12 Reasons to Get SBI Unnati Credit Card: No Fee, Against FD & more

State Bank of India had launched SBI Unnati Credit card in March 2017. The objective behind launching this card was to contribute to India’s vision of building a cashless economy.

Although there are multiple credit cards available in the market with each offering various benefits, this card is worth to opt for because of the following reasons:

  1. No credit history required: Today, anywhere you apply for a credit card the first thing checked by the lender is the credit score. But applicants of SBI Unnati credit card can get the card even with no history. This is because the card is offered against fixed deposit.
  2. No joining fee: There is no joining fee associated with the card.
  3. No annual fee: This card is a complete money saver as there is no annual fee for the first four years. Once four years are over and card is up for renewal, the card holder will have to pay Rs. 499 fee. There is no condition for minimum spend required. Check out credit cards with no annual fee in the market.
  4. Helps in building credit history: As the card is available for every SBI account holder including people holding Jan Dhan Account, it provides an excellent way to start building credit history. So this is the best way for any account holding student to get credit card. Getting a credit card for the first time is very difficult as every bank has minimum income requirement. If the income is below this limit, then card application is rejected. Since this card is offered against FD, it gives an opportunity for everyone especially low income individuals to start building credit history.
  5. Add-on card facility: Primary owner also has an option to apply for an add-on card for his/her family member. The condition is that the family member should be parents, siblings, spouse, or children who have completed 18 years of age.
  6. No late payment fee if the total due amount is less than Rs. 200. However you should never make late payment as it affects credit rating.
  7. Maximum Rs.100 fuel surcharge (2.5%) is waived off every month provided the transaction is between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000.
  8. Flexipay: If user makes a minimum purchase of Rs. 2500 then they can convert their transactions to Flexipay i.e. easy monthly installments.
  9. User can get a demand draft or cheque against the limit available on the card.
  10. Balance transfer: If you already hold credit card of any other bank then you can transfer any outstanding balance to SBI Unnati card. Benefit of doing this is the low interest compared to your existing card. There are two options for balance transfer:
  • 0% interest for 60 days
  • 1.7% interest per month for 180 days

11. For every Rs. 100 spent on this card; 1 reward point can be accumulated. The points accumulated can then be          redeemed to purchase the following:

  • Accessories
  • Apparels
  • Books
  • Electronics – Mobile phones, camera, speakers,
  • Entertainment
  • Dining & more

12. Worldwide acceptance: You can use this card in India and anywhere in the world and even make online     payment in currencies other than Indian rupee.


  1. Applicant should be SBI account holder
  2. This card is a secured credit card offered against the fixed deposit and requires minimum balance of Rs. 25,000. There is no maximum balance limit. Basically this card is a secured card.

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With so many benefits and features, SBI Unnati Credit Card is definitely empowering Indians to go cashless.

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