Coconut Water for Skin Care, Acne, Dark Spots, Dry, Itchy Skin

Coconut water or Nariyal Pani is the most favorite summer drink, especially for health conscious people due to the fact that it is 100% cholesterol and fat free and is low in sugar and calorie. Moreover it keeps body hydrated especially during summer season when climate is very humid.

The nutritional value of coconut water makes it a complete health drink as it helps in keeping body hydrated when taken in adequate quantity. It also cures stomach problems, boosts energy and offers many other benefits. It is rich in potassium and consists of lower amount of sodium and carbohydrate. Presence of antioxidants and cytokinins further makes it a favorite beverage.

But not many are aware of health benefits of coconut water for skin care. It is a natural cure for various skin problems such as dryness, itchiness, rashes, dark color and many others. Moreover it saves money compared to expensive skin care products available in the market.

Coconut Water for Skin Problems

Now the question arises, how nariyal pani benefit in treating skin problems? You can either drink the water or apply it directly on the skin as it acts as a natural moisturizer. Let’s explore this in detail for various skin conditions:

  1. Dry Skin: One of the main reason for dry skin is unhydrated body. For smooth and glowing skin, regularly drinking a glass of water will give a improve texture to your skin and make it beautiful and keep it moisturized. Other way to treat dryness is splashing pure coconut water on the face or other areas of skin which are dry.
  2. Dark Spots, Pigmented and Tanned Skin: Everyone wants smooth and beautiful skin. However due to pollution, allergies, many times dark spots appear on skin. And coconut water when mixed with fuller’s earth (multani mitti) works wonder. Just apply a mixture of 1 tbsp of multani mitti and 2 tbsp of coconut water on pigmented spots or whole face. Due to the richness of vitamin C in the water, it reduces the tanned skin and blemishes. And when applied for over a month (twice a week), you will see positive results.
  3. Itchy Skin: Due to antibacterial and antifungal properties, the application of water on skin reduces itchiness and other skin infections. However remember that itchy skin can cause due to various reasons such as allergy, insect bite, weather change, medicine reactions etc. So if the problem persists for long time, then consult your physician or skin specialist.
  4. Oily Skin: Such skin type is more prone to problems such as acne, pimples, rashes etc. The root cause of oily skin can be use of heavy cosmetics, stress, exposure to dust, pollution, genetics and others etc. The internal factors also cause oiliness. But still you can get radiant and glowing face by using coconut water. Its application helps in controlling excess oil and gives a beautiful looking facial skin.
  5. Acne: Being the most common problem especially in youngsters. Coconut water can be used in combination with honey or turmeric powder or sandalwood powder. Here’s how to prepare homemade paste:
  • Take one glass full of fresh coconut water, add 1 tbsp of red sandal powder and a half tbsp of turmeric powder. Keep this mixture as it is for 2 days. Then filter out the strains using a sieve. Topical application of this application on acne helps in reducing the ugly looking acne and its marks.
  • Another mixture to treat acne can be prepared using honey – 1tbsp and coconut water – 2tbsp. Take soft cotton and dab this mixture on the acne and clean it smoothly. This mixture acts as a cleanser and clears the acne.

Remember to consume coconut water everyday for getting a beautiful glowing skin. As you can see above, it is a big money saver since most common skin problems can be treated directly at home.

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