SBI INTOUCH Card Benefits, Charges, Transaction Limit

State bank of India which is India’s biggest bank has launched contactless debit card sbiINTOUCH Tap and Go Debit card and SBI signature contactless credit card which will make transactions faster and more secured. This will also replace cash transactions normally seen in India at retail merchants, petrol pumps and at other places. Card and PoS terminals will have the logo [ )))) ]. Here is the review of contactless card:


  • No need to swipe or dip the card
  • Fraud Coverage: Increased security is provided for signature contactless credit card holder. Under this, card holder will get an emergency card replacement in case of theft, loss etc. In addition to this, Rs.1, 00, 000 of fraud liability cover will also be provided.
  • Fast, hassle-free and secured payment

How to use In Touch card to make payment:

  • Retailer will first enter the purchase amount.
  • User needs to just wave/tap the card over the PoS terminal at a distance of 4cm of the contactless card reader for nearly half a second.
  • After waving, four green lights will be displayed and message will be displayed, which means that payment is successfully done.
  • Once payment is made, card holder will receive confirmation message on his mobile number and registered E-mail ID.


  • No issuance charges for the first year
  • Next year onwards a fee of Rs. 150 charged every year
  • Annual maintenance charge

Transaction Limit: Rs.2, 000 per tap. However this might be further increased so that customers will not have to tap multiple times if purchase amount is greater that Rs. 2,000.

How to get this card: For this, customers will have to apply at SBI. Existing card holders can also upgrade their existing card to sbiINTOUCH card.

Where can you use the card?

  • Point of Sale terminal
  • Restaurant
  • Travel ticket booking centers and many other places where such card payments are accepted.
  • Can be used internationally at ATM’s or PoS
  • Card can also be used for cash withdrawal at ATM

Is contactless card secured?

Now the most important question, are the contactless secured. They are highly secured due to the underlying technology NFC (Near Field Communication). This technology is used for data transfer in mobile phones.

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