7 Safe Ways to Save Money

Save Money

Have you started thinking seriously about saving money. Then this article is the perfect for you.

Below are some thoughts about saving.

Don’t go shopping: If you don’t go shopping you won’t spend money, it’s so simple. Obviously if you need something from the store, go ahead and buy it, but don’t go out shopping. Shopping has become a favorite pastime in many countries and we are already talking about other areas than the need to purchase services and products that we really need. The activity of going shopping already tries to fill many other needs, be they social, improve self-esteem, etc.

Live within your limits: That is to say, buy only what you can pay, avoid debts and always have something saved for emergencies. Living within your own limits, suggests that you wait until you have the money to buy something.

Take care of what you have: Brushing your teeth every day is an example of how to take care of your body and helps you avoid paying high amount of money to the dentist. Extending this principle to other possessions can help you save money. For example, wash certain items by hand, so that they don’t deteriorate quickly.

Use until you wear them out: We throw away a lot of clothes, too much… and many of those clothes are surely in a perfect state. The same applies to appliances. Are you just updating or duplicating last year’s appliances or are you really using it until you have no more to give? Imagine how much money you would save, if you decided to use things 20% more.

Do it yourself/DIY: Can you fix your car? File taxes? Make a cake? Sew a T-shirt? Cut your family’s hair?

Plan your needs: If you take the time to make your purchases you can save a lot of money. If you see that you will soon have to change a wheel of the car, suddenly you are more aware of all the sales of wheels around you. Anticipating needs also avoids impulse purchases. Needs extend to include what you impulsively want to buy.

Bargain: There are several ways to look for bargain prices. Mail order, chain of stores that sell discounted merchandise. Call stores and make price comparisons over the phone. Ask for discounts on less-than-perfect items.

If you have some good savings tips, don’t hesitate to add them to the comments!

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