5 Ways to Save Money When Eating Out

If you want to enjoy quality food and give your palate a treat without your hitting wallet hard, then here are some of the best money saving recommendations when you visit an expensive restaurant.

You don’t have to burn money for a tasty menu and don’t have to go hungry when going out to eat on a special occasion. But it’s important to have a few tips on hand that will be especially useful for saving money in expensive, high or mid range restaurants.

It should be noted that one of the fundamental keys is to consult the price range of the restaurant beforehand. Look for offers on the internet or mobile app and define a maximum and minimum budget that you wish to spend and which you will not allow to exceed. You can also look for digital wallets which give cashback or discounts. Such offers are typically for one time only. So if you are going in a group then use mobile phone of other members to avail the offer.

Once you’re in the restaurant, these are some of the keys to reducing your bill.

5 tips for saving money in restaurants

It is worth opting for a menu in which vegetables predominate. In addition to the environmental reasons, you should bear in mind that good meat or products such as seafood will considerably increase the final price of whatever you order. If you order meat, remember that lean meat and poultry are usually cheaper, while beef and veal are the most expensive.

At noon it’s usually cheaper: The day’s menus served at lunchtime are usually not valid for dinner, so you’ll have this savings option at your disposal if you don’t mind the time to give yourself a treat.

Sharing is the key: Sharing desserts and starters and ordering a main course per person is a way not only to save money, but to enjoy a wider range of flavors and to comment on your culinary opinions about the place. Pay attention to fixed-price menus, useful for saving money or signature dishes with occasional discounts.

Choose the best day of the week: There are certain times – low season – or days of the week, when you can find special offers, especially in those with fewer customers.

Beware of drinks: Along with desserts, drinks such as wine are a expensive products that can greatly increase the final amount of your dinner or lunch. Check prices beforehand and if you need to cut back on expenses, remove the most superfluous items from the menu, share dessert or order wine from home.

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