9 Tips to Save/Not Lose Money While Traveling

Save Money Travelling

As summer arrives, people plan travel around the world and price of fares and other things skyrocket. Many families take advantage to spend time together and get out of the routine; when the children have holiday.

However, there is a reason why a dream vacation can turn into a nightmare, and that is to lose money you didn’t contemplate spending. Whether it’s $50 or $5,000, it’s money you probably needed for something else and it will never come back to you.

So here are several alternatives to avoid losing money while traveling and saving more.

Do not hire any service to plan your trip

Savings begin before you leave home. That’s why it’s best not to throw money in the trash by hiring a travel agency or agent when you can do everything online. To get the best prices compare prices for flying on different airlines and repeat this step before booking your stay.

Buy your plane ticket early

The ideal is to buy the plane ticket at least six months in advance to get better prices. A vacation is not an emergency, so there is no reason to leave the purchase of the airline ticket to last minute.

While it is true that some airlines may lower your ticket when there are very few seats available on the flight, this is a very high risk you will take.

Do not exceed the luggage weight

Overweight luggage is very expensive. Charges can range from US$50 to US$100.

So you don’t have to take extra money out of your pocket, weigh the suitcase before you go to the airport. Most airlines allow 50 pounds for suitcases in the hold. However, it is best to check directly with the company to avoid setbacks.

On the other hand, keep in mind that although your suitcases have the right weight, there are several airlines that will still charge for carrying it. Keep in mind that it always costs less to pay online when buying an airline ticket, rather than at the counter.

Travel with little cash

We live in the credit card era. Also, technology has reached such a point that you can pay with your cell phone in many establishments, but for some reason people think it’s better to carry enough “cash” during travel.

But using a card will always be more convenient because you can report it lost or stolen if that’s the case, and the bank can cancel any purchases you haven’t made. Besides this, you won’t be easy prey for pickpockets.

Transportation and lodging

If you want to save, discard the most luxurious hotels in the world. The biggest expense when traveling is usually in transportation and lodging. To save the best is to get a budget in advance. Plan the services you will use making a comparison between quality and prices.

In the case of the stay, keep in mind that there are different options in addition to hotels ranging from hostels to renting rooms, apartments or houses through the Airbnb system. This is one of the most popular platforms because it allows temporary accommodation at a very good price.

And in the case of hostels, most are very cheap, but there are even free alternatives.

Use public transport

Definitely using trains, buses or other methods of public transport will save you more money than if you decide to move in Uber or taxis.

Travel in low season

You will spend less money when traveling during a off season. Also, there are days when it is cheaper to travel. In addition, you can receive alerts to get the best deals if you wish.

Prices are based on where and when people are most interested in going. So with this in mind, try to be more flexible with your travel.

However, if you want to travel in the summer, it’s best to travel just when it starts or when it’s ending rather than choosing the dates that are in the middle of the season. You can also choose destinations that are less popular during those months.

Buy food at the supermarket

Yes, you can, even if you’re out and about. All supermarkets have meals that you don’t need to cook and are very fresh. You can also buy snacks. In addition, many have cafeterias that tend to have a much cheaper menu than a restaurant on the street.

It is understandable that you want to enjoy holidays to the fullest and taste some of the local dishes of the city you are visiting, but you don’t have to do it at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don’t travel with expensive jewelry or valuables

It’s best to leave jewelry for a party in your hotel/place where you are staying because if you decide to wear bright or gold garments, you risk being stolen. In the case of computers or tablets it is better to leave them exclusively for business trips. Surely, if it’s a pleasure trip you won’t miss these artifacts.

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