Home Based Internet Business for Freelance Moms and Dads

Professionals are increasingly working from home and for good reasons – such as greater freedom, time savings and better work and family life balance.

Not to miss, entrepreneurs and freelance workers, who work wherever they want, whether it is a coworking space, rental offices or their own home.

Working from your own home has its advantages and disadvantages too, which can become inconvenient if the necessary measures are not taken to prepare the space. If you are also in charge of a child, things get complicated, because the requirements of tranquility, silence and even order and comfort will surely be disrupted.

If you are thinking of working from home and running your own business and your child at the same time, knowing that some jobs are more compatible than others:

Working with children

Since your child is going to spend a lot of your work time, what better way to combine the two than by combining them? If you like children, these ideas are perfect for you:

Online teacher: Are you good at math, science or physics, are you good at online marketing, or can you do programming? Whatever your talent, you can teach it as an online teacher anywhere in the world.

Since you are going to stay at home taking care of your child, you can get some extra money by taking care of someone else’s. You just need some space and resources to take care of them both.

Writing Assignments

Whether you have children or not, there are certain internet jobs such as writing that can earn you income without much efforts. Of course, you need to deliver quality work. In addition, writing is such a job that you can do along with taking care of your child.

Blogger: All you need is a topic to write about and start writing. For e.g. if you have good knowledge about technology, then you can create blog on the same.

Copywriter: Prepares and writes advertising pieces for agencies and advertisers that persuade users to purchase service.

Freelance copywriter: It is similar to the previous one, since it requires creative writing skills, but instead of slogans or calls to action, you have to write suggestive texts that engage the reader to read them till the end. Many websites and media seek quality content, and you can give it to them.

Book Writer: Thanks to internet platforms for publishing books without the need for publishers, you can write your own with the same ease as a blog. You just need to take some quite time everyday.

Sell online

If you have started a blog, depending on the theme and your traffic, you can turn it into an ecommerce and start using it as a platform to sell certain products or services. In addition, affiliate marketing can also offer you extra money.

If you have creative skills and make personal artistic designs, fashion, or accessories, you can always turn to third-party platforms so you don’t have to open your own online store, like Etsy.

Technical Work

If you master any technical discipline, then freelance work from home job is for you and you will be able to take care of your child as well:

Web Design: Thousands, millions of business websites need a web redesign. And objective would differ. For e.g. a business might need a redesign when their website is not responsive, or may be the site offers a bad user experience.

Developer: There are many categories of developers which includes website/app/bot developer. The demand for developer will never die and you would never be short of work.

Graphic designer: Content and advertising material of all kinds, either online or in physical format, requires graphic design. Advertising industry is not the only one that demand quality graphic design experts. Today, every business needs a logo, visual identity, or posters, to name a few.

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