9 Tips to Save Money in USA Without Big Sacrifices

Save Money in America

Being in United States of America is a dream for most of us. But the hard fact is that, earning and saving money in USA has its own challenges. And everyone has a hard time saving.

However, if you apply the 9 tricks below, you can save good amount of money in USA without making big sacrifices.

1. Reduce car usage: No doubt, it is very convenient. But using public transportation can mean big savings. According to the American Automobile Association, owning a vehicle costs $725 per month, while the monthly cost of public transportation in is average $300.

2. Reduce your accommodation costs: You can save good money by looking for a smaller place or moving to a neighborhood where you live well, without necessarily being the most coveted area of the city. And that can translate into $300 more for your budget.

3. Share your home: If you don’t want to change neighborhoods, a good option may be to find someone to live with and share costs, as long as your lease allows. And if you own your home, then this should be easy. Savings can be more than $300.

4. Eat at home: In a restaurant, a main course can cost $30. That same home-cooked meal, just $10. If you spend $10 a day on lunch at your local store, plus another $100 a week on restaurants and takeout, that’s $600.

5. Do It Yourself: There are jobs you can take care of yourself, although you usually hire someone else to do them. Every month you spend $200 on a cleaning service and $100 on mowing the lawn. But if you do it yourself saving could be $300.

6. Look for free entertainment: No one likes to get bored and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Doing activities like hiking outdoors or attending free concerts or movie shows in the park can easily mean $300 less per month.

7. Stop smoking: It’s bad for your health and pocket. A packet of tobacco costs about $5.51 and many people smoke two packs a day. The expense can be $330. And if you quit, that same amount would be your savings. And you can also save on medical expenses for possible health problems.

8. Refinance your mortgage: Suppose you took out a $200,000 mortgage five years ago, when your credit history wasn’t as good; now that your score has improved, lower your interest rate and reduce monthly interest costs by $300.

9. Look for a supplemental job: Many Americans have some kind of second job. And of those, 25% earn an additional $500 for that second job. It’s worth spending time off or on weekends. In this case, more than saving, it would be winning.

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