IRCTC Travel Insurance: Coverage, Exclusions, Claim Process

Insurance is undoubtedly the most important part of everyone’s life. However in India the insurance penetration is still very low. You must have heard many insurance companies offering coverage for personal accident, total disability etc. However such policies are either sold as a part of package e.g. two wheeler or 4 wheeler or individual policy with high or additional premium.

Ever imagined any insurance with a premium of just Rs. 1? This sounds like a marketing gimmic but IRCTC will offer travel insurance to individual’s booking e-tickets on their portal. Rs.1 premium will be for each valid ticket holder with PNR status.

This insurance for railway passengers will provide coverage against the following conditions:


  1. Death or permanent total disability: 10 Lakh
  2. Permanent partial disability: Rs. 7.5 Lakh
  3. Hospitalization expenses: Rs. 2 Lakh
  4. Transportation: Rs. 10, 000. This particular coverage will be given to transport mortal remains of the policy holder when he/she dies due to an accident. When the policy holder gets injured then also the sum insured will be given. Other benefit is that incidents such as terrorist attacks, dacoity, riot, shoot-out or arson, as well as for short termination, diverted route and Vikalp trains are also covered.
  5. In case of train cancellation and route change, insurer will have to pay money to the claimant.


  1. Sub-urban travellers won’t be covered
  2. Claims will be rejected if when accident takes place at location not falling between the originating and arriving station.

Claim process:

Family members will have to file for a claim within 4 months of the event. Once details are received by the insurance companies, they will have to process and pay the claimant the money within 15 days. The money will be sent via cheque to the claimant.

How to buy travel insurance on IRCTC website:

While booking train tickets, an option to select travel insurance will be offered. E-copy of the policy document will be sent on the E-mail. This insurance will be offered starting 01st September, 2016. The system will work in rotation i.e. in the first rotation 1st company will get the insurance. In the next rotation, 2nd company will get the insurance and so on.

If someone wants to buy insurance for their child then they will have to provide details such as full name, date of birth, gender, name of parents and others.

For adding nominee details, message will be displayed after the ticket is purchased. User will have to fill in nominee details which will include name, relationship, contact details and few others.

Even if traveler doesn’t have reserved ticket then also he/she would be covered.

Which companies have partnered with IRCTC to offer insurance for railway passengers?

Total 19 companies opted for bidding and following three companies were finalized:\

  1. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company
  2. Royal Sundaram
  3. Shriram General

Should you buy IRCTC travel insurance?

Although this insurance is not mandatory, considering the negligible amount to be paid as a premium, it is worth buying travel insurance from IRCTC. No where in this world you will get such a cheap insurance policy. And imagine you are the sole earning member in the family and while travelling you die or get permanently disabled. What will happen to your family in such condition?

Travellers from which train / class will be insured?

Individual’s travelling in any class will be offered insurance. There is no restriction.

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