicate an amount of their income to some cause they believe in, and they know this will be rewarded in another way.

Emotionally rich people don’t always believe that something is missing. They firmly believe that there is enough for everyone, so they are not afraid to share their wealth, financial and otherwise.

14. True to themselves

They’re independent, and they embrace who they are. They don’t worry about fitting in, as they are too busy looking for success by being authentic. They realize that those who work hard to fit in are afraid to be themselves. Because they are true to themselves, the rich are the rebels of the world, trend makers and honorable leaders.

15. Happiness

They have a healthy relationship with their mind, are consistent and disciplined. They know the power of their thoughts over their mind and body. This emotional awareness allows them to learn from thoughts that do not promote their happiness or success.

These people have learned to handle their unpleasant emotions instead of reacting to them, because they know that life is full of uncertainties. They choose the thoughts, emotions and responses that will govern their lives rather than acting on fear. They know that happiness is not a given state: it is their own creation.

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