2015: Where to Invest & Why – FD, Equities, Insurance & More

Best Investment Tips in 2015

Bye Bye 2014! Hope you all had a wonderful year financially as Modi government has bought positive optimism for Indian businesses. As the new year has started everyone needs to be ready to make smarter investment decisions to earn excellent returns.
So what are the best investments you can make in 2015 and why you should invest in it?

Let’s explore:

Timely entry and exit in share market

Make a resolution to buy stocks of best companies when they are trading at low price and sell them at higher price. Timing plays a very important role in the world of stock market. Choose established brands in their respective industry which had been offering consistent return over the years i.e. strong past performer.

Consider these parameters for each stock – High growth rate, number of dividend offered, lower debt to equity ratio, high return in capital employed, P/E ratio and others. If you are not well aware of equity market then consider going through mutual fund route.


Buy health insurance policy

Healthcare has become expensive in India and even a small duration of stay in hospital raises your bill. So buy an health insurance which covers your whole family. Floater options is the best. Even if your company provides health insurance consider buying personal cover to secure your financial future.

Open bank account in Jan Dhan Yojana

Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana is the most successful financial inclusion scheme in India with an basic objective of bank account for every Indian family. Check out the benefits offered such as life and accident insurance and open account in these banks.

Bank FD

Preserving and growing money with zero risk is what everyone wants. And that’s why bank deposit are considered best investment destination as they offer stable, fixed return and secures your hard earned money. Although the interest offered is very less compared to other investment options but still your money is safe and you’ll always get guaranteed returns though less and not tax free. So invest in FD for minimum 3 year period and see your money grow. In addition to this linking it to your savings account offers higher returns.

Buy life insurance policy

Every industry expert will recommend buying an insurance policy. Not having a one especially when there is a single earning member in the family is an invitation to financial shock to the family in your absence. Read the benefits of investing in life insurance policy.

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