Apps to Save Money on Medicine

Apps to Save Money on Medicines

Not many of us are aware of generic drugs and their benefits over prescription drugs. Generics or generic medicines contain same chemical ingredients and can be purchased by referring to their chemical name. These generics are very cheap as compared to branded drugs and yet provide health benefits/efficacy similar to prescribed drugs. And most of these generics do not have any big brand name associated with them.

Let’s take an example of the most commonly used medicine in India “Crocin” used as a painkiller and is available at over Rs. 10. However not many of us know that Crocin is a branded drug and it’s generic version is “Paracetamol” which is sold at just Rs. 2.50.

Although generic have not gained much popularity in India due to lack of awareness but still you can find cheapest medicines at Jan Aushadhi stores, Akunuri Medicals which are run in the public hospital’s premises. Moreover we normally do not ask our doctors to suggest cheaper alternative generic drugs. So it is the duty of consumer to ask their doctors about generic alternative for each and every medicine prescribed.

However not many of us are aware of mobile apps which are developed specifically to find generic alternative for prescription drug which can save good amount of money. As of now, following three apps are available:

  1. Healthkart Plus
  2. My Dawai
  3. Get Med

With such great apps which are cost effective and offers multiple uses, they are worth recommended and should used by every individual. And as technology evolves more and more app will come up in the market and give branded drugs a run for their money.

Benefits of these apps

  1. Finds cheaper alternative to branded prescribed drugs.
  2. Helps in comparing price of generic medicine along with prescription drug
  3. Side effects of both prescribed and generic drugs can be checked
  4. You can also order medicines at your home using these apps since they also show nearby drug stores where these medicines are available
  5. Saves money on health care cost

These apps work on iOS and Android based devices.

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