Want to Make Lot of Money? Ask Yourself “What For” and “Why”

Who doesn’t want a little more money? or, a lot of money? I want it! And of course everyone wants to have more and more of it.

Money is an indispensable tool to have things that we need and want in life. It is the currency of the system in which we live and surely we often think that if we had a lot of money, our life would change radically.

But there are two questions everyone should ask themselves.

The first question – What do you want more money for? What do you want a lot of money for? And don’t rush to answer, please. Think about it a little more carefully.

What would you do with that extra money that you want it so badly? Let’s not forget that – although money is something very precious in this world, it is basically a means, a tool to achieve what you want.

“A lot of money piled on a table doesn’t do much good, but when put into action, it can take you where you haven’t even dreamt of”.

On a second thought, maybe what you want to achieve with a lot of money in your pocket is to be free of bosses and schedules and have more time for yourself or to share with your family. Maybe you want to travel around the world and meet wonderful people and places. Maybe you want to have a foundation that serves a cause you believe in and contribute to those in need.

Or, maybe you just want to have all the luxuries that money can buy, like a expensive car, a grand house outside of your city, lots of entertainment, classy designer clothes, best of the best accessories, and so on….

Whatever you want to buy or do with the money is perfect (as long as it’s not illegal and doesn’t go against anyone!). But it’s very important that you have clarity on what you want first, so that you can evaluate whether the strategy you’re following to achieve it is effective and whether the means you’re using are the right ones.

This question may even seem silly, because who doesn’t know what he wants? But you would be surprised to see how many times we do not achieve our purpose in life for the simple reason of not having clarity. And the only way to get clarity is to consciously ask and answer ourselves as honestly as possible.

The second question – Why do you want what you want? What is the motivation behind what you want?

The same purpose may be motivated by very different things, and those motivations may make fulfilling that purpose a source of happiness and fulfillment for you or not.

Let’s consider an example to make this clear:

Ask a graduate from college what he wants to study and he says he wants to study engineering (suppose any one of them). Then ask him why he wants to study that and he may provide various answers.


Because his father, grandfather and great-great-grandfather were engineers, or because it’s a career with a big job market, or because his best friend and girlfriend are going to study engineering and want to go to the same university, or because it’s something that catches his attention because he/she loves to know how things work and build them, etc. from a very young age.

And well, every answer is valid, however their path and results will be very different depending on what their real motivation is.

Money money, lots of money….

That’s the number one mistake young people make today!

There are a lot of students and even working professionals without a fixed course of study, a definite purpose in life, and who and when asked what they are going to study or work, answer that X career/profession, but only because they will earn a lot of money and be happier with it.

Do you still believe that money is what brings happiness?

And those who think this, are poor people dreaming….

Besides, it will be very difficult for them to succeed in something they are not passionate about. And they will not be happy about. Because they had to invest their greatest and most important asset (their time) doing something they did not like to achieve, and where most of our lives are going.

There are many people who are successful, but from inside feel empty.

Not to mention that when we choose our goals and purposes thinking about what others would want from us or what we are supposed to choose, we are likely to get bored and halfway through we want to quit.

And that’s how we would have achieved that dream. We could find that far from being something we really wanted, it’s something that makes us feel unhappy, and that’s when many want to run away while they blame others for their misfortune.

But instead, when what motivates us is a true inner belief, an honest reason for ourselves, we will see that, even with great challenges. We will enjoy every step in the way, and when the results come (and they will come for sure), we will feel internally happy and a strong desire to set a much higher goal will fire from within you. This is not a question of an something external, but of the deep need to respond and fulfill yourself.

We all have the rights and the ability to make more money and live a free and prosperous life.

So the next time you say to yourself, “I want more money,” remember to ask yourself, “What do I want it for?” and “Why do I want that?”. And when you answer honestly and are clear at it, be assured that if you believe in it and work with discipline and consistency, there will be no goal you won’t meet and the extra money will simply come your way.

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