6 Affordable Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Halloween arrives on 31st October 2018.

And in 2018, Americans are expected to spend $9 billion on Halloween purchases! And that’s a whopping figure. On average, the amount is believed to be $86.79 per person, according to the National Federation of Retailers. Of course, a large portion of that money will go to buy candy.

But what if your finances are a little tight this year?

Don’t deprive yourself of celebrating Halloween because listed below are some of these inexpensive alternatives instead of candy. Most can be found in the dollar store. Take note along with the estimated prices!

1. Phosphorescent vampire teeth

No matter what children are dressed when they knock on your door, they’ll love this fun accessory that glows in the dark. You can buy 10 for just $1.

2. Brilliant foam stickers

They come in the form of skulls, bats and other classic Halloween elements. For $1, you get 75 stickers.


3. Thematic pencils

This is a practical gift but very fun, as they have designs of spiders, pumpkins and the like. The approximate cost is $10 cents per pencil.

4. Plastic Rings

You can buy them in the shape of spiders, bats, skulls… Each child can choose their favorite and, like a vampire denture, it is an accessory that enhances any costume. You can get 50 for $1.

5. Phosphorescent Bracelets

Everything that shines in the dark is a Halloween hit, including these fun colorful bracelets. Just wait for the kids to knock on your door and then shake the bracelets to activate their glow. Buy 20 for $1.

6. Horrible Creatures

In the shop you can find a variety of animals and plastic creatures that are ideal for children. For example, a centipede that shines in the dark. Get 12 of them for $1.

Finally, keep in mind that another advantage of replacing candy with these gifts is that you can save those you have left over for next year.

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